Drake Challenges Wayne To Sound Clash

Now that Drake’s sophomore album is out, he told Billboard that he wants to have a release concert in Jamaica and battle Weezy song for song. Lawdamercy!

“I don’t want to just do an album release concert. So, me, I go to Jamaica a lot — I love Jamaican culture — so what I’m gonna do, I’m challenging Lil Wayne to a sound clash, that’s what I want to do. I don’t want to just perform by myself,” he told us. “So I want Wayne to come out on stage with a mic and I’m gonna have a mic, and we’re gonna have both our DJs, and we’re gonna battle song-for-song and see who the people love more. And that’s how it’s gonna go.”

“That’s something that I’m serious about, he’s serious about it too. I already issued the challenge,” he said. “He’s serious about it, he accepted like, “Man, I’m ready. I’m gonna eat your food.” I’m like, “Aiight, we’ll see.”

On a related note, here’s the line for Drake’s album signing in Harlem. Did we mention the event starts at 9 PM. Yikes!

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  • ImSoHis

    I need 2 be there!!
    Drake is awfully confident these days…

  • Ambition Didn’t Flop !!

    i know people will make fun of this somehow

    but i think that would be dope. i bet wayne is going to wear his lil kim inspired pants too

  • real

    i bet jay en kanye will be doing this during watch the throne tour next week hahahaha…. they be followers….

  • fuck education

    how about yo battle on stage, off the top… these weak ass rap niggas is shook

  • Bangers N Mash

    I can’t see Drake staying on YM much longer.

  • fuck education

    birdman >>>>>>>>>>>>> drake and wayne

  • Copper tone

    Yeah I bet they do. Just like “Watch The Throne” was them following… NOT!
    Jay-Z did best of Both Worlds before Drake knew who he was. Jay Z collab’d with Linkin Park before Drake got shot on Degrassi. Even Eminem dropped one with Royce & no one said anything. The whole idea was not the most original. It’s BEEN done. YM ain’t doing nothin new. Drake a beast & all but this clash shiiiiiii is done all the time. Sorry 2 tell U, but Jay & Ye do this almost every night at their show :/

  • Copper tone

    @Bangers N Mash

    Me either f**k that whole “I’m Waynes Soldier” BS. I don’t see Nicki staying either. They already on a high horse 1 & 2 albums in. They are better than YM honestly tho…
    I just I wanna see them 2 – 5 years from now.

  • Hoss

    Well… this is officially the least interesting mega-show ever.

  • The Guy


  • fuck education

    drake will survive the departure from cash money because of his jew connects…. birdman will destroy nicki if she decides not to renew her contract…..

  • Word

    Wayne…dont do it, please dont do it. Cuz Drake will EAT your ass alive. Wayne dont want it with Drake.

    Wayne better hope the crowd is full of idiots so they can follow along with his punchlines easier than Drakes more sophisticated rhyme style. Drake would definitely have it locked though if the crowd isnt full of idiots who only like “A + B = C” type rap.

  • damone

    Copper tone just spoke the truth ya dig. Don’t ever compare The Throne to Drake or Wayne. That’s like comparing Brady and Montana (Jay & ye) to Matt Cassel and Ryan leaf not even in the same league. How many classics ym got as a whole team… Go a head ill wait……… ZERO

  • Yup

    wayne said “i’m gonna eat your food”.. more like “i’m gonna eat your ass”. gay-ass-leopard-jegging-wearing-no-talent faggot. i’m not mad at all either. somebody had to say it.

    sidenote: yeah drake’s confidence level is a little high. niggas gassed him up. just keep sniffing your blow and pretending to be tough. the world knows you soft, kid. #stopit

  • I personally, and I think it’s obvious, believe that Drake is a better artist than Wayne.
    But this will be tough for Drake to win this battle.

    it’s a LIVE show, he only has two albums worth of music. and the majority of them are fucking slow, R&B tracks. On top of that, he’s awkward as hell to watch perform live.

    I don’t like Wayne, but he’s a great ENTERTAINER, his live show, with upbeat hits will keep the crowd rocking much harder than Drake.

