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  • mr.zee

    b.o.b stays winning you stay complaining.

  • fake a$$ Supras

  • bboy b knee

    And even if there slippers, they better be adidas haha
    I laughed at that one cuz I was totally singing the song and im like wait wha….

  • john

    and people wonder WHY rap “artists” get little respect.

    They are just using your music to sell their lame sh**. As soon are your stuff isn’t cool anymore, they won’t even remeber what your fucking name is.
    Husker Du said it best 25 years ago:
    “You play too fast, music not going to last. I say your wrong.
    You can’t sell our product. Who asked you to?”

    Or as another REAL rapper said “You played yourself”

  • Megan

    John, are you joking? EVERY genre is used to sell “lame shit.” People are ignorant to hate a whole genre of music . That’s like hating a whole race.

  • grasscutter

    This commercial sucks. BoB or whatever is the absolute worst. The only good thing about any of his songs are the hooks, the chorus. His “rapping” is horrible and ruins his own songs. Nuh nuh nuh nuh nothing on you. Give me a break.