• mac DIESEL fanbase

    This is trash.

  • Shade

    Kid Cudi on that generation next shit!

  • Cole World

    I’m a huge Cudi fan, but this is garbage..im not looking forward to this rock album at all

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  • uhuh

    is this what you do all day? promoting kid cudi? ive seen u on different blogs today with the same name and comments

  • Mac Diesel’s Uncle

    CuDi is great! Fuck the haters! Thank you Based God.. Swaag!

  • So Icy Boі!

    I like rock muzik like Nickelback, Linkin Park & Hollywood Undead… but Cudi iz trash! fucken Lil Wayne wannabe. Wayne wuz da first black rock artist…. smh @ dis copycat. swag

  • belly

    ^^^^^ is this nigga so icey serious??

  • Mac Diesel’s Sisters Baby Father

    This is Dope….

  • Sam

    @uhuh hahaha I was about to make the same comment. I wanted to see the comparison between readers of rap-up and this and immediately recognised that line.

  • L

    te beat is really dope but all I hear is mumbling

  • Chris

    Cudi needs to get Emile and Plain Pat on the phone and get back to some beats shit… This isn’t good at all.

  • oof i’m embarrassed for any whoever fuxed with the kid.
    can i get those 5 minutes back?

  • Kemosabi

    Lol at the first black rocker… I think the nigga was serious lol

  • Lucky P

    niggas just want something to complain about knowing they dont listen to fucking rock ANYWAYS. this shit wasnt for you from jump so why take time to down it? niggas retarded

  • Get Real

    I hope this song is a throwaway and doesn’t make the album b/c it’s not hot @ all. Cudi is capable of better.

  • Erik

    hey “cudder” stick to your genre

  • The Riddler

    He should of made a rock album with Ratatat, that would of been an epic combo since they produced the 2 best songs on MOTM 2

  • teejay

    …just meandering garbage. Rock music isn’t his thing. But frankly this is just a rock version of motm2. A decent idea drawn out too long and boring.

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  • dsunn

    yall niggas cosign gabbage. didnt bob dylan do this about 35 years ago?

  • Jay

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  • Dujay

    its ok, but cudi’s stuff usually grows on me so i’ll probably love it by the end of the week

  • He’s back on those drugs man….

  • ….

    its funny you guys come to rapradar and then try to critique rock music..shows how ignorant rap fans are.. they think they know everything

  • ….

    kid cudi says :

    To the people that dont like it, I do, and I feel good about it. Thats all that matters. This shit is awesome, fuck all that other shit ha


    i love this nigga

  • Ozzie Esco

    this nigga so icy, ur dumb as hell to think lil dwayne’s gay ass was the first blk rock artist, either ur really young and have no sense in music, or ur just another closed minded nigga from nola…lol get ur history up…plus this song was dope!!

  • I didn’t think dude was serious about a rock album until I heard this… Not feeling it. You can do better than this Cudi. Maybe it’ll grow on me

  • Taifu Kubashio

    Kudi my dude this is the shit im talkin bout redefining the planet and fusing all music.. i felt like i was on Earth a trillion years bc.. This is what Jesus walked on water to.

  • Los Angeles CA

    at the end of the day kid cudi is a musician. not a rapper, not a rocker. he’s the shit bro, i love this guy. how can u honestly say that he sucks? people who hate on him are either jealous, broke or dumb. your wasting time writing a hate comment when u could be trying to build your own empire.

  • Berklee

    an album w/ ratatat would’ve been classic.

  • Edb

    It’z an alright song. It sorta sounds like Mr. Solo Dolo

  • shaqovich

    ^No it doesnt and this shit is dope..Looking forward to the album. MOTM1 and 2 were both ill. Peace.

  • Hmmm This is Dope! Beat is nice! Hopefully no double meaning lyrics and it’s a good time!

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  • this is ill…