• Karma

    More interesting than Lupe’s entire mixtape.

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  • dadankness

    ASAP Rocky is that dude except he is horrid live.. Why doesnt he just rap like he raps in the song.. the fuck he screamin for? he has a fucking microphone

  • ha ha

    @dadankness agreed. He should come out like that pretty motherfucker like Snoop Dogg does. Think he needs to go have a session with Doug E Fresh. It’s like Kanye West and Jay Z. Kanye is hype and shit, but that’s what he reps in his records and he sounds the same and Jay Z is chill and shit and it shows on stage as well.

    He will grow, but he better do it fast because the shows is the only thing getting you money and if you can’ t sound like records it will travel and then that pretty motherfucker will be getting no show money, which in todays world of music is no money, but I love what he represents.

    Yo whomever is managing this cat go correct that shit. He is like a different artist and shit. This is my 2nd time seeing and it has not been corrected. I want these pons to sound like their records and they’re my entertainment and they’re there to please me and I am not please. I want to be entertain like the record. This is not making me want by Black Scale or any of that shit. He will be cool with the rest of the 5,000 cool kids that are delusional in their world and think they run shit Ha aha ha. He has to hit the kids like me that look at him as entertaining so we will give him money because we have it and we have to like his entertainment.

    Word to the wise

    Word to the wisr