• Collar Cali

    Luv her. I looooove this song! Pretty cool.

  • zezzoi

    dope man. Take Care is such a great track

  • Hatin 101

    Drake stays gettin his songs jacked by white girls. JoJo and now this.

  • NoNotToday

    Florence is the shit.

  • jskipp

    At hatin101 that’s half his culture….

  • BK James

    You know how everybody and their invalid brother has spit over the “Shook One pt. II” and “Dead Wrong”instrumentals at some point in their lives? Well, this is what happens with Drake songs. And I must say, this version is much more masculine than Aub’s, and damn, she can rap better too!


  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    How Come Everytime There Ever Mentioned It Had Drake In The Same Sentence

  • Chubby

    RIP Gil-Scott Heron…

    Whom this song uses his lyrics from “I’ll Take Care Of You”.

  • Justice The Last King

    One of the best bands today

  • ppppp

    florence and her shitty hipster clothes cover drake.

    and i don’t listen to one second of it.

  • Jamie XX & Gil Scott Heron – I’ll Take Care Of You. Listen to this before you start enjoying Drakes version too much..

  • twobarkilla 2.01



  • Shade

    @Chubby @G-Class

    We all know where the sample came from bro don’t get all hyped thinking your the only ones who know I hate people like that bunch of nerds

  • Mr.Hawg

    @ Justice, Indeed

  • Chan

    Its such a beautiful song. Cool shit.

  • theOne

    Ahhh Florence, such a breath of fresh air… Thank you!
    Take Care snitches!

  • Tiffany

    I really like this verson. He should’ve put her on the track instead!

  • J.swaggle

    good shit

  • R. Cey

    very nice cover