• Jones

    I am de niro after amex commercials and the fox with martin scorsese after gangs of new york had rocked us…. back together with a master plan, the rebirth of langston hughes, Im that man

  • BK James

    Yo I really feel this, you can see how these legends in the rap game have evolved and expanded instead of just staying in the same lane like a lot of these old heads. And the music itself is excellent! Perfect mix of old and new to show that neither style is dead. I hope this video is widely distributed and inspires stale icons to re-think their style.

    And if you like original, evolving music. Check out my new mixtape:

  • JaySon


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  • Oj da Cornball

    Premier could’ve been more creative with such musical backing, but he a beatmaker, not a producer.

    Still dope.

  • Real Talk

    DJ Premier, Nas & Berklee Symphony CLASSIC!

  • classic. more classic than that classic song about air forces

  • @EtiennedeParis

    Nas is amazing

  • xtrajordinary

    yo straight up i was expecting so much more from that. i wish preemo had actually composed shit for the orchestra instead of just arranging a cheesy overused well-known classical loop. nas was good, but like of course he’s good at rapping. the orchestra played well, but come on…that shits so cheesy. smfh…like if you have the fucking opportunity to work with an orchestra like that, why not put in some god damn effort instead of just listening to one of the top classical pieces of all time and biting the most well known part from it.