• its the tank foo!!!

  • Uggggggggh! P iz my hero!



  • pulla

    This shit go hard

    Can’t hate on P

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  • Belize

    that nig after P went in

    • Derek Leblanc

      The No Limit Forever Familt goes Hard As A Bitch RECONIZE mane

  • Brutally Honest

    Wow, I was with P when he was trying to start that new cable channel to compete with BET; that went no where .Now he’s trying to re-claim he’s glory days (which at this point, is over)….. ehhhh , I’ll pass

    • Derek Leblanc

      Please mane p is back better then ever

  • wickwickwack

    flashing guns in 2011´ ,,,well

  • Kalo


    Apple Giving away iPad 2 in Honor of Steve Jobs Death http://goo.gl/oiw03 next 24hrs ONLY..i got 2 lol



  • despite the fuckery in the video the song itself is not bad gives me that old no limit soldier feel.

    • Derek Leblanc

      Fa real my Dawg is back to the old p

  • Ray

    Wow….i thought P was done with all that gun talk. Didn’t he have this huge campaign a while back talking that peace talk? Didn’t him and 50 have a little back and forth over that? Now he flashing guns in his vids? Smh @P. Songs is aiight.

  • fuck education


  • FTW

    …dumb shit (c)

    …at least they admit it.



    • Derek Leblanc

      In Baton Rouge we Dumb Stupid & Are-Tawded real head Bustas and hearts stoppaz

  • Boog

    Boosie’s We Out Chea…is waaaaaaaaaaaay better…#FreeBoosie

    • Derek Leblanc

      Free Boosie free T.E.C. 225 BRC Jigga City stand up

  • BlackAnastasia

    What happened to Take A Stand Records P?Where did all that Marcus Garvey talk go?It’s to late in the Game to be Gooning.BTW,I’m from New Orleans.

  • Brahsef

    That community talk must not have been payin

  • Kelevra

    Curtis is laughing right now. 😛

  • Homie

    Look likes P found newer versions of Mac or Kane n Abel. (ready to go to prison)

  • gner

    $50 storeage unit
    $50 clearance halloween masks
    1 ar15
    2 9mm
    = the ceapest video ever

    also why didnt they let the white kid rap?

    • Derek Leblanc

      Stop Hattin on real Hommie

  • Umm


    A-MUTHAFUCKIN-MEN! this nigga is a fraud. you can’t downplay gun talk, and then resort right back to it when you broke. back-and-forth ass nigga.

  • TruSoLdieR

    How can u say hes broke? just cuz hes makin music again? doesnt make sense. hes got enough money.

  • Derek Leblanc

    Master P ain’t broke at all please Reconize Real Gangstas when you see one and the goons Real too cause we all grew up togeather in the same hoods in Baton Rouge Louisiana

  • Derek Leblanc

    T-Bo,Bengie B.,Gangsta,T.E.C. Oak TreeWe all Grew Up 2Geather and I Promise They Real Head Bustas And Wig Splitters Aka Some Dome Doctors ya heard me

  • Derek Leblanc

    Free T.E.C. We Riding For You P. T-Bo Bengie ,Gangsta Miss Chee and The Rest Of My No Limit Forever Family. 225 We Dumb Duffy Re Ton Tow Re-Tawded for real

  • Derek Leblanc

    Any haters hating on this real shit y’all need to go see a head doctor and get you an MRI Cat Scan or whatever cause y’all probably the same fuck faces that was fucking music up years ago with all that faggit azz ring tone snap fake rap shit.well bitch azz the real is back

  • Derek Leblanc

    Welcome back master p. With open arms