Drake Begins Third Album

It’s only been less than a week since Take Care has dropped. During his visit to Tampa’s WiLD 94.1′s Last Damn Show, Mr. OVO re-iterates his canned Weezy album and mentions he’s already working on his third album.

hhnm via atf

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  • truthfully speaking

    cmon son

  • Word

    Relax nigga.

  • Pugz

    helll yea

  • devante

    Hopefully he’ll start taking some steroids while recording cause his next album could really use some aggression.

  • RK

    Doubt we’ll see this until atleast early 2013… Still gunna be another classic

  • B

    I call bull shit.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    great more sappy loves.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


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  • Capeman

    http://bit.ly/uOWxyb <– Special Edition
    That's good he's already working on the new album, hope he takes his time again to deliver us a masterpiece.

  • IDontGAF

    Take Care was on some timeless music type shit, aoty tbh. Shit nigga gon surpass ye and maybe hov in the future. Need that 9am in dallas type shit.

  • Fred



  • novakaine

    he just trying to capotalize on his run

  • Sonny Carson Jr.

    Trying to hurry up and get out that contract lol

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  • RC

    You niggas amaze me.

    I think thats great if he started on the third. Thats exactly how you maximize your success. You aim higher.

    Since when does Start mean Finshed? Thinking ahead is always a great move.

    You niggas love to use the, “This is Chess not Checkers” line, but dont even recognize Chess moves when they are made.

  • Thats hardwork man…well u are paid to make music so stfu and get to work.

  • Cali

    That Drake reign, just won’t let up

  • The Guy


  • James Allen

    ^ If nobody cares then why you here then?? He tryna do as many albums he got on his deal then leave and join MMG, since him and ross been working together alot lately. Think about it, Wale and Drake on the same label….

  • Yeye


  • Drake

    Im an rnb singer

  • Oj da Cornball

    Why do people buy into this cap? No he’s not. He’s busy with promo and tour dates.


    it works cause idiots go around amped believing it. smh

  • Lil Wayne

    My Nutz Hang Like Ain’t No Curfew

  • Vic Rain

    HOLUP….Blueprint 2 wasnt a good double disc though?! I think Drake just tries hard not to pay homage to Jay b/c hes like the enemy right now.

  • M.T

    already? Hopefully it comes out by next summer. Take Care was dope but a “timeless” or a “classic:………..ummm no.

  • Bx Slime

    That’s a good look for Drake, release more music to build your way to the top. Much like Hov did when he came out, but Drake is nothing like Jay tho, so expect more Take Care substance.

  • jojo

    how does he say outkast is one of his biggest influences yet he never mentioned speakerbox love below when he talked about the last great double disc album..#historylesson

  • ColoradoKnight

    His 3rd Album is appropriately titled “Crying In The Shower: Lavender Nights”.

  • Mr NIce Watch

    Nigga re-listened to the album with his boys and realized that shit wack, so he gonna start on the new album right away

  • casper21

    to me this is always a sign an artist doesn’t like his own album, instead of endorsing your product to the fullest extent possible, moving onto a new project right away. If you expect people to buy your shit, you should be promoting it after you put it out instead working on the next one.

  • Negrito

    I literally heard Drake new album and you have to be a true fan to enjoy this album. I dont wanna be harsh and say it’s wack but I’m not a Drake fan and his album is not wack. It’s just below good. I couldnt listen to that crap again.

  • Negrito

    Lmao at Coloradoknight

    “Lavender nights!”

    That actually made my day…… CRYING IN THE SHOWER: Lavender Nights



    somebody trying 2 get out they’re contract …

  • Real Talk

    Is it cold in Tampa? Drizzy got that snorkel locked tight

  • G

    I bet when this next album is ready he’s going to bitch about how he didn’t have time to make the record he wanted and that his next album will be better

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