• Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    hahahah Baby is Busta Rhymes boss……crushed.

  • shaedaghost

    smh wow

  • Ink

    1) Does this qualify as a “You Played Yourself”?
    2) Did Young Money and Cash Money become the same company, YMCMB? Or is Young Money still under Cash Money?



  • Teejay

    ^i think ymcb is like when 50 signed to shady/aftermath. It’s a joint venture, shady is a subsidiary of aftermath but both made the deal.

  • foekist

    Damn Busta… back in the day you was tha man Busta- fuck happened to you?

  • YouKnowMe

    Busta is like that dude in the hood thats been selling dirt weed for 20 years, he’ll never graduate to cocaine.

    You sign to a n!gga thats sign to a n!gga

  • hell yea… i was pretty stoked already but hearing that shit during the credits.. its murder

  • Rajon chrondo

    iI bet busta disdnt see this coming back in 94

  • Y U MAD

    Its official Birdman the last moguel standing!!! He outgunned Suge Knight, Puff, Master P, Irv Gotti, Dame and Jay Z’s labels. Thats some serious hustla shit right here. This is obviously a Win Win Lose situation: YMCMB win, Busta Rhymes win and Hater lose, as simple as that. Haters bow down and kiss the ring, these niggas are not letting lose anytime soon. Either you cosign and live with it, or you stay bitter and die slow. Moolah krazy, YMCMB is a way of life- shining on some uptown shit brurrr brurr *Birdman rub hands*. #YMCMB

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    nigga you 40 something still gettin signed?…..fuck you doin wit’ yo’ life B?….I can’t but help but laugh, yellow nigga if this don’t get a “you played yourself” I don’t know what does…smh

  • its a good look for him money wise busta isnt young anymore he did his thang and proved his point busta a beast now will appeal to mainstream more is all

  • mac DIESEL fanbase


    Remember the 2 black dudes and 1 black dude on the XXL cover some years ago ?
    Theyre still doing it.
    Guess you just forgot to mention them….

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    yea agree, vhingrhamesonyo’momma

  • wow…..i agree 9,000 percent (minus all the mean stuff about his age) that vhingrhamesonyo’momma………………BUSTA…YOU ARE A LEGEND……WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU SIGNING TO or even coming UP UNDER any other umbrella AT THIS STAGE of your career?!?!

    I can’t even fathom………this is just a big backwards step…..he should have BEEN making larger moves…..i know the google music and violator moves they are doing….but….come on now……This man has been around TOO LONG for him to need Cash Money for relevance.

    YOU ARE LEGEND BUSTA…..it’s time to make moves like one.

  • The Prophet

    Busta is done. At this point in his career, he should be a boss or have enough stashed away to where if it came to this point, he could gracefully bow out. Its like the older dude on the block hanging out with high school kids to make themselves feel cool again.

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    co-sign Nova and The prophet.

  • Black Shady

    vhingrhamesonyo’momma says:
    Thursday, November 17 2011 at 1:07 PM EST

    nigga you 40 something still gettin signed?…..fuck you doin wit’ yo’ life B?….I can’t but help but laugh, yellow nigga if this don’t get a “you played yourself” I don’t know what does…smh


    Busta looks like a clown ridin the whole YMCMB wave.

  • Santa

    Everyone saying he needs to be making moves, have you ever considered that he just likes making music and wants nothing more? Not everyone has to own a company, Busta might not want the stress that comes with that and will stick to what he knows


  • The Real Truth

    Busta washed up smh, if Dre couldnt make him pop, it’s a wrap for him….and Baby riding that YM coat tail hard…. Cash Money as a label is trash…. YM is the label that has all the talent with Drake, Nicki, Wayne, ect……Cash Money is the label that has the Glasses Malone, Bow Wow, ect…..its kinda like how Def Jam use to try to ride Rocafella, but Dame wont having it….. Wayne to much of a bitch to separate it like Dame did…..and to @Y U Mad….. Jay & Puff still make more money then Baby….lol

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    @ Santa

    With 8 albums in and being in the game for such a long time, are you kidding?
    Ur right not everyone has to own a company but u can get good money without owning a goddamn company.

