Rocawear “Occupy” Shirts Still Available

Jay-Z’s a sellout. Literally. Over the weekend, reports surfaced that his Rocawear “Occupy All Streets” T-shirts were discontinued due to insensitivity. Turns out, the shirts weren’t available because they were selling so fast. Get ’em while supplies last here. Take that 99%.

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  • power to the person

  • dumb niggas these days

    Man, I don’t get it, I know Jay is a cutthroat busienss man and all, but if he wants to put a twist on the shit let it be. The funny thing is, there is not even a legitimate foundation that he can donate proceeds to, the whole Occupy movement is just people turning up, showing they feelings then going home. Nuttin wrong with that but if there’s nowhere to donate to then don’t hate

  • Capeman

    They on backorder because they come from Mexico, Cubano, Dominicano, all the plugs that I know.

  • The greek black jesus

    Make that money mam cause you know u would if u could

  • catcher freeman

    on some real shit, niggas selling heavy d mixtapes, heavy d calenders, and tees. Ya telling me my nigga cant sell t-shirts, fuck them niggas. hov is the winner that keeps on winning, niggas mad cuz they aint think of it first

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  • DMT

    What are u gonna donate the proceeds to? Street clean up? Ask 10 people down there on the street what they’re there for and you’ll get 10 different answers; it’s just protesting for the sake of protesting. Occupy Wall Street is actually counterproductive, because by not organizing, they’re allowing the politicians and the news organizations to put words into their mouths and portray them however they want. Not to mention, as Jay has obviously noticed, they provide a big market for corporations to target, without anything for them to support.


    Shameful Disgusting attempt to make money off the movement, and worse the shirts are made in Mexico! POS JOE CAMEL.


  • HAHA


  • deframon

    Yeah sure….. they discontinued That shit they need to stop fronting they know they’re part of the so called one percent I don’t care my dream is to be part of that so called 1 percent too which I doubt is that small. Things aren’t that black and white alot grey in between

  • Yousef(LilWayneSucks)

    You guys are morons! power to the 99% & jay z is a fraud we all know that all he wants to make is money because if he really care he would help out the people of africa dying daily from poverty & diseases. This guy is a joke!

  • Lucky P

    if you dont like it dont buy it–simple as that!!

    just as his music you stupid motherfuckers!
    cant make a dime off of me if im not willing to spend it there
    fuck bitches, get money

  • Santa


    Did you just bring up starving africans in an occupy wallstreet conversation? Lol wow

  • RRcoolJ

    Very well said DMT. Occupy is the worst movement to hit town in the past few decades and a disgrace to any real revolution we’ve ever had.

  • wtf

    you guys are serious groupies. stop sucking jay-z’s dick B.Dot. you and elliott are 2 annoying little bitches, ross and jay dicks in whatever holes u’r offering. someone should slap jay-z for taking advantage of the movement like that

  • ^

    Even worse is that Jay actually raises millions for Africa every year.

  • Black Shady

    I aint even mad at Jay hahaha get your money nigga! LOL

  • HAHA


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    22 bucks? Im going to the flea market get my shirt.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Niggas still wear rocawear ???

  • So

    I look @ Rap Radar on a daily and find the comment section funny. Occupy Wall street sounds like a bunch of grindless haters to me.

  • rahrahrah

    You all have no identifiable ideology or consistent principles, therefore it is impossible to talk about “right” and “wrong”.

    If an artist gets rich glorifying the degradation of women or the selling of drugs, it is okay. If an artist gets rich glorifying promiscuity or violence, it is okay. If an artist get’s rich saying horrendous things about his mother, or about God it is okay. If an artist get’s rich worshiping the devil it is okay.

    In order to judge you need a standard to judge by. You have no standard so you cannot judge. All you can say is that the actions don’t please you, and make arguments based on your preferences. At the most you can fault the individual for being inconsistent. “The other day you said you love your mother, and today you are saying your mother is a bitch…see there you are a hypocrite”.

    Admit that you all are hopelessly lost and don’t know right from wrong, left from right, or up from down.

  • his album sales gonna drop now… but dont matter he is filthy rich and capitalizes off everything bad look in my eyes on this one. do it for the people

  • Fuck it. I jus copped one. It’s a shirt. Either shut tha fuck up and cop it, or jus shut tha fuck up and don’t. Either way, stop bitchin’.

  • Dope

    Damn.. you Americans can’t even protest properly.. nah it has to be a special shirt and shit. You still don’t know NOTHING about recession and not having shit, if you did you would be focused on getting your goals accomplished and not focused on the label on your shirt when you go out to protest for something.. and you don’t even know what you’re protesting for.

