When I Was 17: Common x T-Pain

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MTV takes us to 1990 where a young Lonnie was a playa who balled on the court and opened up for N.W.A. Meanwhile, in 2002, Faheem was homeless, almost got robbed and met his fiance.

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  • jskipp

    90′??? hmmm, Ice Cube was still in NWA then right? I bet Common never thought 1 day theyd have beef

  • Ambition Didn’t Flop !!

    deleted comment lmaoooo

  • Ambition Didn’t Flop !!


  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Commons just a bitch who sold his soul like everyone else….this guy is a fucking joke. I love how everyone tries to make him look like such an intellectual when hes fucking NOT.

  • Kieran

    Wow @Tim Lee VA Stand Up
    Of all the people to pull that “sold his soul” illuminati bullshit, Common! COMMON! Hes the last person to be talking shit about.

  • jskipp

    @kieran right?!!!? dude is just made common pushed the album back a little.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    @ Kieran and jskipp

    You guys dont even listen to his music you just think cause it sounds different and he talks about a couple positive things hes changing the world, give me a fucking break drones.

  • the void

    a rick ross “when i was 17” would he hilarious.

  • Hmmm?

    @ Tim lee… Did you really just accuse someone of not listening to music? How in the hell would you know if they listened to it or not? It’s ignorant people like you that destroy hip hop for what it used to be. Stupid fucking shit talkin fans who run their mouth and hate like its their day job, get a life.