50 Cent x Floyd Mayweather Cover XXL

For the December/January 2012 issue of XXL, Curtis graces all 5 covers including one with Floyd Mayweather celebrating the 5 Faces of 50 Cent in honor of his new LP coming in January. Excerpt below.

“I don’t see what I fell in love with,” he says. “So now I gotta make music that reflects what N.W.A made. I have to make music that has the moments that Nas had. I have to make music that has what Biggie offered.” He also discusses his currently untitled 5th solo album: “For me, I’m still up against what I’ve done,” he says. “So in order to top it, I know it’s a difficult task. You know, I see the bloggers. My audience hasn’t grown with me. They keep saying, “Aw, man, I want the old 50!” ’Cause those people, it would take them on a safari. I was bringing them close enough to the animals, without being able to get hurt. I was taking them into my neighborhood, where you can very well get your ass killed.”

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  • Tichaona

    Everytime im going through my “hating” 50 phase, all it takes is a listen to the classic opus Get Rich or Die Trying and all is forgiven lol….

    On the real, i dont really feel the music the god is putting out no more, but he gets a pass EVERY.TIME. ’round here for bringing the city back on his 1st album….And anyone who pulls Rick Ross’s skirt is aaight with me lol


    FiF Is That Nigga You Cant Even hate On Him

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  • ImSoHis

    50 is that guy. I luv this dude determination.

  • Money Team

    He over analyzes his music too much, fact of the matter is the songs on his first LP we’re really great, he’s had hits to follow but in total he hasn’t been able to put out an album as solid as his first. Stop thinking, make music!

  • pulla

    50 is the boss

    why do people keep comparing his stuff to his first album, move on times have changed if he put that out now it wouldn’t sell with the way the game is

  • pulla

    Funny how RR ain’t saying shit about officer ricky’s album being pushed back cause he has no buzz

  • Real Talk

    50 has NEVER made the type of music that Nasir Jones had & continues to make! Nas makes music that will last a LIFE TIME from ILLMATIC to DISTANT RELATIVES…Nas is NASTY!


    BOSS cover

  • 50 comments on rapradar all the time…i always knew these rappers see the hate yall spew on them…lol

  • Get Real

    I actually liked “Before I Self Destruct” which most ppl hated. His worst album to date is “Curtis” and he’s admitted that publicly. 50 is the black man’s version of the American dream and I will always support/respect him for that. That being said, his newer music would prob be better if he could work w/ other prominent artists instead of lambasting everyone and having a beef w/ them.

    Think of everyone 50’s clashed w/ and where they are now. Jay-z (never explained why he had an issue w/ Hov), Rick Ross (Ross started it tho), Dr. Dre (production issues, headphone sales war), Lil Wayne (recent), T.I. (called him a snitch and a chump), Kanye (album sales war), and the list continues. He’s stuck w/ that depleted G-Unit roster and the rare Eminem feature b/c he’s black listed himself. Rappers are more fickle and sensitive than women so they ain’t gonna let 50’s shots at them pass in the name of making music. He needs to tone that beef shit down and get in the right space to make great music.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Its The Money Team !!! Shout out to FIF and Money May. Money May voice: Step your game up !

  • Peekay

    that cover is retarded

  • still best rite now!!

    I wish Floyd would take a break from sharing milk & cookies with Fif and get locked in a negotiation with Arum! make this fight happen nugga

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Get Real…1 thing about FIF he doesn’t bite his tongue. Smart business man. 1 example i’ll give i was on some other hip hop site. Some kid was talking reckless about FIF and said “G-UNOT”. Im thinking to myself FIF owns G-UNOT.

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  • Black Shady

    50 got a classic (GRODT) and a very good album (The Massacre) under his belt
    I dont understand why Massacre gets so much hate. Probably bcuz of the singles, but shit there are some SOLID CUTS on it : Ryder Music, Somebody Gonna Die Tonight, Gunz Come Out, Position of Power, Baltimore Love thing..which is NOT a love song, Hate It Or Love It Remix. C’mon man…

    He dropepd the ball with CURTIS (except for a few cuts), and Before I Self Destruct coulda been better. a mix of these 2 album woulda been good.

    I know FIF can make a full comeback. just need to step his lyrics game up a little.

  • EaglesFan1991

    This cover is whack……. XXL has finally fell off. The Source shouldn’t have to bury its child.

  • If 50 had died a month after releasing Get Rich or Die Tryin’ he would have gone down as one of the best rappers ever.

  • HateItOrHateIt

    For a second I thought this was like 2005. 50 how much you pay XXL for these covers. At least he’s not wearing a turban with this one.

