J. Cole Covers RESPECT.

Your boy is back with the dude who raps for Hovi-Hov’s label. Light-skinned Jermaine earned this look, son. And as you can see the rest of the story line-up is clean and mean. New RESPECT. hits stands next Tues. Nov 29. Cop Cole cover!

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  • COLE WORLD … i respect that *rozay voice*

  • Travis

    “Clap 4 him”

  • NuJew


    He coulda got…nvm

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Poor Mans Drake…

  • Saw the Cole part, had to salute. Saw the “Heavyweight” section, had to take it back. Shoutout to Common though

  • Trini

    Cole world, Cole life, Cole blooded

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  • Michelle

    too sexy

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  • Shout out to cole for getting a nut with rihanna…i respect that…lol

  • IDontGAF

    Poor mans drake x2, i have no respect for this buzzkill rapper

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  • DJ

    Poor mans drake??? Is J. Cole an R&B singer?

  • Cinsere

    The niggaz saying Cole is a poor man’s Drake are them “skim thru” niggaz Hov was talking about.

  • the illest

    Poor man’s Drake? Fuck outta here with that goofy shit! If you actually listen to his music you wouldnt be sayin that shit. They’re both dope.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    I sit in the supermarket and read this magazine while my ol’ girl shop.
    ^ just keeping it real.

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  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @IDontGAF. Tell’em why you mad son !

  • @tshiamofs

    Poor Man’s drake lol! *smh* get of drake’s nuts please

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  • Truth

    lol YN is out of touch or he just writes BS without caring. Silences the critics? People PRAISED J. Cole before the album and are now criticizing him about a mediocre, watered down album. Shits gone to your head, YN. You lost.

  • jdot

    @Truth People are still praising him now because Cole is the future and is taking over the game. Watered down? I think not bitch!!! #COLEWORLD

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  • Word

    Cole World. Haters mad tho? He won already. Give it up. #1 album. Gold Plaque on the way. I dont understand the hate. Dude has litterally done nothing wrong. I could understand if you just dont feel his music but come on.

    @Truth Watered down? Point me to a credible source that deemed the album watered down. Dont worry, I’ll wait…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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  • TBH

    lmao. next up YN is gonna have Memphis Bleek on the cover. damn get off hovs dick

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  • Truth

    Word and Jdot

    “It doesn’t help that Cole brings the least-flavorful bars of his career to his debut, aiming, most likely, for something more universal than his diaristic mixtapes”


    Only one example, there’s many more. His album isn’t that well received among critics and actual hip-hop fans that are smart, like the ones who don’t lurk comments daily on RR.

  • Young Nigga

    @Word I told your bitch ass you couldn’t go a month without making a comment about a J. Cole post. This ain’t even a song its another man on a cover of a magazine. You getting excited for another man on a magazine. THAT SAYS IT ALL.

  • @Word has a crush on J. Cole

    Damn Drake & J. Cole really made it ok for men to like other men and cover it up as their just fans of their music. FUCKING FAGGOTS! You know damn well you niggas get excited as fuck when you see Drake on your TV screen. LMFAO Drake & J. Cole is turning niggas out for real. THEY COMING OUT THE CLOSET BUST SAYING THEIR JUST HIP-HOP FANS.

  • M.T

    “Jay-Z’s Roc Nation MC Silences the critics”.
    That quote says it all. Cole World may have not been better than The Warm Up or Friday Night Lights but he still managed to deliver a dope album.
    [email protected] “poor mans drake” and “His album isn’t that well received among critics and actual hip-hop fans that are smart.”

  • Bx Slime

    @Truth – You linked Pitchfork, you lost already…They used to be good reviewers a time ago, but now they suck at reviewing hip-hop (remember the bullshit “Untitled” Nas Review?) so please use a better source. Cole World had it’s faults but the positive outweighs the negative and is among the best mainstream albums this year , and this is coming from a former Cole doubter.

  • Jaymalls

    @Truth But you lurk all the time… Are you not a smart and credible hip-hop fan??? Yea thats what i thought…. people should think before they type out of emotion!

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  • Keepin it real

    LOL @ Pitchfork being a credible site for hip hop reviews

  • Brahsef

    Warm up > Friday Night Lights > Coleworld

    Your mixtapes shouldn’t be better than your album, however that seems to be the truth for all artists which is just sad.

    The Warm Up was my shitttt, and Cole has been progressively getting worse

  • Brahsef

    And he was comparing his album to Illmatic. Like don’t declare your shit to a classic when it ain’t better than your mixtapes. I’m hopin he returns to his early form, but he seems to be going the baby soft route instead.

  • M.T

    ^When did Cole compare his album to illmatic? im pretty sure his fans did that and Cole even himself stated on “Devil in a New Dress” that nobody touching Nas with Illmatic.

  • Truth


    I have less than 10 comments on this site and usually don’t come here for anything but new music, but sometimes I open the comments and I’m shocked at the pure idiocy I see

  • Word

    Wow did this @Truth nigga really post a pitchfork review link? Try again.

  • Word

    Niggas talking about trolling the comment section all day and commenting on every post? Nigga, if you have a SMART PHONE, its relatively easy to do that shit. I’m in a park right now commenting AND hooping in between. You can tell who’s broke on this site. Commenting on blog post from your phone? Groundbreaking huh? Lmao.

