• kicks

    Smh @ ppl paying busta to mumble on tracks

  • rel

    Busta been in the game 20 years lol he should be killin like that! oh yea @ismoke_goodbruh @ismokebadcuh

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  • KYOD

    Not gonna hate, this is dope.

  • louis

    I dnt mean 2 b a hater but dem shades aint str8..

  • dware94

    we get it busta, you can rap fast. now make a decent song please

  • blackface

    Chris brown beats on women… And little black girls everywhere love him for it smh

  • uptown

    smart marketing campaign

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    BUSTA ON YUNG MULA. He gotta stay relevent some how.

  • The pyaah

    Shit would be funny if Twista entered the contest. OWN’D

  • Collar Cali

    YMCMB is turning into the modern day Murder Inc. in the aspect where they just signed anybody.
    the line up should honestly be Drake, Wayne, Nicki, Busta, DJ Kahled, T-Pain, Tyga ,Twist & Shonell…. Oh! And Game! That’s a good line-up all the way around.

    (Even though I want Drake 2 branch out)

  • Black Motherfucker

    This is how the Young Money roster should look like: Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Tyga, Busta Rhymes, Lil’ Twist, Cory Gunz, Curre$y, Shanell, Jae Millz, The Game, Nelly, T-Pain, and The Weeknd.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Damn Busta is doin anythin to stay relevant huh. I don’t get why he would sign wit them, no actually I don’t get why they would sign him.

  • Yup !



    HA !

  • Umar

    Busta is wack right now

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Ok so Busta signs with YOUNG money, but he turns 40 in May. Does anyone see anything wrong with this picture? smh…

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    Yo, mac DIESEL needs to come back to comment on stuff.

    RapRadar just ain’t the same without him.


  • Y U MAD

    You aint smart if you dont get that Busta Rhymes was signed to check Jay Z and other old rappers trying to bully YMCMB as rookies… these niggas(Birdman, Slim and Wayne) are business man, dont be fooled with those tatooes, they know they need respect and cosign from veterans to establish full control of the industry. Watch Luda and Jay Z fold after hearing this news, remember Busta getting at Ja’s ass when he was with Aftermath?. Now its official anyone getting at YMCMB will get murked for real. Mula Krazy brurrrr *Birdman rub hands* #hahaYMCMB

  • Black Shady

    SMH @ Busta for signing with these clowns…

    SHADY 2.0 and ROC NATION is the place to be!

  • Ambition Didn’t Flop !!


  • Busta is nice but his glory days are over!

  • Y U MAD

    @Ambiton Didnt Flop: You’all People saying I lost respect for Busta for signing with YM, he a legend, he too old what what what… Do you even realize that these rapper are just like you and me? I mean they also have bills to pay, kids to feed? People get it twisted, rapping is just like a normal 9 to 5 job, you work for whoever pays the most money regardless of your boss’ age. So you think your respect is on Busta’s mind? Come on son. Look, now he will be more relevant ,… and make that Young Money wave money, tours and shit. Even your favorite rapper will run fast if given that same opportunity! Soon or later fans will learn that its all business, moneywise. Its all about paying the bills at the end of the day! And at the moment Young Money Cash Money is the biggest employer.

  • Damn they got Busta! Gratz to Bussa Bus hope it’s a good look for him. Def interested to hear the music this produces.


  • Carlos the Hip Hop Historian

    Busta Rhymes!!!!!! Where should i start..Dont do this to yourself. Better yet don’t do this to your family. I could imagine the pain your children go through while they are watching you squeeze into skinny jeans saying you have a show. A 40 year old man. It hurts your kids when they see you jumpin around like an old fool around 17 year old children. Please give this up.

  • Jaediggity

    Yea my nigga mac need to come back! lmaooo But busta just capitalizing off that Look at me now flow. Thats the same thing Rick Ross did. After he dropped BMF and it blew.. He was rapping like that for then on.

  • the void

    talk about beating a dead horse. lol. i hope busta isnt broke. its sad that he feels he needs keep rapping into his 40s to take care of his family. he does have like 6 or 7 kids so it makes sense.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    How do you go from Aftermath Records to YMCMB? Its like leaving the Steelers and going to the St. Louis Rams. Congrats Busta.

  • Dead Snoopy

    Busta Rhymes went from L.O.N.S to Native Tongues to Flipmode to Aftermath to Cash Money. Like watching the evolution of hip-hop in reverse.

  • Teejay

    I loved busta’s album on aftermath. Busta was made for dre beats. But dear god his ymcb album will be entirely just speed rapping with Wayne features.

    10 bucks says there’s a track with twista and yelawolf. Takers?

  • let that man cook!

    He should be thanking The Based God for this wonderful opportunity.

    All Praise to the Most Based.


  • JD

    Busta has signed to Birdman’s Cash Money Records.
    Not Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment imprint.

    When Busta signed with Aftermath Enertainment, he signed with Aftermath Entertainment.
    Not Shady Records. This is no different.

    Why do people spread so much misinformation.

    Busta is a legend, he’s always dope. Granted some of his albums have been far less dope
    than others, but the majority of his disography is classic and his albums are always above the average at least.

    He can and will sign with any label he fucking wants to. He’ll stay with them however long he fucking wants to, and he’ll move on whenever (if) he fucking wants to.

    Haters need to sort there lives out.

    If you’re one of the millions of true fans that Busta has, you’ll be supporting him and his decisions even if you don’t think they’re wise, and you’ll (continue) buy his albums.

    If you all spent the amount of time you spend talking about how you hate the rappers you dislike, on talking about how much you love the rappers you’re fans of, your state of mind’s would be so much better for it and your day-to-day lives would be so much happier. That’s just basic fucking psychology.

    Anyway, rant over.

    Busta Rhymes for Hip-Hop President.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Its sad that he a legend and with body of work he gotta sign with YM. Just like when Mobb Depp when signed with Def Jam. How are the vets in the game gotta go to the young guys in the game to get shine. Busta should be in a position where he has own label. Even DMX didn’t sign with MMG, and u know that nigga need the money.

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  • Me Damnit!!

    @Blackface: Drop dead already! He doesn’t beat ‘women’ he got into a fight ONE time with ONE woman. He was plead guilty, was convicted served his sentence! Now everyone inlcuding the victim has moved on she even wished him well! Now STFU!

    Anywho, the song goes hard even though I can’t understand WTF Busta is saying. The beat goes hard and Breezy’s hook is catchy as hell. I doubt it will be as big as LAMN but it will probably be a club banger.

    Oh and *side eye* at Busta signing to YM! SMH! They barely support the other 12 artist signed to that label so I don’t know how Busta thinks he will fit in. I honestly think he is better than them. Oh well. *shrugs*

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  • Jeremias José Mufume

    I can say only that Busta is real repper because he has knowledges about it. Nothing else I can say instead of that.