Snoop Dogg x Wiz Khalifa Mac & Devin Go To High School Tracklist

Here’s the cover to the soundtrack of Snoop and Wiz’s upcoming movie. After the jump is a synopsis of the film and accompanying tour dates. Music in stores December 13th.

UPDATE: Tracklist now included via nbd.

The film, set in a Los Angeles high school, sees Valedictorian hopeful Devin Overstreet (Wiz Khalifa) struggling to pen his graduation speech when it becomes clear that all his academic overachievements have left him with little to no real-life experiences. He finds an unlikely inspiration in the least-achieving student on campus, Mac Johnson (Snoop Dogg.) Mac, a 15-year senior and consummate ladies man, is smitten by the school’s new substitute chemistry teacher. He soon realizes that the only way he’ll truly have a chance with her is if he finally graduates high school.  In 3 weeks time, Mac must cram four years of high school academics, while Devin must cram four years of teenage experience.

5                      New York, NY                                   Terminal 5
6                      Philadelphia, PA                                Electric Factory
7                      Washington, D.C.                              9:30 Club
10                    Atlanta, GA                                        Tabernacle
12                    San Francisco, CA                             The Warfield Theatre
13                    Los Angeles, CA                                The Wiltern

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  • dmfslimm

    why, man, why.

  • Black Shady

    lets see…

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  • sst

    lol @ snoops character is age 15. nigga’s 40!

  • Why? Good question. Might be ok though. I hope its shot right and not like a bootleg BET movie. Sounds like some version of How High but even them niggaz went to college. This niggaz old as a bitch in High School.


  • BarZ

    15 yr senior. Folks who can’t read smh / / /…. Sounds funny tho lol

  • catcher freeman

    @sst no man he is a 15 year senior means he been there for 15 years

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Snoop got tenure at the school. [email protected] years crossed out on his jacket sleeve.

  • Tantheterrible

    There should be a movie trailer for this. smh.

  • still best rite now!!

    lmao @ 15 year senior…..thats funny shit.

  • DboyFlexxxin

    seriously, i cant believe anyone would buy this shit. Has anyone listened to snoop in the past 3 years? dude fucken sucks. hes got basic ass rhymes just like gucci but since he is Uncle Snoop he gets a pass. No snoop fucken sucks. Wiz is not anything like he was BEFORE kush and oj. I know i sound like a complete hater right now but for real, Wiz is THE SAME ON EVERY FUCKEN SONG. “WE taylored, we smoken planes and wiz is rollen with our bitch(even though he is STUCK UP ambers ass). sad there about to make a quick mil off of some dumb shit. BUt hey, if you want to pay me to smoke then im for it. and im not like wiz, i wont discriminate against blunts!

  • DboyFlexxxin

    O yea, when is snoop gonna grow the fuck up? Nigga got 3 kids and he still fucken video hoes. Shit is fun, but fuck man what about your kids?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    DboyFlexxxin aka Dr. Drew.

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  • Anon DCPL

    this shit sounds weak as fuck.

  • Mike

    Wiz with No tats looks weird. I’ll end up watching it somehow(netflix, Bootleg, etc)

  • IIG

    Sounds very funny. I definitely need this soundtrack!

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  • Jaediggity

    Wiz’s tattoos straight disappeared lol

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Its called ‘makeup’

  • Dannyg

    haha I was hoping for more of a “How High” type of story but still going to see it and DL the album

  • always been a fan of the B level black comedies: 3 strikes, trippin, phat beach, soul plane…something to roll up too…or watch when you get back from the club/waffle house….

  • Gooner4Life

    So are we supposed to just ignore the fact this movie has ALREADY BEEN MADE its called – “National Lampoon’s Van Wilder ” with ryan renolds.

    So i guess this the BET version. SMH. & can someone tell me when snoop is going to retire gracefully, with every passing year i get more disappointed in this dude. YOU AINT 21 NO MORE!!! YUOR 40!!!!!

  • jhuntinf

    Snoop is a 15 yr. senior….. so he’s been a senior for 15 years or been in high school for 15 years. If he has been a senior for 15 years than you have to add the other 3 years from Freshman – Junior which would put him in high school for 18 years. Otherwise if they are including the 3 years then that is still a long fucking time. That would make SNOOP anywhere between 33 and 36….. CMON in HIGHSCHOOL!!…. I seriously doubt being that old and still enrolled in high school is legal in any state. Sounds dumb and not thought out at all. Might even be funny but far from believable. They would’ve been better off putting the setting in a college or some shit but high school…. REALLY!!

  • Bmont

    This sounds like “Class Act 2011”

  • DMV

    When I’m high, this shyt will be so funny.

  • KO

    DboyFlexxxin wins! HAHA funny as shit

  • jtm

    Sounds like a excellent stoner buddy comedy to me

  • Get Real

    Yeah this should be terrible.

  • Shady 2.0

    they only like each other cause they smoke 24/7

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  • Oj da Cornball

    CD about weed. great.
    I can’t wait

    *sarcasm funks up the room*

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  • So these guys spent the last year and a half making the dumbest hip hop movie ever just because they thought “high school” sounded dope and they should just make up a stupid ass fucking story to exploit the idea, ULTRA CORNY

  • I agree with Shady.. my first thought was oh a mixtape but then I seen it was movie.. too cliche’

  • yo

    ur fools. 15 yrs ago i had a 35 yr old in my class.

  • yo

    ur fools. 15 yrs ago i had a 35 yr old in my class. youngins

  • LOL All haha

  • IIG

    The album is as good as purchased. The question is, when does the movie come out?

  • Real Talk

    All of the haters on this can eat a dick. Wiz and Snoop make great music together. The single from this was bigger then your favorite rappers songs. Especially Wiz is killing it right now just look at The Cookout and the singles he has let go recently.