    And he does look like a pedo between these people.

  • Subtly

    @Y U MAD
    Bird Shit is that U?

  • The Real Truth

    @Santa Busta has his own company (Conglomerate) and no label wants to pick it up, thats why he “HAS” to sign with someone….. I mean how many different crews do u have to fail with before ppl get the message…. Busta only good for singles, hasnt made a good album since the early 2000’s at best….. sorry and I use to be a Busta fan smh

  • Calligrafist

    Peep The Biggie Patchwork T Busta Had On ???

    Fire Right ???

    MADE BY PAPER BROWN BAG: http//Paperbrownbag.com

    Check Em Out !

  • m1

    hey santa u dick head busta owned a label all ready flip mode squad he had artist that put out albums.he should be bossed up like hov and diddy he been in the game since 1990!!!!!!!to sign with these guys will make no one money.they cant make him relevent baby not even relevent as an artist he dont sell records for his own albums them shits flop.busta lossed fans years ago.his failure to boss up has and will cost him.

  • Time4SumAction

    busta is on cash money w Birdman and any other older rappers like mac 10 and glasses malone. They won’t let him filter down to the honeypot of young money- wayne, drake, nikki. he will get a wayne joint though i’m sure. This is a better move for Busta than going to Bad Boy or one of those other clown labels.

  • wickwickwack

    busta sitting next to that bird . i almost threw up
    another big hip hop chapter closed

  • 50 Cent

    Damn homie in high school u was the man homie, what the fuck happen to u?




  • The Truth

    There are some kids that have no clue who Busta was in the 90s and early 2000’s. All they they know him from is “Look At Me Now”. Its kind of like he a 40 yr old new artist (Jay Electronica) lmfao… YM stans gonna think he the greatest rapper of all time.

  • Yall really think bossing a relevant is an easy task??? Smh he couldnt do it with his label and nigga got a family to feed…just stfu already analysing what you dont know shit about.

  • The Truth

    I can’t wait to see Busta and Spiff Star rockin their YMCMB shirts. RETIRE BUSTA BUSS!

  • Young Nigga

    Busta is a slave ass nigga

  • Dru


  • venttruth

    at least he didn’t sign to Maybach Music. but still, he should just retire. the only thing we’ll be seeing from Busta now is more “Arab money” type of shit.

  • m1

    @smoke screen shut yo bitch ass up jack ass

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”Busta is like that dude in the hood thats been selling dirt weed for 20 years, he’ll never graduate to cocaine.”

  • DOG

    Linking up with that Cash Money means you picked a side. “The 10 Best Subliminals of 2011 (So Far) #6 – #3” http://www.kidswastingtime.com/2011/11/10-best-subliminals-of-2011-so-far-6-3.html

  • vhingrhamesonyo’momma

    I can’t wait to see Busta and Spiff Star rockin their YMCMB shirts. RETIRE BUSTA BUSS!

  • bylaw99

    Busta signing to YMCMB is like Snoop signing to Black Wall Street! Azz backwards is what it is!

  • Get Real

    @The Real Truth Outside Eminem who else has Dr. Dre made hot in the 2000s?

    Idk about this move for Busta. But I will say his addition makes the YMCM roster that much stronger. I just hope he doesn’t switch up his style and in his deal he worked out something for his crew, mostly Reek cuz Spliff been dead. At some point tho YMCM is gonna have to start dropping acts b/c all these artists ain’t gonna get the shine time they want.

    And from Busta’s body language it seems like this move is something that bothered him but at the end of the day music is a competitive sport and you gotta play to win even if that means you’re ego/legacy may take a hit sometimes. Shit, Nas had to work for Hov at one point in his career to get back in the limelight. It is what it is.

  • bylaw99

    I repeat Busta signing to YMCMB is like Snoop signing to Black Wall Street! Azz backwards is what it is!

