New Mixtape: Slim The Mobster War Music

mastered: engine room audio

After dropping countless music and videos, Aftermath’s Slim The Mobster finally releases his mixtape hosted by DJ Whoo Kid. Proceed after the jump and let his music begin.

1. Dreaming Ft. Nikkie Grier
2. What Goes Up Ft. Snoop Dogg
3. Fuck You Ft. Yummy Bingham
4. Falling Star Ft.. Nikki Grier and Sly
5. Back Against the Wall Ft. Dr. Dre & Sly
6. Martyr Ft. Prodigy
7. South Central Blues Ft. D Brown
8. Whose House Ft. Kendrick Lamar
9. See It
10. Gun Play
11. Take It Easy

Download here

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  • @MegaMan

    Banks yesterday and this today some good hard hip hop coming out

    Bet the pussys all sleep on this

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  • MegaMan

    What a bad mixtape, and I don’t mean bad as good! I believe Slim the Mobster is a talented artist, but this mixtape was just a waste of his time. Gangster rap is dead. Be innovative like Drake, his album is a masterpiece. Take Care, November 15th!

  • wcfinest

    until there is violence, murder, drugs, gangs etc. there always be gangsta rap!

  • Get Real

    7.5 out of 10. He got some dud records but overall the tape is solid. Definitely not an instant classic. But a pretty good start. And WTF is wrong w/ gangster rap? Sometimes it’s good to hear about the things you may have seen or lived in the streets. Stop being a hoe @Megaman.

  • aftermath

    MegaMan you can suck a dick faggot. You dont know shit about slim the mobster so dont speak about him. This mixtape is straight heat and some on the hottest shit in the streets right now. Go listen to rnb drizzy fool.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • Umain

    who the f is this??
    If it wasn’t 4 McDonalds giving away $250 giftcards ..i wouldnt have had shit 2 eat this i got 3 lol

  • djdyahurd

    ya megaman no one likes you. have fun listening to Drake while you girl fucks other dudes to this shit

  • Jack

    Take Crare is so boring.

  • ajost

    Slim The Mobster War Music


  • Tru Talk

    @Megamen u a pussy lol

  • BlackAnastasia

    I see Game jumping on this guys Dick for beef in the near future.That’s what he does when Dre starts focusing on other artist.