  • ImSoHis

    @Real Talk

    True musically, even though “Get Rich Or Die Tryin” was a classic IMO (which is kind of rate for a first album). He pretty much was the FIRST dude to truly blow up off a mixtape (nobody before him was doing it like him). And the same can be said about 50’s overall success compared to Nas. 50 is overall (aside from Jay-Z) probably one of the most SUCCESSFUL Rappers pretty much Ever. He did what it took the rest like 10-20 years to do in less than 4yrs & he’s still doing stuff. I mean he made 2 MULTI-platinum albums, starting his own label (that was dope 4 a moment), a pretty solid clothing line & shoe deal (that was dope for a moment… LOL… & sold well at the time), a #1 box-office movie that did well & cashed in on a $100 million vitamin water deal in less than 4 YEARS! Plus he’s atleast had a collab on Billboard at #1 w/ that Jeremih song recently & signed a multi million $ deal with a heavy weight movie agency for numerous film projects. Face it, he may not be your favorite or “the most popular” rapper right now, but he’s certainly has had a run & is a ‘BOSS’ in pretty much every way possible in this game.

    *This is all coming from a Nas die-heart*

  • Y U MAD

    Excuses Excuses Excuses

    If you cant top your own work, that makes you a One Hit Wonder. This nigga had a opportunity to bring Ne York back, but instead he discredited all the other Yankee MCs, as a result The South Side took over because when LIl Wayne went on top.. all he did was keep cosign Southern rapper putting them on the top. Thats how it should work. 50 is the reason why NY fell off. Too much bitching like a little boy, jealousy, greedy and stupidity lead to his downfall. He lost respect and honor in hip hop and thank God he knows it.. He came from sell 1mil in a week, to barely 150k a week.. that how you know you a troll




  • Cosign @Y U mad

  • 134 GUY BREW!

    @y u mad

    50 has hits after grodt, he shouldnt be ashamed if he cant top his first album because “your first impression is your only” especially when your first impression is the largest hip hop debut in history. but it is true that 50 destroyed the NY hip hop scene. but

  • the swag

    Damnn mann ive been waiting all year for dis freaking album, now hes saying janurary -___- i jus hope im alive when it drops, but da second it drops im playing it over n over nonstop im deff buying it, hopfully he drops dat sk mixtape i need sumthin new by 50 i already overplayed his other songs

  • Whowantwhat

    Haters can’t stop 50..so y’all comment all you want but his life is better than yours and it’s nothing you can do about. Respect to all the niggas that’s getting it! Fake Ass Motherfuckers Envy!

  • Oj Da Cornball

    Hahah, 50 stay winning.

    So much for being irrelevant, uh?


  • betrott

    to answer Fiddy’s cover story question….Nelly and he sold more

  • ImSoHis

    @Y U Mad

    That’s a lie…
    How the hell U going @ 50 saying he’s a 1 hit wonder? This man made 3 Platinum albums & 1 Gold. His first one sold 15 million copies ALONE. He produced 3 hits off that alone. His 2nd album sold 1.14 million in a week. 3 Hits off that. 3rd album Sold 2mill & produced 3 hits from that. See a trend? I mean the mans soundtrack to the “GRODT” movie alone sold 8 million copies ALONE world wide.This man last cd had no real singles before being released & no promo & STILL went gold. These cats can’t even go gold with songs on top 5-10 on billboard out & tons of promo. I can see U saying you don’t like his newer stuff or all his stuff even, but FACTS are FACTS and to try to reduce him to a ‘1 Hit Wonder’ is just U talking out your @$$ clearly.

    Further more,
    Isn’t Jay the King of New York?
    Go ask him why he launched Roc Nation & signed 2 southern rappers (J. Cole, Jay Elect)

    New York fell off because they needed a new sound & everybody decided to run to the south for a deal. It’s sad… Even the young rappers from NY sounding like they from the south now (A$AP Rocky). NY is pretty much f**k’d these days…
    The closes to a NY flow you’ll get is J. Cole & he’s from Carolina… LOL

  • Cali

    Why didn’t they put Drake on the cover? 50 Cent’s career is over.

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    @ betrott

    are you trying to say that Nelly was bigger than 50 Cent when both dropped their first album?
    If so, keep the jokes going !

  • Cali

    Why they didn’t put Drake on the cover?? 50 Cent’s career is over.


    @cali, youse a stupid murtha fuka, drake is NOT hip hop hes a clown bitchmade fag that crys in all his songs, 50 bringing it bak thats why he on da cover, real recognize real

  • Pass on


    They treat Nelly dirty, this dude went from making a Diamond album to 28,000 copies. It’s a shame. He was running the scene.


    Has some points.

  • betrott

    @ mac diesel fanbase

    the only rapper that sold more records than Nelly in 2000s is Eminem. research it. Nelly was further in the pop realm, so if speaking from a ‘strictly hip hop’ sense then i can see why you find it hard to believe.

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  • Subtly

    @ Y U MAD
    Is officially full of crap.
    Everybody this nigga said on another post that YMCMB/ Cash Money is the greatest dynasty ever. Any opinion he’ll ever have is null & void from here on out.
    Plus I’m not certain if this nigga is Waynes baby aka BIRD SHIT with a statement like that.

  • RedRocBoy


  • me

    50 cent ohhhhh what a bad guy his manager must be damn good but fact is birdman is making tooooooooo much money off cash cows like drake nicki.

