Drake’s Father Discusses Son Success

On the eve of the release of Take Care, Drake’s father Dennis Graham spoke with Memphis’ Fox News on the city’s influence in his son’s music and encouraging him to sing. Papa is a rollin’ stone.


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  • D mane

    Memphis stand up. Home of Issac Hayes Al Green and so many more legends

  • Fred

    I luv Drake as a singer but as soon as he starts rapping i have to turn off or skip which happens quite alot

  • Peekay

    Fred, I do the opposite. You must like his albums a lot more than I do.

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  • MadMike0082

    Mr. Effected cunt whitey news dude……

    “Didnt know any of that…. Fascinating.”

    Yah thats because all you have ever heard of is music about a pick up truck and a fucking dog.


  • ImSoHis

    I luv this dude. I mean his writing is simply impeccable, to sit & say that he’ll go on to be one of the best to do it is an understatement. I just pray he stays focused. I’m proud of him regardless.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Drake is a better rapper than a singer. I wish he would realize that and rap more. He a good singer tho but that crooning shit gets old quick.

  • if he considers memphis his home more than the t dot why is he always shouting out toronto and not mephis wtf is that??
    drake shit talks him on songs so i dont think this guy is the most credible

  • Original Will

    Drakes Father : “I telll him Drake(his stage name) you got to be different”

    Mrs. Graham: “I Love You Aubrey(his govt name)”

    You can tell his father wasnt in his life Drake is his middle name but a name that he came up for his career Aubrey is the name he was given what parent calls their son by their stage name Imagine Gloria calling Jay-Z Jigga or Juanita calling Diddy Puffy this is seen so many times and it makes me kind of mad cuz the only reason why they are covering the story like they are becuz his father was a somebody but you listen to “Look What Youve Done” and you will know who the real father figure and who was really there for him in the longrun this is like pac pops emerging with all this footage and stories after Pac was gone so we cant go to him and see if the stories are real

  • Anon DCPL

    fuck this old dude & his weak hearted son.

  • Tucq

    Damn that cat looks just like Larry Graham.

    If Larry Graham is Drake’s Uncle, that’s some serious musical roots.

  • Middlefinger2AHater

    Dad looks like Scotty from the Whispers!!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”fuck this old dude & his weak hearted son.”…Shit just got real !

  • Jay Cee

    Larry Graham is drake uncle

  • ImSoHis

    @ Tucq
    He is.

  • Alicia Keys

    HaHa Drake has a father

  • Emile

    @original will

    drake has mentioned that his dad named him Drake. So maybe that’s what he prefers to call him

  • Original Will


    of course thats his real middle name wtf are you talking about listen to the lyrics of his songs and see how he talks on his relationship with his dad instead of making up an interview wheres this source Aubrey rapname is drake is becuz thats his middle name and Aubrey sound weird especially with diddy making the band girls

    He also named him aubrey he said that his father was one of those summer dads and we all know how those summer dad relationship goes you only see ur dad during the summer until you get old enough and tell yo pops that you dont feel like coming or u find that summer love and dont want to leave home the point is drake was always shipped to see his father and his father never seen him or treated him like he existed unless he was in Memphis