New Video: Kirko Bangz “Drank In My Cup”

Directed by Mr. Boomtown, Kirko Bangz fills up his cup and video with some of H-Town’s finest. Speaking of which, the model at the 2:10 mark’s cups runneth over! Progression 2 coming soon.

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  • Jay Mic


  • kirko not kriko

  • RC

    This track didnt make Take Care.

    Or the So Far Gone mixtape.

    Somebody keep leaking Drakes tracks man.

    Oh shit? This is a real song? My bad.

  • fuck outta hea

    lol @ all the drake booty lovers getting salty

  • fuck outta hea

    this is dope btw

  • Oj da Cornball

    Oh boy, great, a generation of Drake bred artists. Rap game sucks now. Screwed cause this is nothing but a bunch of pseudo R&B emo’s coming to RAP lane. SMH

  • JustMyOpinion

    If him and 2 Chainz do a song together: HIP-HOP is in a casket.

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  • I just cant endorse eating the next nigga’s broad pussy….these new niggas need a Too $hort album in they life

  • Chan

    drake has an h town sound. Kirko is from h town. so that is not really taking drakes style. I guess he does sing a little and raps, like drake. I don’t really care either way. Take Care is a fucking classic. Ive listened to that album on repeat all week since its leak. Sorry I couldn’t wait. I will purchase a hard copy on tuesday though just to support my boy. Anyway the way I look at it is its all good music. I really dig the “syrupy” rap style thats been so prevalent as of lately. Cool shit my dude. I’ll defenetly be checking out that album when it drops.

    Other related cool mixtapes:
    The Weeknd – Thursday
    Rocky ASAP – Live Love ASAP

  • the great zeee

    the first drake clone

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  • Sam from FL


  • East ATL

    Nice but he couldn’t of found a better name…

  • D!A!E

    November 18th much????

  • Against the Grain

    He cant make a complete album worth listening to. Guys like this are only good for singles or club type songs. I recommend y’all get into some Hood Politics from Delo if you fuck with Houston.

  • dll32

    Cheap Drake clone. get outta hear.

  • Rundra

    this a pretty dope track..
    If it wasn’t 4 McDonalds giving away $250 giftcards ..i wouldnt have had shit 2 eat this i got 3 lol

  • K.I.D.

    @AgainstTheGrain Yeah Delo is my Homeboy and fellow artist HP (Hood Politics) & HP2 both went hard his new stuff is crazy I can’t till my nig drop his no project. Kirko is Kirko he got his own style for club tracks but dude can spit. Here is a Joint with all the up and coming Houston Artist MARCUS MANCHILD, DELO, L E $, H KANE, PROPAIN KIRKO BANGZ “JUNE 27TH TRIBUTE OFFICIAL ” Check it out

  • i love this kirko bangz song but the video isnt anything special

  • kinkos sucks

    kinkos is only good for copying. he should hang himself with drakes dick

  • ‘ Tf ,
    This Kirko bangs song let him get his shine ,
    why all yall ridin Drake dick & shit ,
    This Song aint got nothing to do with him
    & i dought if he wana get compared to Drake ,
    Cause Drake aint nothin but oa remake of LIl Wayne , Bammmm !

  • Learn y’all music before you comment on pple shit talking about who they sound like. Drake gives a lot of credit to Houston and Memphis for his music style. Kirko Bangz is from Houston by the way. Kirko has his own style and is nice word to BUN B and Slimm Thugga.

    P.S. Drake don’t sound like wayne either if anything Wayne switched his style up when he signed Drake.

  • SheedFan

    i dont care………….. who is dat sexy ass girl???

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  • mike

    Its lik dis nigga got identity crisis first he tryna b lik drake den he thowin up taylor’d…

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