XV “Hard Knock TV” Freestyle

XV improves his rhymes over The Throne’s “Otis” and various other beats for Hard Knock TV. Rappers, actually freestyling? Say it ain’t so!

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  • zezzoi

    forever an internet blog rapper. word to mickey factz.

  • kareem

    fucking ouch, lol

  • kareem

    with that said
    xv >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. mickey opinionz. by a landslide.

  • Jay Mic

    he’s crazy! XV wasn’t a xxl freshman and still iz bigger than mickey factz by far. dude is super underrated.

  • @tlast

    i seen the work he put in, it’s been a long time. yeah he’s underrated. common come get this kid and put em underneath your wing. he does beats too….

  • Phillinois

    That’s why this is my nigga actually freestyling instead of spittin random writtens…Squarians!!!!!!!