Taylor Swift Brings Out Flo Rida In Miami

Ms. Swift continues to bring out some of your favorite rappers during her “Speak Now” tour. And last night she surprised the American Airlines arena by bringing out Flo Rida for “Right Round”. Damn, Amaya, sorry you had to miss this.

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  • RoeLuv

    *yawn* call me when she brings Yeezy on stage //sidebar// Flo got rid of that dyed hair huh?

  • pulla

    Flo-Rida is the best and realest from Miami

  • The Guy

    Flo-Rida is irrelevant. Nuff Said.

  • johndon

    flo rida is NOT a rapper..lol
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  • Taylor Swift likes bringin out black dudes. Til shes knocked up!

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OqXrMsLy5PY&w=560&h=315%5D

  • Ryio

    nobody cares about flo rida right?

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  • Farrakhan Taught Me

    white bitches have no butt and no chest #NowPlaying Ice Cube – Cave Bitch

  • pap3rchazer

    hmmm, shorty brought out nicki, usher, TI, now flo rida on her shows. I think we’re about to witness the industry’s biggest phenomena soon…..a pop artist crossing over to URBAN!

  • SmokeYou

    Taylor has more musical talent than a big percentage of the hip hop industry.

  • Matt

    I’m waiting for her to bring out Kanye.

  • Pajero

    *yawn* mehhh, Flo Rida is irrelevant…..

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  • tron

    @ matt. me too foreal. I def think that its gonna be a big fuckin deal and bring dude out like “we cool now. weve moved on” type shit.

  • haha

    all of these rappers are suited to her audience, white people love Flo-Rida, Nelly, and B.O.B. T.I. is the only rapper that doesn’t seem to fit the category as well as the other three.

  • watermellon

    @farrakahn taught me

    Everyone wants to have sex with white women like white men latinos and coons.. But nobody wants to have sex with a big lip sea section having draging six kids through the flea market negro booty nappy headed hoe.. Blackmen leave blackwomen for whitewomen fact.. White is good black is negative

  • Farrakhan Taught Me

    @watermellon you’re dead wrong. Black Goddess > everything.


    the fuck are you guys talking about in here?

  • Add Your Comments

    Once she brings out Rick Ross its a wrap for rap…