New Music: Lil’ Kim “Warning (Freestyle)”

And you thought the drama was over. While on Kay Slay’s Shade 45 show tonight, Kimmy dropped a new freestyle over Murda’s heatrock that was directed towards Ms. Minaj and her crew. Oooh, this is awful.


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  • cheddar bob, BITCH

    just stop postin her shit already, FUCK.

  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    @chaddar bob… What he said.

  • DJ Game

    Yo I want some beef in hip hop. That’s what it’s all about. But make it good.

  • 3rdRail

    “Me and Wayne got on the same jeans, ooohhh there’s something wrong”

    LMAO, she did spit some truth with that line….

  • Real nig





  • yea kim fuk that trash that bitch,,, lol

  • shaytan

    Nicki has released 12 songs and all have had a Lil Kim diss ( even a song about ASS had a diss towards Lil Kim). Yet When Kim releases something people hate. If Nicki screams 1 word on a track 4 5 minutes its epic yet Kim flows and its garbage. Please SIT

  • @shaytan


  • Me

    It’s funny the site yall stole the blog from says “Flow on point” ,but RR hates. LOL
    Again, don’t care for Kim, but yall haters. LOL

    And honestly, really honestly, she went. no ether, but came back cool.

  • MrSoulshock44

    anyone who dislike this is a hater or a nicki stan! as far as hip hop is concerned kim went the f*ck in! nobody in their right mind can call this awful, are y’all kidding? like seriously? nicki took shot at kim like 10 times this year and nobody said sh*t about that. hell she just shot a new video (y u mad) to a song where she’s STILL dissing kim, but when kim responds she’s a hater? you b*tches got some nerves smh

  • AndreX

    This site like Flex, and XXL cater to Wayne cause he’s hot, same for Manaj and whoever else is charting at the time….wait till Kim charts, they’ll dick ride her to.

    It’s sad we can’t have impartial hip hop news not influenced but who you want to gain favor with at the time.

  • Yep

    Why can’t this old woman retire… Mo disrespect but all Kim’s moves at this point will only help her downfall.. YMCMB is way too popular to take Kim’s 2 cents as a threat . Sorry Kim fans


  • tron

    andrex tru that cause they post Lil B itch shit and hes STRAIGHT UP TRASH. also i aint even a KIM fan and i can say that this aint garbage. it aint fucking ether or nail in the coffin but it aint trash.

  • Black Shady

    “Niggas rappin like Baby ooooooh that means they trash”

    POW!! she aint lying

  • tron

    kids sayin yela sprung a leak… word?

  • that line about Baby had me dying! LMAO

  • Maura

    Lots of excitement for Lil Kim. Something else you might like is Monica’s new video for her second single called “Until It’s Gone” live on Vevo: . Also keep an eye out for a new album called New Life in stores 2/21/12! I’m excited to see what it’s all about!

  • Shade

    Mr.Soulshock44 how many diss songs have you heard bro? If you think she actually killed anybody with this trash then you must either not even be a hip hop fan or just haven’t heard too many diss songs because compared to real diss songs this is extremely whack I mean anybody could make this shit in 10 seconds

  • Bloggers and blog commenters pretty much just repeat what they heard someone else say. Last year it was cool to say “Ross got an ear for beats” over and over again. And for the past year it’s been cool to say “Lil’ Kim is trash” without even giving her music an objective listen. The beef is played, but this isn’t awful. It’s a minute of better than average, kind of funny shots against Young Money.

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  • the One

    Kim speaking the truth! All you frauds keeping following Wayne!! She damn right about that baby line and that line about Wayne and her wearing the same pants!
    Keep hating on Kim cause if you hating on her then you aint a true hip hop fan you just a fucking follower!

  • lol dont give a shit what u have to say about the beef but she went in on this and everything she said was on point..

    Judge music by how it sounds….

  • wickwickwack

    The truth cant be wack

    we should cosign her for what she said …we´ve be saying the same all the time

  • mundL

    I like the “WHAT THE FUCK?!” at the end

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    based GAWD approved she went in

  • A Realist

    For u dumb muthafuckas that think every Nicki verse is bout Kim…KILL URSELF!!…Nicki was very broad on ASS remix…but oh u think she still talkin Kim…KILL URSELF!!!!……and @LILKIM until u release a hot record ever again in this lifetime just KILL URSELF!!!!!!!!!….



