• Black Shady

    F outta here with that bullshit

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  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Damn That’s Actually Pretty Cool

  • fuk waka

    they should have pictures of nikkis ass on it!

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    Pay your producers their royalties first before you try to sell some debit card to the hood

  • First thing I’m buying with that is some Bogey Blunts and some Strapped condoms

  • Y U MAD

    LIL Wayne deserves the success.. dude did put in work for sure. All the way from The Block is Hot with Hot boys to Tha Carter series, mix tapes, features and shit, and still killing them… Glad he made it that far. Now fuck music, fans will turn against anyway whether you are good or not. Just Get that paper homie and retire!!!

  • I just went to that site…smh…that card got sooooo many fees on it….how u gonna charge a monthly fee AND a reload fee??? I’ll stick to Regions

  • sha

    this card is a rip off just like the Kardishians card. look at these fees
    . Fees and Limitations.

    ATM Withdrawals – Domestic: $2.00
    ATM Withdrawals – International: $3.00
    Monthly Maintenance Fee: $3.95
    Replacement Card (Lost/Stolen): $5.95
    Card Purchase Fee: $6.95
    Paper Statement Fee: $2.50
    Reload Fee: $4.95

  • Kemosabi

    Do celebrity debit cards make sense to anyone on this site or am I the one that’s stupid? America is so celebrity crazed it’s ridiculous

  • Berklee

    ^ nyce

  • regardless of all the fees…some fan ( a female) will get the card a act like she gotta American Express Black card…stupid