• Dope

  • VB

    love it !

  • zezzoi


    This “Wild Boy” shit needs to stop. why all white rappers need gimmicks to break through?

    Frail ass white boy get all the way the fuck outta here.


    ARRRRD both went in

  • Kundis

    waka flocka wack…
    Pizza hut giving away $500 giftcards http://t.co/Y18unzQ 2 celebrate their 80th anniversary…next 24hrs ONLY..

  • gner

    bet yall didnt know the ” yea bitch” sample is jocee from kid rock ha ha ha otherwise video sucks… o and hi cat williams

  • rahrahrah

    I watched this, so it’s my own fault. But at first I was thinking that Machine Gun Kelly is not so bad, but then I saw Waka and I had to turn it off because it was hurting my ears. At least Machine Gun doesn’t hurt the ears as much.

  • RAzoredgREquiem

    seem like they stole BasedGod sound

  • DboyFlexxxin

    so what Kat Willams think of waka and mgk then? he must like them, but who knows, either way he needs to get back on comedy shit for real. he’s just loving the drugs right now and who can blame him. We all know that we would do the same shit

  • Real Deal

    Fuck was Katt Williams doing there? Song is cool but MGK still a pussy for letting Yelawolf punk him like that

  • boomin

    what the hell is katt doing in this video?! COMPLETELY ruins the theme

  • Devil

    Just because you’re full of tattoos and like to jump around like a retard doesn’t mean you’re wild…

    How come you wasn’t wild enough to diss Yelawolf back? ha! pussy ass bitch!

  • RB

    Sick visual