  • JMillionaire

    @Get Real THE GAME


    what the #$%k is wrong with yall…do yall know whats about to happen? just sit back and watch…nothing more to say…..

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Everybody knows how busta got gangsta after signin to the math so what happens after signin to cash money? How long before he wavin red rag out the right side.

  • m1

    ALGORYTHMBEATZ yeah we gonna watch the same shit nothing u dumb ass crack head bitch

  • Get Real

    @JMillionaire 50 made The Game hot. Dre couldn’t do anything w/ him and asked 50 to make Game the featured west coast artist for G-Unit. In the end Jayceon would prove he would only need one shot @ fame to do his own thing. So Game’s success doesn’t belong to Dre. Try again.

  • Micke

    Theese cats are gonna drag hiphop down the fucking shitter, EVERYTHING they drop is pure garbage. I mean, Lil Wayne ? Busta ? Minaj ? etc,…
    Fuck this shit.

    Aftermath Ent / Shady Records >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YM

  • joe nasty

    yall trippin. this is a good move for busta. YMCMB gets a lot of attention whether or not they deserve it. busta will be nice either way.

  • HowUAct?

    @ Get Real

    Game hasn’t really sold like that after beefin w/ 50 & for Cash Money to ‘supposedly’ pay him more would be insane. His last album was cool, the ones before that & after the DOCUMENTARY was just audio gossip columns. He has potential but he can’t stay focused for shiiiiiii. DJ Khaled was doing platinum B-4 Cash Money. His latest one had a #1 platinum song & still probably aint went gold. People are tired of Cash Money. Plus Wayne already bitchin with Khaled over sone bogus luke situation. Cash Money needs to drop half their line up.
    Busta running with them is as akward as when Snoop went with No Limit.

  • M.T

    you’ll prob never hear from Busta again. Either that or he’ll have to dumb down his music or keep rapping so fast that people think hes killing records in order to be somewhat relevant. Busta is already a legend so it dont even matter. Hate it or love it YMCMB stay winning as a LABEL but those album release dates you saw at the end credits are gunna get push back.



    Do You Remember Who Put HiS Cock In Youre Mom?
    Im Youre Father, Dont Disrespect Me Before I Punish You!
    Oke? My SON?


    @T : Fuck Ya Life

    Youre Mother And I Whas Thinking Whats A Good Name
    For Us Lame Kid Then I Thought Lets Name Him Whats Life
    Youre Momma Changed Her Mind, Look Where I Find My Son
    Living His Name Up, You Gonna Make It, Stay Strong

  • raw raw like a dungeon dragon

    He started as a leader of the new school and ended as a hiphop drop with ymcmb… Went from atcq to tyga and twist.. Thanks for the memories busta rhymes.. Ohh how the mighty have fallen

  • Spliff Star

    LIL’ Chuckee> Busta

  • The Truth

    Remember Busta Rhymes Mountain Dew commercial when he charge and collide his head with a ram, that what I feel like doing when I heard this news.



  • Lil’ Wayne

    *Breaking News* Young Mouney new signings: Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Memphis Bleek, and Too Short.

  • Lil’ Wayne


  • Kunta Kente

    Who gives a fuck if a legend, when u make a stupid move, u gotta be called out on it.

  • M.T

    ^if he gets more exposure because of signing then how is it a stupid move?

  • the One

    Wow Busta must be broke… This is not a good look !

  • the One

    No shame in the game…

  • Twitter – @TheVilleOwns502

    Dope MC, wack label. This disappoints me, but Busta is still a legend in the game. One of his dopest albums came while he was on Aftermath though.

  • Protektah X

    i think it’s a good move for him, this move can refresh his career and when they’re not gonna forcing him to make some pop music it’s allright. Busta is a Legend. Peace to the God

  • He sold out. Whatever to feed the fam, right? Right. .

