New Music: Common “Celebrate”

Common’s going to have plenty of reasons to celebrate when his new album, The Dreamer/The Believer drops on December 20th. Until then, here’s his latest recording. This joint’s shaping up to be a problem.

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  • IDontGAF

    I honestly cant listen to this dustiness. Only basement niggas will be listening to this mess. Shit like this dont bump in the whip, maybe in 1996.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This joint is nice. Chi-Town stand up !

  • dll32

    this is a hit ! Has a classic feel to it 4.5/5

  • drakesucks


  • Matt_Beezy

    *Dec 20th

  • Now this is some dope HIP HOP MUSIC!!! Common I salute ya! No ID got that soul ish on da real……while ya’ll waiting on Common new album to come out I got some ish to hold ya over………..Download my FREE album M.I.L.F. (Music I Love Forever) and mixtape Scattered Abroad…..wit my music you got dope lyrics, dope beats and GREAT concepts…..

  • The greek black jesus

    This shits dope…chorus is eh but the beat is straight and com is the coldest…
    My guys I used to hoop with now I ball with!

    Lupes friend of the people drops Thursday!

    NEW roots dec 6th!

  • BRu973

    Dope…I like the hook, but I’d put somebody different on it

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  • Musiq Stylz

    Hip hop fans are so use to being feed garbage they have no real appreciation for quality music. Common is the TRUTH, lyrically blessed! Let’s celebrate quality hip hop because this era is lacking in that department.

  • ceelos

    I love how u dont feel this. Ur so lost and misguided.

  • Me!


  • Jaymalls


    “Does Anybody Make Real Shit Anymore?????” (Kanye Voice!) -> Common Does!

  • Hudes

    I just realized commons new cd comes out the day I’m off house arrest YES!!

  • The Dreamer, The Believer will be the ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Guaranteed. There’s no doubt in my mind, Common is on point. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

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