Eminem & Yelawolf Cover VIBE

Now that’s white power. VIBE closes out the year with two of Shady’s most wanted. Issue hits newsstands on December 6, but peep the excerpts of their interview with Erik Parker below.

Eminem, what advice do you offer, if any, on being scrutinized for being a white rapper. Do you guys ever talk about race in that way?  

Eminem: We make jokes about it, but I don’t think we talk about it in depth. As I was listening to his music, I am not even thinking about any of that shit. It’s just the music. That’s one of the things that’s great about it. I’m not even thinking about it when I hear the music.
Yelawolf: We do poke fun of it because it’s funny. Like, he calls me White Dog. 
Oh, you called him that on the BET Awards Cypher. I didn’t realize it was an ongoing joke?
EM: Yeah, or Beige Sheep. [Laughs]
YW: Cracker Nuts. Whatever, I think it’s kinda unspoken.
EM: We deal with it enough as it is. So now, let’s make music.
YW: Let’s make great records. At the end of the day, that’s all there is to do.
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  • Converse


  • capone

    his album is crazy people still sleeping on him

  • rap

    The most realest rappers right now YELA is talented as fuck and EMINEM is the goat

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Shady Records we runnin this rap shit / Get zipped up in plastic when it happens that’s it. Respect Shady !

  • vejs23


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  • @Converse, LOL

  • So-Icy boi Fan Club

    Yo Momma
    Shady Takin Over!!! nobody even checking for your favorite rappers no more!!!

  • Lmfao @ beige sheep.


    Eminem’s fell off to fuckkkkk, i urge everybody to get tweeting RoyceDa59, JoeBudden, 50 Cent Kuniva and who ever else you can think off! The movement already in place.

    Get yourselves to StudioLeaks for more info

    Also the fans down official website hits tonight time to let Em know he’s new material just isnt good enough!

  • Tired of it.

    I’m getting tired of seeing everyone throwing up that god damn Jets sign. Even if Yelawolf doesn’t mean JETS, i’m still tired of seeing it.

    i’m 18 years old, I know a lot of teenagers, because the group i’m around is mostly 16-19 (i like my girls younger)

    I wish people knew how many kids throw up jets. Shits getting ridiculous. Makes me not even wanna listen to curren$y anymore. I mean dudes good don’t get me wrong, but this whole dick riding jets thing is getting old.

    Fuck I just can’t stand when shit becomes a trend, that’s how shit was with “Taylor Gang” everyone had to throw up taylor gang and rock camo shorts and wear chucks, now that shits pretty much done. Who reps taylor gang anymore?
    Soon that will be the Jets. And it’s unfortunate. Really getting tired of seeing 15/16 year old white girls throwing up Jets in their pics on facebook and shit..

    Curren$y aint even really underground to me anymore. He is and he isn’t..Obviously he never sold out but damn he has dick riders like a fucking commercial rapper..like Wayne.

    Well that’s all I wanted to say. If you see this huge dick riding movement going on where you live, try to avoid it..I repped Jets back when curren$y was fresh off leaving Young Money and trying to make a new name for his self.
    I no longer rep it because of all these teenagers trying to be cool by repping it now. Because it’s a “trend”



    R.I.P. HIP HOP 1970’S-2000’S!


  • Protektah X

    crackas acting like they was oppressed and enslaved. i just ask myself, is white amerikkka finally color blind? Is this stolen land which is built on white aggressive racist behavior finally color blind?
    HIP HOP IS A BLACK CULTURE! Don’t let crackas steal this beautiful culture! Protect ya culture Black People!

  • mike

    did anyone notice tha triangle on Em’s neck?

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  • YUP !


    HA !

  • Lux Aeterna

    Radioactive is DOPE. For me…. Radioactive > BME HTS.

    Check out… From Radioactive… :

    – Made in the USA
    – Everything I Love The Most
    – The Last Song
    – The Hardest Love Song

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  • The Guy

    I can smell Protektah X is ignorant as ph.