  • Word

    Drake > YMCMB. Drake IS YMCMB forreal. The day that Drake and Nicki branch off and do they own thing, will ppl still be wearing gay YMCMB t-shirts and repping ’em like they getting paid to? I wonder.

  • The Guy

    Drake is pop faggot for soft teenage girls. Stfu.

  • Y U MAD

    I am loving this idea 100, but having gone to a Lil Wayne concept before Drake will be eaten for breakfast quickly. I mean Weezy will start rocking his rock album songs and believe me that shit is tough live, jumping back and forth like Spragga Benz. But im Looking forward to this though lol. Good idea… oh and Lil Wayne with his Bob Marley dreadlocks will win the hearts Of Jamaicans quick. Goodlooking YMCMB

  • get bucks

    A Milli is better than all of Drake’s songs and he probably wrote it.lol

    That battle would be dope tho.

  • theOne

    For those that don’t know this is a Jamaican tradition that started from the dance hall days in the early 70’s which turned into 2 turntables and mic hens Hip hop was born…
    Drake will murk Wayne doing this in Jamaica as most of his tracks are dance hall influenced.

  • Donn

    I love how their gonna entertain ppl with this idea cus in the end, they both win. /its all love. Young niggas gettin’ money, livin’ life. The fact you even care to have an opinion means their winning cus you coulda ignored the post and said who cares. But the fact is, everyone cares. These guys are winning right now. More success to em’

  • Sexy_Mike

    i think this shits mad funny, no matter where you go or who the artist is haters gon hate. whats funny about the whole thing is the retards shitting on lil wayne about how he dresses? really dude? and hes the faggot? real talk tho tunechi and ymcmb make more money in a week then most of these assholes shit talking will make in a lifetime. if you dont like their music dont fuckin listen #thatsimple and for everyone saying wayne has a A+B= C rhyme scheme doesnt make him suck lets be honest here ALL of rap is a sellout Jay and Kanye have made bubble gum rap songs. so quit with the hating on these guys who cares what your preference of music is or which rap super group is better, if you take the time out of your day to listen to waynes or drakes songs then hate on them your just as fake as u claiming they are…so shut up and enjoy whatever the fuck you listen to and quit bitching

  • Belize

    Big up…tek it to Sting!

  • Tracy

    I Love Drake BUT Wayne got 15 years in he’s gonna chew that OVOXO and spit it out

  • Capeman

    Wayne won’t let this happen, we know it.

  • Your mother’s “friend”

    This nigga drake is really out to prove something huh ?? there’s noway he can go against Wayne just looking at it from a logistics perspective. Wayne has way too many hit records, from his own songs to songs he’s done with other people , i mean has he ever seen a sound clash or a show in Jamaica , Wayne would fit in perfectly in that environment , still it might be interesting if it pops of

  • this has been a set -up frum the gate FUK the whole YMBGM, miami, coke/cop , rick rozay references album title”take care” its all bullshit SCARface iz on encore cnannel rite now in the afternoon wake up!!!–these niggas is buyin albums time space and good hip hip rip heavy d!!!

  • coco loco

    this is going to be awesome….

  • rahrahrah

    This is a great idea. I’m not one for either of these guys music, but this is innovative and a tip of the hat to the roots of hip-hop…dj cool herc, and Jamaica toasting culture.

  • dro_marijuana_dro

    As a Jamaican, i think drake has a real good shot at winning, because he knows more about our culture, and is real good friends with Mavado. He has been here a number of times and in the real authentic sound clash/party situations. No mistaking tho, Wayne is still the bigger star here, but may not understand the culture as much.

  • Black Shady

    Drake already won LOL

    are they talkin TAKE CARE VS C4 or full catalogue? full catalogue might be interesting. TC VS C4 gonna be SO BORING since both albums suck balls

  • Yeller
  • Deandre

    Drake look like a bitch in this pic!

