Ja Rule PIL2 Cover

Even though Ja is behind bars at the moment, he is still going to be releasing his new album, Pain Is Love 2 sometime in 2012. For now, take a look at the official artwork. Double your pleasure.

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  • Rufus

    for what…ain’t nobody checking for Ja Rule..

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  • Damn

    Dope cover

  • i’m sayin doe..

    ILLUMINATI! that’s the only way this nigga could make any attempt at a comeback. go back to ’00-’04 NIGGUH! lol

  • G

    Ja Rule is a Legend.

  • wayneslegacy

    Ayy real talk ja rule was the shit back in the day! Can deny that so many hits more hits then 50

  • the finishline

    Ja was a beast. He got more hits but 50 got more bigger hits!

  • Coroner

    What is this shit? This cover is wack!

  • iHipHop

    The album cover is interesting although I don’t know why he went with it.

  • deuce

    RULE !!!! I miss that nigga, bout time he coming back shit lol