New Video: KRS-One “Just Like That”

And just like that, KRS will release his 20th LP in the beginning of next year. Thanks to the green screen, he makes his rounds across town on the title track.


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  • BK James
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  • BrandonTex


  • There is only one…knowledge reigns supreme

    By Any Means Necessary…Yeah…Just like that

  • J.swaggle

    im a young nigga and when i heard this i felt like i traveled back in time and saw hip hop, true hip hop when it was a lifestyle, man what happened to it

  • whoa

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  • Carlos the Hip Hop Historian

    This is sad to witness. This hurts as much as watchin my grandfather trying to relive his football glory days by trying out for the team. KRS should be ashamed of himself. If i was one of the people around him i would give him a reality check. Dont come at me with that nonsense of him being a pioneer and a legend. That was the past. Tho point is that this music is not good. All of you people that will defend this ask yourself if you actually like this song first. Much respect to KRS for paving the way for my career an enabling me to make a fortune in this industry.

  • ……….

    @Carlos the Hip Hop Historian…’s a bitchhhh, talking about A LEGEND?!?! you will never have 1/1000000000th the impact, accomplishments or skill as this “old man”…..that must hurt huh??!! so jus stfu cuz as we can see you’s a bitchhhhh

  • Anon DCPL

    I dig this, a MASTER rocking the mic.



  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    Yo, mac DIESEL needs to come back to comment on stuff.

    RapRadar just ain’t the same without him.


  • Oj da Cornball


    Felt like 88 all over. SMH, hip hop really (as we knew it) died. Screw its evolution.

  • Carlos the Hip Hop Historian

    Lets stop talking tough online. We are all behind our smartphones typing ok. You guys know that these rappers you cry over and protect dont give a damn about you. KRS needs to get a life and realize his time is up. I remember he used to annoy the whole staff of Def Jam everyday for two months begging for a meeting. Lol.

  • @carlos…nigga u cracking me up…

  • ha

    Yo YN where is mac

  • juergen apfelbaum

    This song is not good at all. Dude needs to learn to have a better song structure.

  • bestofbest

    this is real hip hop!!! fuck all fake ass niggaz!!! and for all y’all saying this song isn’t good, go and listen to fucking lil faggs and young bitches.

  • recordpusher

    if Future or A$AP Rocky jumps on it, I bet they will like it

  • krsfan

    i’m a fan of KRS-one, and my first introduction with hip-hop was with PE :”Fear of a Black Planet”


    pb with old rappers is that they talked like my grandpa : “when i was young, bla bla bla, remember the good old days, bla bla bla, it was better before ”

    Ok you have to pay respect but, f**** :
    Scott Larock is dead in 1987
    Tupac in 1996
    Biggie 1997
    BIG L 1999
    big Pun 2000
    ODB 2004

    LEAVE THEM ALONE ! and please see the futur stop looking back !

  • ImSoHis

    I actually like this.

  • Curtis75Black

    This is tight work !! Glad to see him back.

  • the One

    Real hip hop!! Yard man massive!

  • em

    This is dope. People who don’t like this are welcome to their opinion and I agree it isn’t anything relevant to the music nowadays. That may be why I like it.. Keep going Kris!

  • em

    It’s like a vision board or The Secret. He’s saying he spoke his reality into existence. Maybe if he had on some stockings or alternative lifestyle bright colors y’all would like it more.

  • los

    It’s like a vision board or The Secret. He’s saying he spoke his reality into existence. Maybe if he had on some stockings or alternative lifestyle bright colors y’all would like it more.

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  • Yo – this shit is dope. I don’t know why people get upset when the legends make new shit. The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, etc made music all through their career – why should it be any different for the hop hop veterans? These guys are 100 x better than any of the new MC’s that are out right now.

    Enjoy it while these guys like KRS are still active and making music because when there gone or retire, everyone is going to miss them.

  • need to be taught some respect…you must have been beaten up alot growin up.but guess what your not finished growin there might be some azz kickin in the future..LoL stay in ya lane..and watch what you say….your days can be longer (big ups to the teacher KRS-One 1111111111111111111111111

  • Akonstruct

    I’ve been an avid listener to Krs One/Boogie Down Productions for years always been a big fan of his music, how many artists can you say actually have the longivety skill and talent that he possess, artists come and go every year and you never hear from them again, there are a few who enter the game and last like Krs One, LL Cool J and Too $hort. I still enjoy listening to his music

  • Tru hop

    If you want to send a msg to this wack rap infestionation make this video viral. Also vote for Ron Paul…..think outside the box or stay in the box that THEY want you to stay in. KRS ONE you are the blueprint for hip success, 20th Album? How many artist can say that oh yeah and he is FREE not tied down by the industry chains and shackles.

  • Daminashun

    @KRSFAN: For the simple fact that you call yourself that, yet you criticize KRS for reminding us what hip hop was makes you look like an ultimate retard idiot! bottom line, EVERYONE needs to be reminded how hip hop was!! All you feminine ass niggas on here are exactly that….FEMALES!! You walk, you talk, you act and dress FEMININE!! that’s how rap took over! your favorite artist dresses in jeggings, wears lipstick, tight ass fuckin low-rise jeans, sings love ballads throughout their album! has anyone figured out why albums these days have soooo many guest appearances?? BECAUSE THEY THEMSELVES CANNOT RECORD A SOLO ALBUM! NOT ENOUGH SUBJECT MATTER OR LYRICAL TALENT TO CARRY THAT WEIGHT! as far as i’m concerned, let the greats record! only KRS can decide when he wants to stop, and i will continue to support by buying every fuckin album he releases!

    i’m just still upset that i will never hear a new Gangstarr album again!!