  • Kente Kunte

    @M.T more exposure? He’s Busta Rhymes what he need more exposure for. He not selling records regardless. Refresh his career? He 40, time to give it up what more can he offer to the game. Jay-Z only relevant bcuz of Kanye. Busta done stick a fork in it.

  • “Remember Busta Rhymes Mountain Dew commercial when he charge and collide his head with a ram, that what I feel like doing when I heard this news.”


    As for the news itself … well … hey, a man’s got to do what he feels is best for him.

  • YMCMB– 2 separate company’s under THREE different tax brackets… ANDIBETCHA!

  • jams

    WHY BUSTA???

  • bhikku

    BREAKING NEWS: YMCMB signees DJ Khaled and Busta Rhymes form the group N.A.R.Y. (Naw, Ain’t Retired Yet) and release debut album: The Best Extinction:

    1. The Best is Back Bitches (Intro)
    2. Nicki’s Song (Nicki Minaj solo track)
    3. I’m On Two (feat. Two Chainz)
    4. Me and My Mixtape Buddies (feat. Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda, Tyga, Spliff Star, Reek Da Villain and Cory Gunz)
    5. Hood Hood Hood (feat. Maino, Gudda Gudda and Uncle M)
    6. Wayne on the Hook (feat. Lil Wayne sample)
    7. Coke Kingpins (feat. Rick Ross)
    8. Win Win Win (feat. Diddy, MGK, Fat Joe, Chris Brown, Game and Beanie Siegel)
    9. Orchid Lily Pose (feat. Wale)
    10. Go Harder Than Hard (feat. Drake, Kanye West and Justin Bieber)
    11. Spliff’s Lament (Spliff Starr Solo Track)
    12. Busta and Primo (Busta’s Verse from the BET Cypher)
    13. Down South Win (feat A$AP Rocky and Fat Joe)
    14. What Happened to the Conglomerate-Militainment Merger? (Skit feat. N.O.R.E.)
    15. 5th Wu-Chamber (feat. Raekwon and Ghostface)
    16. Bosses (feat. Memphis Bleek)
    Hidden Tracks
    17. Bosses+ (Birdman Solo Track)
    18. Fuck These Old Ass Rappers – Drake feat. Lil Wayne (solo track)

  • Collar Cali

    WElll I hope the ending result is good on both ends….
    Never would have guessed Busta… SIGH

  • Collar Cali

    @ bhikku

  • Collar Cali

    @ Lil Wyane
    *Breaking News* Young Mouney new signings: Big Daddy Kane, KRS-One, Memphis Bleek, and Too Short.

    Might as well….
    KRS wouldn’t sell out though….

  • Flip Mode Back

    DJ Khaled & Spliff Starr collaboration album coming song: Watch The Wheelchair. Special guest Wheelchair Jimmy and Busta.

  • The Truth

    Busta just threw away any chance of of him getting a Lifetime Achievment Award.

  • Chris

    I agreed with most of the people on here. I think its a shame…. it makes no sense to me Buss is a legend he is not suppose to sign with young females. So disappointed.

  • Mynds

    He in perfect position to go independent why do this? I will never mess with busta again unless he drop some classic shit and I can’t deny it.

  • wayneslegacy

    he needs to eat cant knock em on this one lol
    lets not make the situation worst then it really is first off cash money is a legendary label its the only label that has taken over hiphop fell off and taken over hiphop again(thanx to wayne) .cashmoney has more hits than any label and they still going damn!

  • busta why ????? ymcmb is wack as fuck

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  • Collar Cali

    O Lawd…. They signed Mystikal too. This is getting outta hand….. Juvenile probably 2.

  • Christopher Anderson

    Baby ain’t pass the blunt once.

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  • doosey1LB

    whats up with niggaz sellin out these days??? why niggaz feel like they cant make it on they own now a days… for example: lebron gay ass signed with the heat—–Mobb Deep signed with G-Unit now Busta signs with Cash Money?? what the fuck wrong with yall. Game my ny nigga but he finna sign to Cash Money too. smh at these lame ass niggaz #stopsellinout!!!