  • Truth (The real one)

    @Dope…U ain lie at all. I live in the US, and am appreciative of the positive qualities, people, and opportunities it possesses. But being here has revealed to me the ugliest sides of ppl I have ever seen. All these years America laughed and poked at every one else in struggle. Ya’ll are so trained by your own government to stay separated that you guys can’t even protest correctly. Everyone has that “mind you own business mentality”. Thats the sad thing about “conditioning” it becomes a part of you once you accept it.

    On the note of Jay-Z’s shirt fiasco…get over it…HE IS NOT THE 99% and I doubt he will be giving all of his hard earned money away so that he becomes one…If it were you, I guarantee you that most of us would cease the opportunity just as he did…right or wrong.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    occupy a paycheck cmon now.

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  • watermellon

    You can take the nigger out of the ghetto but can’t take the ghetto out of the nigger.. Jay-z = blackface minstril show…

  • Farrakhan Taught Me

    Occupy rich crackas! Crackas are No.1 reason the whole world is so fucked up. I blame greedy rich crackas for this situation.

  • Its a fucking shirt and anybody could’ve done that…dont talk ignorant trash cause its jay z.

  • just copped hey i like it

  • j/y h/h

    @rahrahrah – Dope! Co-signage.

  • Kemosabi

    I’m the biggest Jay fan even more than YN but even I see a lot wrong with this and deep down I think the biggest Stan would too

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  • sb

    If this was a streetwear line like Fresh Jive or Supreme it would be dope. Capturing a moment in history and kinda became a piece of pop culture and giving a middle finger…. But since its Jay super rich rap mogul they hate…. He cant do anything for the sake of art cause hes him…. Fuck the extra shit either you like it or you don’t

  • RealTalk

    Is this different from a nigga to show up at a funeral selling R.I.P hoodies? smh. Oh well, is it not the same guy who shoot his own brother over a pair of sneakers, turned his back on his mentor Jaz O, and also his sideman Dehav? Also Dame Dash after helping him boost his entrepreneurship game.? Beanie over there, Chris Young Gunz over there… man i can go the whole day? This story might just help shade light on the spot of a deceitful snake…

  • stop sucking jay-z’s dick pleease!!

  • Jimster

    Wow…a lot of you hip hop fans aren’t seeing the bigger picture and just riding Jay’s dick hard…like stans do…

    Jay is a snake and if this doesn’t get through to his fans, nothing will. Not even if he says that he’s a devil worshiper five times and one song and the fans will be like “awww, nigga please! Its a double entendre!” You people make me sick…


  • jake

    @Farrakhan Taught Me the funny thing is, the only civil neighborhoods are the predominantly white ones. black people fucked up an entire continent to the point of no return (africa). there is no racism any more that can hold a SMART BLACK MAN down…for fuck sake we have a black president. he’s gonna favor the darkies before he shows any favoritism towards whites. not all but MOST black people perpetuate the existing negative stereotype associated with your race by being the dumbasses in school, robbing, stealing, being generally dirty, the rate of sexual assault on women in the black community as far as many other things. sticking your dirty black dick into a woman without consent has nothing to do with “rich crackas”. do your part to help your own people instead of sitting on rap radar calling white people rich crackas…ain’t no successful black man uses that excuse.

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  • ayyee83

    You Dirty? Who brung the 1st disease over here? Crackas u talking bout rape? Look at 400 yrs of slavery we taught yall how to wash yall ass right funky ass cave dwelling muthafuckas when we had an sewer system yall still had an open gutter flowing down the middle of the street throwing trash and waste out in the street how u think the black plague started you peckerwood ass cracka yall where yall at cuz all through out history everywhere yall fuckin went yall deceived and lied and fucked ppl outta resources and their land brainwashing wit yall bullshit ass religion skin of bronze hair of wool blonde hair white skin? Now yall brainwashing muthafuckas into believing that homo shit is aite its an abomination to our creator but yall wanna say big bang theory in actuality its just an escuse to sodomiz

  • Sean C.

    Stupid shirts. But I can’t blame the 1%, they’ve been doing it for years.

  • ayyee83

    And wat i mean by an escuse to sodomize is they wanna be free no guidelines they wanna do wateva they please cuz religion is too much restriction oh it aint healthy to not sexually explore and all dat bullshit they wanna talk science science has its place but dont give me no fuckin theorys why im here its just man thinks theyre in control of errything when they aint they wanna say scientifically they know why all these disasters is happening its nuffin wrong wit understanding life but dont act like dis shit aint b)een prophesized b4 galileo looked at sum damn stars

  • DJ

    There is definitely a common goal in the Occupy movement. The reason they’re protesting is obviously gonna be different for every person, wtf? The goal will be the same no matter who you ask. I have a different reason for going to school than somebody else, but the goal is the same.