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  • BK James

    You know what’s better than Nicki Minaj? Anything


  • ^who produces your beats? gaddamn

  • Ambition Didn’t Flop !!

    best hip hop artist???

    so you mean to tell me shes better than nas, jayz, common, kanye west, drake, lloyd banks, 50 cent, young jeezy, az, beanie sigel, big krit, j cole, cormega, eminem, fabolous, freddie gibbs, jadakiss, lupe fiasco, saigon, styles p, skyzoo, should i continue???

  • Andrew

    she is a disgrace. hip-pop at best.

  • Black Shady

    The things i would do to her….like Just Blaze and them said ; LORD KNOWSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  • RealHipHopBack

    smh! how did nicki win a hip hop award!?! super bass was pop bullshit

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    U wanna hear a joke? Nicki won the ‘Best Hip Hop Artist’ and ‘Album Awards’

  • Jaymalls

    Lmao.. wtf! Best hip-hop album??????? Best hip-hop artist???????????

  • You know it`s true.

    How the f*ck did she win theese 2 awards..?!?!?!?!?!
    And where are the real rappers !?!?!?!?!
    Drake, Wayne and nicky aint what hiphop is about, this shit is sick as f*ck and i mean that in a very negative way! there is not much left of hiphop now days, it`s so fucking sad..
    Young money aint standing by anything good, they just want power, and musically they`re pure garbage.

    Music is being fucked brutally in the ass by Politics, even more than before..

    Hiphop does not have many more years left if it will continue like this, according to me..

    I really hope Dr Dre comes back stronger than before with Detox and resurrects Hiphop even though it will be temporary….
    But after that and Dre quits, it`s all over.

  • Umar

    best hip-hop album & best hip-hop artist?LOL
    fuck AMA

  • LMAO =))

  • fat nigga

    I would like to fuck nicki but ha best hip hop?
    Ass music awards

  • Joeycrack

    @ ambition didn’t flop
    in 2011 yes she was better then all them..what’s your point

  • Craig

    What made me really like her and say she was awesome was her verse on Monster, but since then shes a hip hop ripoff of Lady Gaga and some of those other Pop singers.

    She feels the need to have a gimmick but until she loses all that dumb dressing up and singing(some singing is okay) but these two songs are shit in the rapping sense, I can’t consider her a real rapper like I used to.

  • Joeycrack

    AMA looks at numbers which is the right way..if it ain’t the Grammys everything should be about airplay,sales,views all that…only exception is the Grammys which should look more at the artistic view

  • mp5


    They looked at numbers? How many people outsold her? Eminem ran laps around her right?

    Nicki 1.6 million?

    Eminem 5.7 million?

    Can you and the AMAs count?

  • Nicki minaj was hip hop but she turned rap…lol

  • pulla

    best pop artist

  • young safo
  • Devil



  • qbeezy

    this award show has no credibility