  • @Word Has A Crush On J. Cole

    So @Word is hoopin in between is making comments about J. Cole… smh… Which means he thinking about J. Cole, can’t you wait untill u at home to comment on your boyfriend. J. Cole and Drake is turning out niggas.

  • BK

    lmaooooo @ anyone comparing Cole to Drake. One is a rapper, the other a R&B singer who sucks live cause he cannot sing outside the studio.

    Cole’s lyrics go way deeper than Drake’s. I’m sorry. Drake may make hooks better but that’s all I can really give him over someone like Cole.

    I hope Cole has continued success being himself. This will open the doors for more lyrical rappers out there!!

  • The Fuck

    Poor mans drake… get the fuck outta here with that shit, coles got far better subject matter and tapes, and album, and he produced his album and what? Drake’s Take Care has twice the amount of engineers as Kanye’s Dark Fantasy and is 1/5th as good, what a load of shit.

  • Whoa

    Poor mans drake??? Drakes subject matter is one dimensional compared to Coles catalog, I see you skim thru music but don’t listen too it cuz anybOdy can tell u as far as RAPPING goes, drake ain’t touching Cole. Let’s be real about this

  • Word

    J. Cole dosen’t have his own lane. He is just trying to copy legends that came before him. He stole Pac and Kanye swag and mix it together. He wish was born in New York.

  • Real Hip-Hop

    The Warm Up was definitely my favorite. I admit I was little disappointed with Cole World at first but almost every song he spits fire and appreciate that. You can’t compare what he does album vs. mixtape because he has less freedom to do him. The album’s gotta be more mainstream and appeal to everybody. Same shit with Lupe’s last album, labelheads wanna see hit records, they don’t give a fuck about classics.

    @Word has a crush on J. Cole
    Dudes can’t be fans and support male artists now? Dudes can’t be happy about another dude’s success? Really though? If you think that, why the fuck would you even look at this article in the first place? Pretty sure nothing on this page concerns you then……..

    Umm most critics? Wtf are you reading? Definitely not Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, The Source, XXL, Allmusic, Los Angeles Times, etc, etc.

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  • Word

    Lmao when niggas get mad, they steal your username and start posting as you. At least make it less obvious that I got under yall niggas skin. Everything is gay and dickriding or hating. Its crazy.

  • giowilson

    most people don’t get j.cole work every one wanted him to make hits right off the back instead he decided to give you a deeper intellect and give you stories like lost one, breakdown, daddys little girl friday night lights was good not one of those songs were album worthy. he freestyle on like three or four songs and the warm up was mostly freestyling but his album was good fuck the haters while you saying it suck he’s making millions if your hating on him he must be doing something right

  • giowilson

    if you don’t like j.cole why are you commenting on his shit get off the page you a true hater its crazy you know if you saw the man in person you be like jcole I’m your biggest fan i got all you mixtapes i even waited in line for the album i listen to your shit all day as long as i can cause i love your music man hahahaha if you hating the nigga must be doing something right

  • Mahrke

    you see @Brahsef his mixtapes were classic , as if they were albums its album material years from now when people look back they can say , man cole had classic mixtapes , legendary mixtapes, by then the’ll be legendary if things go well, so `his album did what it was ment to do he said what he needed to say , know other artis have CLASSIC mixtapes that sound like albums

  • frenchcolefan

    like really? can you guys just listen to both and stop the comparisons?? me personnaly I don’t give a fuck weither drake is better or not I like em both and I just chill. And you guys should do the same

  • I think it was insane, what he released…and think he should keep it. Don’t forget it is the niggas forst album…give a nigga some credit!!! Cole world…

  • John Doe

    Cole watered down the album because he wanted to have commercial success. The album had a mixture of good songs but also watered down material that was meant for the radio. Hopefully, his second album will be more lyrical.

  • Anthony

    Damm J cole wearing that Wesc Belt much love to cole and dreamville

  • Real

    CW: Sideline Story was decent but not definitely great. But this guy will make a great album and you’ll be grateful you only hated on him anonymously on websites. So, you know, you jump back on D when “critics and smart hip hop fans” approve and make it okay for you to like him.

  • Collar Cali

    Luv this dude. He’s not a ‘poor man’s’ anything!
    This is coming from a DRAKE fan. J. Cole is equally as good. They are 2 different artist with 2 different aims….

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  • Femaleinput

    Its sad to see grown man arguing like females… SMH. Can a female but in? Okay, mixtapes are always always better than anything someone puts out mainstream–) well because mainstream listeners are a little stupid… so you dumb down. You have to make hits for the radio. So why the debate over whether or not his mixtapes was hotter.

    “getting progressively worse”–> No he is gaining popularity, and sometimes we hate to love what everyone else loves. If you was vibing to his mixtapes, then you know the boy has skill. #sitdown, #getalife, and #stopblogging.

    @word–> these niggas is talking bout Jcole just as much as you. SO I guess that makes them faggots too!!

  • Femaleinput

    And if even if you hate Sideline Story—> then you must hate everything else being debuted because the game has lost its variability… and I just missed the story telling side of hip hop… which J.cole brought back.

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