  • Fan of Black People

    50 becomes a conscious rapper. Can’t wait when 50 starts dropping some knowledge in his music. PEACE GOD

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Dudes are mad at Curtis hahaha. When will they learn?SMH. Y’all dudes need to go listen to some Drake and drink some White Zinfandel.

  • Get Real

    @ZoomZoomDad-Otis Son I get the business part. But it’s the beef part that’s killing his ability to expand his music. Could you imagine hearing 50 Cent kick some “Position of Power” or “Hustler’s Ambition” type shit on a Ye beat w/ a Hov feature? Or doing a real street record w/ T.I.? Most 50’s fans like myself would enjoy something like that, but we all know that shit ain’t happening b/c he done diss’d them nigs, most of the time w/o cause, to the point where they take his words personal.

    So we gotta hear weak ass Yayo spit on features or Banks or some random rapper know one knows is even signed. A part of me thinks 50’s money is so crazy he don’t even care about making good music anymore. He just wanna meet his contractual obligations and slide out the game.

  • room2roam

    LMAO.. 50 and floyd are a couple. shyt is easy to see. its so funny how u birds hate on other artist stans but stay juggling the fuk outta 50 balls. bottom line 50 is entertaining but has reached his peak musically. he lacks the versatility to remain relevant in today’s hip hop environment….hate if you want but the truth hurts sometimes….

  • Remi


    Fif has always said he doesn’t have real friends, right from the start. So now that he’s rolling with any nigga just like him in Floyd, they lovers? Fuck is wrong with you dumbfuck, you some jealous motherfucker looking into who people roll with now? If a motherfucker like you could comment on Tupac and Mike, you’d probably say “lolz these boyz be gay yO”….shut the fuck up, you little munchkin.

    The bottom line with 50 Cent is this – he is gonna end up doing more good than almost any rapper or black entertainer not named Michael Jackson or Oprah. Even if his SK project falls right now today, the fact that he supplied 3.8 million meals through the United Nations Food Programme on their initial presentation is > 90% of what other black entertainers have ever done.

  • Oj da Cornball

    Nelly didn’t blow up like 50. Come on stop dreaming. You saying look it up like it’s not clear to find out the info.
    Nelly album didn’t sale totals like 50o, period.

    No artist has buzz like 50 yet, came close in manufactured buzz the success is still not equal.

  • me

    50 buzzz then was crazy men so crazy.

  • DDDY

    why are these 2 on the cover it just shows you how out of touch xxl have become they are like the source before it died days when benzino was putting himself on the cover 50 just pays for these covers cos his so irrelivant in the game how is it that say drake j cole common all these people have been dropping or will be odd future bunch of relevant ppl out now and 50 and his buddy are on the cover like that cover 50 paid for to get him and soulja boy on not to mention his camp and em paul r basically own the magazine man sad days no more real hip hop publications you gotta go to like,complex gq these days get some real hip hop shit which is fucking sad. people used to read the source to read about the music check the ratings now with xxl and shit every fucking album is just an xl worst rating system in the history of rap fuck xxl no more xxl for street cred tem days is dead .

  • name a rapper that blew up bigger in a shorter period of time please

    50505050505050505050505050505050505050505050505050505050505050505050505 lmfaooo

  • room2roam

    @ Remi

    you forgot to wipe 50’s nutt off your chin… shyts’ startin to drip… 50 stans are the worse..he get a pass when other rappers dont??? gtofh and not to downplay what he’s doing with the meals but the bottom line is great idea but misguided imo. it would be better if he started an initiative to feed these ppl over time, not just one meal.. i get how important that one meal is, but the reality os this solves nothing… what do they for the next meal? and again musically 50 lacks the creativity..his style, his flow,he cant switch it up… when he’s tried in the past it didnt work, not even for his own fans…. great business man, entertaining but he’s done musically.he can keep blaming it on the success of his first album (thats not the fans – he says that in his daily interviews) but facts are facts. he’s not built to last in this music arena.so when this album peaks at about 250k he’ll have another excuse as to why its not his fault..and y’all (50 and his fans) will get mad and start dissing drake, weezy, nicki, wwale, big sean, rozay, etc…

  • maker

    50 cent is about to pull a rabbit haters run for cover

  • Lux Aeterna

    50’s been onfire lately! Going HARDER than most. Will be supporting your next album, no doubt about that! #RealHipHop (i.e. no YMCM)

  • chilleymost

    he ain’t dead ,,, so he rich now,,,hip-hop is about a the struggle the come in life,,,son came up,,,,now what he got to talk about,,,niggas forgot that fif got his ass handed to him in those lil rap battles with the lox,,,fat joe and them,,,,yeah he got money,,,,but he’s limited because,,,,he aint hungry no more,,,and real niggas ain”t tryin to hear that killer shit ,,,,,,so he good,,,do the movies feed the seeds,,,promote some new talent ,,,,,keep it moving,,,,,you have a classic ,,,,,so you good in hip-hop history,,,

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