  • Sense

    Yep, must be hard being white in America.

  • LolJets

    Oh no.. don’t throw up the JETS sign.. AKA the sign that used to mean HANG LOOSE. AKA the SHAKA SIGN. Do your homework, I know you’re young but all the more reason to do your homework before leaving stupid comments.

  • ProtektahTHEracist

    WORD To you motha. Hip Hop, protect it from the WHITE RACIST PEOPLE omggggg…

    The same WHITE consumers that made HIP HOP popular are now beginning to actually become a part of “HIP HOP”.. another title that just exemplifies why this world is where it’s at. Because too many people, put too many labels, and too many titles on too many things.

    Fuck a genre. and fuck your race, I’ll take my time.

  • Santa

    @Tired of It

    That’s actually the sign for “Hang Loose” very popular in hawaii. Educate yourself you dumb fuck

  • Donn

    I dont really like Yela, but all the success to him. I would say race isnt a factor but we all kno thats not true. Ppl gravitate towards what they identify with. When a brotha sees another brotha that looks like him, he says let me go over here. Chinese ppl come to a school, they see ppl who look like them, thats who they go to. Ppl just wanna relate to what they can identify with and sometimes thats skin color and culture. And I respect the culture barriers that are being broken down but HipHop started off black and other ppl identified with the struggle and wanted to tell their story and thats how the cycle begin. Everyone is welcome to express themselves through music but dont disrespect the roots. Just like rock n roll was black

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    white dog

  • rodipipes

    Shady is back! Yela’s album is sick as fuck if u hate on that then u hate on hip hop.

  • PrincePolo

    they’re faces look photoshoped

  • FansDown

    Let it be known that Shady felt off.. Everything since Recovery = Trash.

  • res1

    RADIOACTIVE 11-21-11 FUCKERS!!!!!!!

  • Toya

    Wait a minute. Vibe still exists?

  • Nathaniel

    hip hop ain’t no more colorblind than the rest of the world. we all recognize color, but we’ve known for a looooong time that being black doesn’t make you automatically a better rapper than being white does. it’ll alter your perspective, culturally, so your subject matter may appeal more to the demographic you come from… but color blind? naw, nigga. we know eminem and yelawolf (and mac miller and asher roth and MGK) are all white. and we’ll call them dope if they’re dope, wack if they’re wack.

  • Black Shady

    SHADY 2012!

  • SmokeYou

    I’m not racist, I hate everybody equal!

  • haq

    yela = wanker
    vibe namin wtt album of the year = payola (u lyin dicksuckin fags)

  • The G.O.A.T.

    Mayyyyyyynnnn…. Wait until S. Michael Samhat comes out, rumor has it this white kid from Detroit is already in talks with YMCMB… white boy rap will be over SON!!!

  • J


    It’s an AA sobriety necklace. He’s like 3 years or whatever clean now.

  • I.S.A.A.C.

    What an ignorant headline from Vibe. REAL Hip-Hop’s been color-blind since the jump.

  • suckadickhaters

    haters gona hate…..

    WHY SO MUCH HATE ON EM, he’s the most down to earth rapper and he gives props to the best (pac biggie etc.) he doesn’t even say he’s the GOAT but everyone knows he is…dead or alive. You bitches are gona cry when he finally retires.

  • NC All Day

    Both are raw rappers alive

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  • Cracker

    @ protektah x..

    Nigger = slave
    cracker = someone who cracks the whip to keep slaves in order… What hurts worse when being ignorant?

    Much rather be a cracker(Boss)
    Then a slave driver(worker)

    Niggers made a culrure around dope dealing,pimping,stealing,killing,sagging pants and ass showing,beating women and treating them like sluts and hoes.. And you wonder why nobody trust black people.. U guys can’t even stand together and fight.. Nigger need to know this..

    Nigga = nigger everytime a white person hears a coon call another coon a nigga we win

    Damn it feels good to be a cracker







    the triangle on Ems neck is for sobriety !

  • With them to together Yela looks gay..

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