Yelawolf “Tim Westwood” Freestyle

Yelawolf stopped by Tim Westwood’s job while across the pond. Here’s footage of him cracking the mic over Tyler, The Creator’s “Yonkers”. This what you call a true freestyle, kids.

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  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    miss real freestyles like this, seems like everyone comes into freestyles with a script already memorized before they spit nowadays. real freestyle, shady records.

  • Damn

    This shit hella week

  • Damn


  • Hell Yeah

    That’s droppin somethin, shit’s hot!

  • YeellleerrrrWolf always coming with the heat

    @damn get off the hate

  • @Damn when you criticize someone at least be on point with your grammar chump!!!

  • rodipipes

    Der r some fools always waiting fr a yela or Em post just to hate and it doesn’t make sense to me at all. Yelawolf is dope, am hooked to his music and am a black african in south africa. Can’t wait fr radioactive.

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  • Tiger White

    It was cool but I wish he would have choppered that Yonkers beat up!

  • jake

    was nice to see a legit freestyle that wasn’t thought out way in advance or written down..seeing somebody make it up as they go was cool..its been way too long. even the BET cyphers were clearly thought was cool but didn’t have an authentic feel, especially after tech spit a verse off of what to catch now

  • MegaMan

    Mac Miller’s Blue Slide Park is on track to sell an estimated 185000 units in its first week which would make it the number one album on the Billboard 200. Eminem’s The Slim Shady LP debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Album Chart.

    Where is Asher Roth?

    Where is Yelawolf?

    Mac Miller is the best white rapper alive.

  • Berklee

    #’s don”t= talent

  • ZePequeno

    When the fuck did it become acceptable for rappers to read off freestyles?! I blame Drake’s BlackBerry.

  • Cole World

    Your point is irrelevant @MegaMan. 185k isn’t much, there just is not anyone to compete against. I’m positive that the Slim Shady LP outsold blue slide park. The Marshall Mathers LP did over 1.7 milion it’s first week.

  • tron

    @MegaMan….man you MEGA STUPID. moving units doesnt make you a better MC. Being the better MC makes you the better MC. and EM is waaaay better than WHACK MILLER. that shouldnt even have to be said. YO RR moderate these dumb ass youngins that crowd up your site.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    cosign @zepequeno – i dont think Yela was reading off anything though, does kinda look like it, but that was my whole point about REAL freestyles

  • MegaMan

    Blue Side Park is a hip hop classic, and It’ll probably be my album of the year. Mac Miller is extremely lyrical and only going to get better. This kid can write so good and he’s only 19. Support intelligent music and not that gangster crap!

  • mars8y

    what are you talkin about Mac Gailler ain’t in the same league as Yela LIRICALy

  • So Icy Boі!

    fuck Yelawolf! Mac Millar mo creative den Feminem. lmao swag

  • The Guy

    Im a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE Yela fan but this shit is freaking BAD BAD BAD on so many levels. Cmon Catfish! We know u can do better!

  • So Icy Boі!

    The Guy a yela fan? u a pussy. swag

  • G

    mac milla sucks, and he was approved by racist donald trump so if you’re listening mac milla you should be ashamed. Yelawolf ancestors was Indians so he is real native American. Fuck Christopher Columbus!

  • The Guy

    “U use the word swagga you probably a garbage” A wise man stated that.

  • Get Real

    True freestyle. Still don’t make it hot. Love Yelawolf, not that freestyle though.

  • 101

    Man i hate to witness sophmore albums

    80% of the time it’s all over

    Yela needs to worry about is health even if it/s shady it/s got bad consequence for people around that

    He Needs a trainer and siop doing drugs at least a couple days a week

  • Wait really?

    That wasn’t a FREEstyle, you think every punchline really came off the dome? Nahhhh, I appreciate a real freestyle, and this was dope, but not off the top, cmon sonnnn

  • real talk

    this is definitely not a freestyle. in his bootleg kev interview he acknowledges the fact that he’s writing a rhyme for the tim westwood show.

  • Mo

    Yela is def reading off of something!! Lol.

  • Mo

    The reflection of a device in his shades and he’s fidgeting in the beginning of the video trying to set it up right!

  • Mr.November

    Slim shady LP was #2 with 283K first week


  • 101

    slim shady was a great sophomore record one of the best

    but there rare in quality

    shit just becomes to easy and the initial work of the first album needs to be doubled = NOW EVERYONE THINKS YOUR GONA SUCEED WHEN ON THE FIRST ALBUM THEY ALL THINK YOUR GONNA FAIL




  • Frayzer

    He had that written why u think hos eyes never stopped looking down and it was still weak as fuck
    EM shoulda paid more attention to stat and bobby creek at least then he wouldnt have people embarrassing his label overseas

  • NC All Day


    Cant wait for the album

  • King Mathers


    SSLP sold 283,000k first week

    TLC the group that was established for over 5 years sold 318,000

    #EM stays WINNING

  • irv

    it’s aaaitt,

  • res1


  • RB

    Definition of a real freestyle, nothing memorized no lyrics from the album.


  • Toon

    Sick freestyle! #SHADY

  • Lucas


    Mac Miller is the definition of a cornball.