New Video: Lil B “Dopeman Hunter”

Off his Bitch Mob mixtape, Lil B keeps it doper than dope by adding yet another visual to his resume. If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack.

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  • hazz

    I don’t get YN calls lil kim verse awful but he respects this?

  • I posted this and I think B is one of the GOAT

  • NC All Day

    Thank you based god.

  • Black Shady

    hold up …HOL UP!!!!!


  • James Allen

    Haters gonna hate. TYBG

  • tron

    haha @Big Homie thats whats up i respect your honesty. plus is nice to know that a blogger for a hip hop site has no musical taste and is an idiot. Now we know whos posts to ignore. this nigga said GOAT. I thought some of the people that came to this site were clowns.. turns out the staff is too. wait…HA!

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Lil B Is The Truth.

  • WI$e

    He’s Cooking his ass off in this video.. LET DAT BOY COOK!!

  • WI$e

    tron is a fag.. QOUTE ME ON THAT..

  • tron

    wise is bighomie quote me on that shhhhhiiittt! ha! put your money up! i got a birthday suit wearin girl layin next to me. You know you in moms basement…

  • dux

    big homie reads the comments, but never changes the information when i correct him…………………….

  • zeee

    oh my good stop. jesus

  • Big Homie = Lil B Groupie

    You head of the Bitch Mob

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  • WI$e

    tron if u got a ho next to u.. y u on here.. its a wast of a ho IMO..

  • TheChosenOne

    Lil B is the G.O.A.T.
    The Gayest Of All Time. Ha! (YN laugh)
    See what I did there?…..No? Fuck you guys.

  • tron

    wise..this aint no ho homie this my wife. and “on here” nigga it take like 5 secs to make a post. oh nevermind my bad it prolly take you longer cause you a damn slow nigga. got the nigga from green mile makin posts…wait for it…HA!

  • I wonder why he cut the words “Soulja Boy” out of the song in the shout out. Hmmm.

  • firiesport8

    im waitin on the part in the video where he comes out & says “im only playing, this is all just a big joke”. SMH..

  • WI$e

    hey tron.. sorry i called her a ho.. u was right about the basement too..

  • Zombie Joe Frazier


  • Cosign Big Homie 100% Lil B is one of the greats. Kanye um BasedGod and ??? that’s my list of MCs that’ll kill you in 8 bars. #SK