  • kjkIng

    wow!!! lil kim murdered that shit!!! its bout time sum1 clowned wayne and baby…. allstar said its alot of dick riding goin on over in young money…. and lil kim just called wayne out…. haha priceless!!!!

  • capone

    cant hate on this cause its hot and she went in

  • Thank Me Hater

    ugh I’d rather do long division than listen to this again!

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  • ….

    I wish Wayne would get his head out his ass and ether this old ass hoe.

    Weezy hasn’t been the same since Tha Carter 3…he does deserve that diss from Kim though.

    Dudes on some weird shit lately

  • yungbkfresh

    oooh this shit brazy … real rap kim held it down and got at them fuk bois and that barbie bitch lets gooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! BK murder team we got you kim kim and wayne got the same pants on oohh something wrong hahahahaha….

  • pap3rchazer

    ayo did she even release that paypal mixtape??? lol

  • imsobrooklyn

    i kinda like this(something lite)oooooooooh if ur rappin like BABY…….OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH THAT MEAN U TRASH LMAO


  • Beezy

    You niggas are supposed to report and document the culture, not inject personal commentary. Be journalist, not Perez Wilsons.

  • MrSoulshock44

    @shade: how many disses i heard? this year nicki did tragedy, she did till the world ends, she did i ain’t tru (with keyshia), she did this song with mary (don’t remember the name), she did Y U MAD. that makes 5 songs where she’s taking shots at kim THIS YEAR ONLY. and none of these tracks were actually good. but none of you mofos were saying ish about that. sicki can stick to making weird ass voices and funny noises. if you say this is trash that can only mean you are a fan of POP music, so stick to what you know, cause this ish right here is REAL hip hop. you need to have several seats

  • Me

    Rapradar u now judging huh.. Allow fans to judge u partial blogger..i hate swag jackers..just wait till universal put all the dollars on kim n nicki will be gone

  • Kemosabi

    lol she killed Baby and shit on Wayne and said something real I laugh when ever I see Nicki now as well looking like a Black Lady Gaga, bitch you from Queens. These rappers expect fans to sell out with them

  • Tay

    This bitch is irrelevant and wack, she can’t even make a decent song unless it got nicki’s wack ass in it. And all yall niggas defending her is gay, get off her loose Vag

  • TC

    Gotta say, this isn’t that bad. Compared to the trash that Kim has been putting out there, it’s kinda hot. The Baby, Wayne and Mark Zuckerberg lines were dope

  • BigCmusic

    man fuck all u hattin ass hoes in here. U know that shyt was on point, thumb tack sharp. Plus u gotta admit nicki do look like some crazy ass clown at the award shows. U know Baby is wack as fuck I dont see how he thnks to drop an album but wateva. Waynes jean situation yea i aint got to say much do I. The shyt is hot, u hoes jus hate it cause she still around, but bitch who is u to say she cant take a shot at nicki, hell nicki jus released WUMAD shyt. Kim got the right to go right back in.

  • Jersey

    Nothing else going on in her life/world huh? Just Nicki Nicki Nicki? wow. This was the best of her last 99 diss songs tho.

  • haha

    even though this was awful, the baby and wayne disses were hilarious; this nigga rappin like baby, ooh that mean he trash.

  • what

    I like both Nicki and Kim, but to say this is “awful” is asinine. This site can’t be objective on reporting hip hop? If not isn’t that what Blackout and You Played Yourself for?

  • Get Real

    Kim went in. So if you’re keeping score she now has 2 decent diss tracks for Nicki whose still winning if you compare current lives and careers btwn the two. Lol.

  • haq

    this bitch is a eye/ear-sore.

  • Ashley

    Even Though This warning freestyle Was HOT and you can TELL she was just having Fun BIGGIE possessed Kim On her 2nd Song She dropped called ” Im Not The One” Yal go to or search it on youtube then come back & tell me Kim Aint the Female G.O.A.T!!! KATT WILLIAMS VOICE ( Dont worry I’ll Wait……….

  • wayneslegacy

    She cant talk all her cds were written by biggie and when he died so did she. Thats why wayne and nicki wont say much cuz they dont have power and respect and thats one thing she dont got lol

  • Mr Nice Watch

    LOLLLL @ ” niggas rappin like baby, oooooo that mean they trash” LOLLLLLL she right though

    and the wayne diss about wearing the same pants, yall Young Money Stans probably mad right now. Probably on youtube writing bad comments on all lil kim videos LOL