New Music: Emanny x Jadakiss “Young & Ready”

Jadakiss’ hook-man Emanny, takes over the reigns on his new recording. Just remember, being young and ready is what got R.Kelly in trouble.

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  • BK James

    LMFAO at the R Kelly reference…but Emmany should have stayed in the background because this is weak. Not that he’s got a bad voice, but how many times can I hear the same shit over and over again? Jada did his thing, but nothing revolutionary.

    For something a little more inventive try:

  • fuk waka

    AH FUK.. I read it as eminem at first.. was very disappointed !!

  • Oj da Cornball

    Jadakiss on that R Kelly juice. he wrong. He’s been flocking around young chics lately, that Teira chic, whatever her name is (she 19). She looks like Canabis. He just did a song with her now this chic. smh

    That song is inappropriate on level, even if that chic is of age. Sends WRONG MESSAGE.
    I mean a young looking chic with panties on, what message is that sending?

  • MR. 101

    its just the album cover; think Jada knew that when he did the song? Did you guys even listen to the song to realize Emanny is a guy??? LOL smh.

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  • Oj da Cornball

    Parents should really boycott this song off the radio, seriously. SMH

    Wow, the hook is just straight PEDO. I can’t believe this is a song and it’s out. Oh, our society.

    Rap Radar, shame on yall for even allowing yallself to put it up.

    I would like to see one of yall dudes with a “young” daughter make this her favorite song and render herself “ready.”

  • Oj da Cornball

    Dude, Emanny being a guy doesn’t justify the song, it’s still inappropriate, send the wrong message with cover, title and lyrics. Young kids are too impressionable for even adult songs, let alone one caters to an ideology of being ready while young.

    Your defending of this, smh.

  • Sam

    That cover is making a mockery of Ben Graham.

  • They didn’t say the bitch was under 18.I’m thinking their talking about chicks who are legal.Too jada a 19 yr old is young.This shit hot.I know yall know this is a remake of keith sweat right?
    New Loch LiL Wayne and Drake She Will freestyle

  • blue

    Lol at RR sayin jada’s hook man when he only got 1 song wit kiss n budden been throwin this guy on hooks for yrs

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    Womans hot, didnt listen to the song

  • Wooly Bully

    That cover is Dope!

  • Tucq

    When you first look at this, you think it’s a chick who’s gonna sing.

  • jeezy

    production is crazy .. and emanny sounds tight and in pocket on it … jada came correct … good song .. .. stop hating …

  • lite

    emanny nice look uo i messy up ft joe budden