New Mixtape: Master P TMZ (Too Many Zeros)

You don’t have to head to the Three Mile Zone to get Percy Miller and his new No Limit familia’s new mixtape. In fact, the tracklist and download link is after the jump. P’s a muthafuckin’ monstah.

01. Master P Feat. Romeo, Bengie B, T.E.C. & Miss Chee – TMZ Too Many Zeros [Prod. By Mike Nef] (4:41)
02. Master P Feat. T.E.C., Black Don & Miss Chee – I’m On Ya [Prod. By Mike Nef] (3:55)
03. Playa Feat. T.E.C., Black Don & Master P – Bury Me [Prod. By Riley J] (3:43)
04. Bengie B Feat. T.E.C., Master P & Gangsta – We Out Ch’here [Prod. By Mike Nef] (4:30)
05. Romeo Feat. Master P – Keep It Real (4:00)
06. Black Don Feat. Bengie B, Gangsta & Master P – Grind All Night [Prod. By Chip] (4:27)
07. Master P Feat. Miss Chee – Boyfriend & Girlfriend [Prod. By Mike Nef] (3:53)
08. T.E.C. Feat. Master P – My Potnas [Prod. By Deezy & Chip] (4:33)
09. Miss Chee Feat. T.E.C. – Get It In [Prod. By Mike Nef] (3:51)
10. Master P Feat. T.E.C., Eastwood, G5-J, Romeo, Bengie B & Miss Chee – I Can Smell The Money [Prod. By Mike Nef] (4:19)
11. Pallo Da Jiint Feat. Master P, T.E.C. & Bengie B – [Prod. By Chip & Micki Gunz] (4:04)
12. Master P Feat. Bengie B, Romeo & Valentino – Meagan Good [Prod. By Chip] (4:23)
13. T-Bo Feat. Romeo – Fed Up [Prod. By $-Co & Chip] (3:49)
14. Master P Feat. Gucci Mane & Romeo – Trending [Prod. By Mike Nef] (3:33)
15. Master P Feat. Bengie B, T-Bo & Miss Chee – Reloaded (4:07)
16. Krazy Feat. Master P, T.E.C. & Chip – R.I.P. [Prod. By Chip] (4:33)

Download here

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  • Santa


  • Santa


  • s/o to producer Mike Nef! Pittsburgh takin over!

  • Joeycrack

    Fuckin embarassment…can’t beleive the amount of dumbfucks that made this guy rich in the 90s

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  • Hatin 101

    Can’t wait to download this classic. LMAO

  • Santa

    Yo does the name of the mixtape refer to his team?

  • RedRocBoy


  • Cdub

    HELL NO!!

  • Grammar Police


  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up


  • D mane

    Well damn

  • herbsaac

    P might not be the nicest.. But hey.. all the skinny jean fags that posted hate about this tape before even downloading.. Go back to sucking dick.

    I dont know which dick your sucking tonight.. Drakes.. Mac Millers.. But you can keep the guys who rap the same flow on 80 percent of their songs..

    That Mac Miller was garbage.. Change any beats with any of the lyrics and all the songs will sound the fucking same haha..

    • Derek Leblanc

      Exactly you know real shit. How them ponks gonna wear they pants sufercating they dick with faggit dick prints and shit and they got the nerve to hate on my dawg fuck all them ponk pink thong dick riders like my brother Boosie said fuck in they azz with Ten dicks.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    This Is Kinda Embarising…

    • Derek Leblanc

      Y’all don’t know y’all’s asses from a hole in the ground No Limit Is back on top y’all Hattin pussy ass fake dick in the booty ass pink thong wearing ass ponk ass bitches don’t know shit bout Real lyrical ass music bunch of ringtone clowns. Go play in the middle of a busy intersection

  • cheddar bob, BITCH


  • Jungz

    Romeo is one hit away..

  • Chicago

    Lol what

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    Yo, mac DIESEL needs to come back to comment on stuff.

    RapRadar just ain’t the same without him.


    • Derek Leblanc

      Who mike diesel

  • mikkey

    i remember back when i was about 12 or 13 i was a no limit soldier for real, i loved master p and sillkk the shocker, mystikal, etc., but that lasted about 2 1/2 years tops, from about 96 to 98, the last great no limit album was Master p the Last Don” after that the Tank SANK, im mean it sank HARD, they fell the f*ck off, thank god Cash Money came in and saved the New Orleans hip hop scene Because P and his crew became repetitive and corny ….any ways i see P trying to make that come back. lol. good luck man…..

    • Derek Leblanc

      Real No Limit Soldiers Don’t Give up on them I’ve Been Down with The Tank From 95 to 2013 and My Family Is Back and ever better and way more gangsta and rawer then The 98 No Limit Squad. They Takin Over Lyricly and They Got Mike Neff On The Beats He’s A Legend in Baton Rouge. Real Reconize Real

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  • The only nigga from the 90’s that is mad garbage!

    • Derek Leblanc

      If y’all hating on my fam. What the fuck is you doing on here listening to my peoples and all up on they dick head and Shit.


    i mean niggaz love waka flocka

    fuck that mean

    ice cream man..classic..ghetto dope classic…last don..classic

    no bars..just real ignant lines here and there….

    “playa from round da way” ft..(the most pauseable song n rap) mo b. dick


    so yeah..btw..nevamind..yall purist kill me!

    • Derek Leblanc

      You ain’t making the first bit of since ya heard me. What is you saying mane. All I know is my No Limit Forever Goon Squad Taking Over love it or hate it But Its 100000000it% TRU.

  • Lucky P

    niggas got other peoples names as their User Names up here, talking about P’s an embarrassment –niggas dont even want to be themselves in the comments section!

    P had that whole no limit shit rolling in the 90s–we was with it for a minute, no frontin–not sure how this sounds in 2011 though–gonna give it an ear

    • Derek Leblanc

      It’s 1000% RAW My Peoples From Baton Rouge Are Most Of His New Artist And They all go even harder then Old No Limit Did Back in 1998 This Shitz The Furure So Glad Real Tru Music Is Back. They hit The Nail Right On The Head With Their New Lyrical Sound I Bleed This No Limit Forever Shit. Dumb , Re-Tawded, And All The Way Duffy 225 Jigga City We Ridin This Tank Till Death Big Ups My Hommie T-Bo Gangsta Bengie B. Palo Master P Romeo Miss Chee Lil Witness and Free T.E.C. C-Murder Mac and Keno. Stand up Baton Rouge Cause P’s puttin us on the Map ya heard me.

  • Do what you want to do Master P.

  • Sleepy

    Master P took it back to ’96 with that art work!! HA

  • I your number one fan I wish I was at one of your shows look me up on face book under carlous Harris

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