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  • Mark

    diddy would go to the opening of an envelope.

  • Mark

    lol @ throwin yaself a birthday party.

  • Mark

    wtf is on pharells head?

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    @ Mark

    HA !!!!!!! TRUE !!!!!!


    french would you just jump on the bandwagon and sign to mmg already


    i bet no one was allowed to drink anything other than ciroc at this bash

  • Dj Khaled

    WE THE BEST!!!! YMCMB!!!! I’m better than most rappers out there.

  • BentonTerrance


  • BentonTerrance


  • T-Mac

    Is French Montana signin’ with MMG or what ? I see him hangin’ all the time with Ross …

  • MMG

    We dont need french Montana

  • no-name

    french shouldnt sign to them they dont sell units lol

  • RSDJ KayPlaya

    Khaled is definitely a industry powerhouse. #Respect

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  • Lil Wayne

    YMCMB is taking french montana. Birdman said he like the choppa song so now birdman want make music with him. It’ll be all like “choppa choppa im your fatha, lil wayne is my son and thats why we won. bitches cars money more bitches and stuff.” i wrote that just now i think i might put it out as my new single and use a corny ass r&b beat so girls will think its about them. WEEZY F BABY AND THE F IS FOR…. UM….. FLAVA FLAV? YA THE F IS FOR FLAVA FLAV BITCHES.

  • dirty nigga p

    i bet it stank in there because of that nasty ass arab nigga khaled and his nasty ass food he be eatin

  • dirty nigga p

    you’re an idiot if you sign to cash money LMAO

  • dirty nigga p

    lil wayne = slim and birdman bottom bitch

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  • Brutally Honest

    Pharrell looks like a the lost 6th member of the ‘Village People” ; be different is cool once you don’t over do it …….

  • Shante F.

  • saez

    Yeah I wonder who’s da bottoms and who’s the tops?=BOTTOMVILLE LOL. [email protected]

  • dirty nigga p

    lmao this nigga P

  • Stashing

    YMCMB Don’t Need French…
    They All Ready Got Busta…Mystikal…Lil B…And Young Buck

  • whaattt

    damn ya some funny ass people . ya bashed errrbody except ricky ross

  • khaled and ross be fat.. they need to be on celebrity fit club you cant make milllions and eat crap forever.

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  • Ross