• James Allen

    JB taking over

  • joe nasty

    hahaha nope.

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  • CashlessClay

    WTF is Bieber paying RR to post him or what??? SMH

  • STFU

    This guy needs to learn when to stop…he isn’t half good like frank ocean. He should stick to his pop b.s and stop rapping and doing rnb shit. WHY THE FROCK IS RR POSTING THIS GUYS SHIT!!!

  • Cray Fish

    Yo this isn’t any worse than the original. Which isn’t saying much.

  • Nymfo1

    the main point is…why the fuck is this on RR in the first place smh

  • Ambition Didn’t Flop !!

    lol at these corny little rich kids hanging out with eachother

  • Oj da Cornball

    btw, freaking amazing how labels are releasing mixtape for sale now.
    SMHSMH< SMH, they refuse to let artist make indie move and always find a way to capitalize.

  • LuxuryRap

    like NOPE. he shoulda left this song alone

  • NoNotToday

    RR is all about the hits. No quality anymore. SMMFH

  • Kemosabi

    Done w RR what happened to this site? If I wanted to look @ this kinda shit I’d get a vibe subscription

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    JB > Drake

  • QaidaZK

    Gay Beiber Radar (> .com


    classic shit you niggers

  • So-Icy boi Fan Club

    What the fuck is this kid doing!? Luda ghost writing for him…Covering Rap dude’s songs…tryna get in the BET Cyphers..
    first of all, if you can’t rap…DON’T!
    get back to your teenage Twilight female fans..

  • James Allen


  • Choyce

    TeenNick.com Why is this worthy of a post. who are u guys marketing to now. shit changing

  • Loaded

    grown men hatin on a kid. so sad

  • this is when you know we own nothing and our say in hip hop is zero’ what a desrespectfully little prick!!!!! for fuck sake allow the black man to at least make it first ! before you start stealing food from is table and the mouth of is kids ……and by the ay jb ya can’t RAP!!!!!!

  • Stan

    Wow, Jadens’ voice got so much deeper since the song Never Say Never.

  • do right & kill everything



  • autotuned the fuck out of this

  • RealHipHopBack

    no beiber…..no

  • donte

    so this is hip hop??

  • killacrack

    i dont get why this wonder bread rich pop star trying to grab the urban market? Bro you good with the white audience stop getting ghost writers and trying to go to the source awards

  • alex

    Awesome post. Justin Bieber’s songs reminds of an upcoming singer I discovered on YouTube. He sounds almost like Justin Bieber– maybe he’s emulating Bieber. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmszsOCQ8wA