Drake Apologizes For Snubbing Phonte

A few months back, Phonte of Little Brother vented about Drake’s reluctance to collaborate. In an interview with The Village Voice, Drizzy explains the delay and apologizes to Phonte for giving him the cold shoulder.

You’ve talked a lot about your admiration for Phonte. How come another collaboration with him still hasn’t happened?
With me and Tay, I kinda dropped the ball on a feature he needed me to do, just being 100% honest. I really wanted to do a record with him, and we actually did do a record for my album, and then something happened with the producer and the beat, and it started getting funny so I had to scrap the record. And then he was like, “Well, can you do this feature for me,” and at the time I was trying to find my sound and trying to figure out what this album was going to be about, and I kind of let it slip through the cracks. That was my fault, and I do apologize to Phonte for that. But I still want to make it happen; I talked to 9th Wonder about trying to make it happen, we’ll get it eventually. He knows he’s one of the biggest influences on my career.


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  • HE DROPPED THE BALL SMH CHECK NEW VIDEO FROM YOUR FAV ARTIST http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0CnvvdE-Wc&feature=related

  • The Village Voice

    INTERVIEWER: You’ve talked a lot about your admiration for Phonte. How come another collaboration with him still hasn’t happened?

    DRAKE: Fuck that nigga. I’m gonna go work on my collab album with Rick Ross and crank out a few more songs with Lil Wayne. Maybe do another song or 2 with Nicki Minaj. No time to return phone calls from the guy that gave me my whole style. Yea I’m really glad I “found my sound” now, and it obviously doesn’t have anything to do with Phonte, or hip hop for that matter.

  • MS. TIP

    DARAKE A BITCH…1st he was supposed to do the song with Phonte and flaked cuz Cash MoNEY told him not to t=do that “back pack rap shit”…then he do the song with Future and flake on the video because he tryna preserve his image..then why you get on the song fuck nigga…he either a bitch as nigga or he not in control of his own career…either way he a flaky a ss faggot..REAL TALK…I dont even know why people like this white kid acting black ass crabcake.

  • Black Shady

    @ The Village Voice ; *DEAD*

  • Tiiz

    It’s a sad day when your favorite rappers needs you more than you need him.

  • tron

    @village people yo i love little brother but in no way do they have the same sound fuckouta here. haha gave me my “style” you crazy youngin.

  • Anon DCPL

    I hope phonte returns the favor w a big fuck you aubrey.

  • YM

    [email protected] village voice!
    That ‘new sound’ is shitty to me… Charity starts at home, in stores now!!

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    wow, drake really just blew phonte off like that? so he could spend more time with ross? huh thats too bad

  • Young Nigga

    Drake don’t owe that nigga shit. He paid Phonte so much homage its insane. Phonte crying cuz Drake won’t give him a verse. If Phonte that good he catch feelings like that.

  • James Allen

    I wanna hear Little Brother on the next album

  • crackin foe beats

    Phonte is actually one of the nicest dudes in the game that we’ve had for a while, Little Brother is still solid..

  • james

    yeah he forgot to mention that the real reason is that wayne and baby control his career and wouldn’t let him collaborate with him

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  • imis85

    “I love laptop goons, ya’ll be thuggin’ it in HTML
    But if you think you fuckin’ wit Te, you crazy as hell”
    The Dj Flash mixtape that dropped ‘fo CSAH reminded me jus how dope Te is… Drake-blowers do ya’ll, Te’s still way nicer,