  • jake

    so this is going to be a battle between two circus clown “”””rappers”””. Nice


    LOL…Lil Bushy eyebrowed half nigga…Lil Wayne got CATALOG!!!!! He got CLASSICS that stretch back damn near 15 YEARS!!!!!

    Your catalog barely stretches back 15 MONTHS!!!!!!

    Lil Wayne gon bust out BLING BLING and MURDER Drake!!! Wayne gon be performing his hits for like 3 hours, and Drake’s set gon be over in 30 minutes! lol

  • Nathaniel

    i love how niggas on here acting like wayne didn’t just sell a million records in a week, twice.

    and acting like the nigga didn’t go platinum (gold- rebirth. gold – im not a human being) with zero promo, locked behind bars.

    off the sheer breadth of his catalogue, and the fact that drake looks like herb on stage, drizzy doesn’t stand a chance.

    forget who you personally like as an artist for a second and lets just weigh the evidence.

  • Nathaniel

    and iono bout y’all niggas… but male drake fans perplex me. i don’t see how any nigga could sit down and listen to that nigga rap the exact same verse, song for song. iono, there ain’t much in a rich from childhood tv canadian jew that i can relate to. but that’s just me… but then, i ain’t much of a wayne fan either. so fuck it, lol

  • Y U MAD

    To say Drake understand the Jamaican culture is one thing, and to rock a crowd is another. I mean anyone in their rightful mind knows that Lil Wayne’s live performance is somewhat influenced by dancehall and rock.. his ecstatic demeanor on stage. Also his mother is a Jamaican… how can he not know the Jamaican culture? Drake cant match on this one, stop tripping.. unless if they perform at the Vitoria Secret opening ha. Interesting idea though, cant wait!

  • ninobrown

    wayne has like thousands hit nd drake have lik 100 songs how do he even think lik dat overconfidenc gonna kill him.

  • Lil Waynee Is So Goin To Eat Drakes Food Lol

  • M.T

    If its an entire catalog of songs then wayne would win but if its songs they’ve recently done, then drake would win.

  • Monkey see Monkey doo

    Damn dis is some real nigga shit.. Both dem niggas is real.. Fake niggas fall back. Dis some real nigga shit tho.. Real niggas over fake niggas.. But ay can I have a real nigga moment

  • Shooga

    That #Marketing trick

  • Spok

    I’m saying nothing

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    ‘wayne has like thousands hit’…Big Boi voice: Boy stop !!! U need to be drug tested.

  • devante

    Yes Aubrey has found some aggression!


    I hate how niggas forget all the hits this nigga wayne got. Drake got maybe 3 and 1/2 albums. Wayne can do old shit…new shit mixtape shit. I just hate that b/c drake is on a roll niggas try an shit on wayne now. an its like b/c wayne got drake an nicki he don’t feel like he has to go super hard. Like no ceilings honestly to me was the last time we saw a semi hungry wayne. That nigga is at the top iconic like bob marley drake is gonna be nice until ppl get tired of his sound like they did ja rule. sad but true.

  • Collar Cali

    @ :/

    Yeah he has the ear but Wayne basically Owns Drake’s @$$… Drake only is ‘Affiliated’ with
    The Weeknd… but the things he’s doing for them he did with J. Cole… He’s really not a selfish dude… I like that.

  • ThisisKeveryday

    this maybe happening cuz Drake prolly still felt inspired by the Dizaster vs DNA battle he attended at KOTD last week….It should make for a good show tho

  • blunttss

    this is more stupid than when 50 said he’d stop rapping if kanye sold more records than him…. half ya’ll wer the teeny boppin bitches buyin both the garbage albums


  • TLM

    Yoo Drizzy fans, your boy is on the list. Let’s get it. “The 10 Best Subliminals of 2011 (So Far) #10-7″ http://www.kidswastingtime.com/2011/11/10-best-subliminals-of-2011-so-far-10-7.html

  • your pusha

    that would be dope, as long as it doesnt escalate as ‘beef’ like when dancehall artists like mavado and vybz kartel when they clashed! they should definately do it and not just talk about it, infact rappers who are beefing should start doing that and let the fans decide in one night!