New Music: Betty Wright x Lil Wayne “Grapes On A Vine”

Legendary R&B songstress Betty Wright will release her project, Betty Wright: The Movie, which is co-produced/written by The Roots’ Questlove. Here’s her duet featuring Tunechi. Album premieres on November 15.

my fellow Asian: mikey fresh

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  • Friskey

    This shit is dope..Wayne did his thang

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  • Black Shady

    Why does this sound like some OLD JARULE beat??? I know I aint trippin LOL

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  • Yep

    Weezy is not letting loose. Is there any artist who didn’t feature lil Wayne on their album
    Lol very very few lol

  • HeliofromSirius

    Gotta check this fresh new artist out called Johnny B.e. Gotta respect the homie on his craft:

  • Me

    wow, such a great legendary artist along Wayne? unmatched level of talent. Sad she succumbed to featuring jim just for some shining and awareness to her project.

  • tron

    daaaaamn coming from a wayne fan but his shit is just getting old. not even new type of shit just the same old

    i can never love cause love is a bug
    and in that girl deep move slow like a slug

    i want the mario crying out for me remix creativity or get it shawty remix wayne. foreal no hate. i like his older shit. i feel like he hasnt lost it just hes not hungry.

  • tr

    very nice.

  • JustMyOpinion

    @ Black Shady

    Sound like this to me:

  • Ceaz

    I aint supporting the use of drugs but you notice the difference in Waynes creativity when he is high and when he aint i want that Weed smoking wayne music he can leave the syrup alone though

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  • ….

    Yup Wayne’s ass now.

    but no one can say Wayne was never good. First 3 Carter’s = classic.

    Carter 4 = dude needs to retire.