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  • Bboy B Knee

    Been listening to this since the minute came out. I like that he tweaked EPIC the track a bit it sounds nice in the beginning. That New York New York remix…it was either a fail or a kill, I’m ahppy to say he KILLED!

  • blake

    This came out of nowhere…

    no buzz around this..
    listening now..

  • Shade

    The heck… An Eminem feature? How’d he pull that

  • His little buzz died and nobody gives a fuck now….not done listening though his voice makes me want to puke…lol

  • Hello

    That em feature has being floating around online for 6 months.. It was recorded for relapse but never made the cut..

  • The Guy

    The Eminem feature is OLD really OLD
    It leaked with the begining of StudioLeaks LOL

  • sayWut

    yeah the em feature is old from his relapse times u can tell by the accent

  • Yeaaaa….bitch


  • Weezy F F Baby, And The F F Is For Fucking Faggot!!

    B.O.B and Eminem killed it! I just added the whole mixtape to my ITunes. Can someone tell me how I can delete the Lil Wayne song?

  • CaliSteppin

    Tips verse on boom bap is fuckin fire!

  • ireland

    that eminem tracks out a good while

  • mac DIESEL fanbase
  • someone tell me why the fuck this dude releases a single for his album which has a set release date for 6-7 months away? fuck outta here no one is waiting on a b.o.b album like that

  • @ ireland

    what part of ireland do you live though? im in dublin

  • QaidaZK

    Eminem track dope

  • tllyode

    B.o.B – EPIC: Every Play Is Crucial

    DOWNLOAD>> http://www.filesonic.com/file/4035665214 <<DOWNLOAD

  • yodaddy

    BOB got fans….yall niggas trippin…..don’t be surprised at the numbers.

  • Lol Tyler already made this dude the uncoolest guy in rap, no one likes ‘that faggot nigga BOB’ anymore.

  • Shante F.

  • Interent God

    he went in

    Sex Before Breakfast Vol 3 Dope R&B Mixtape Featuring Drake , Trey Songz, The Weekend , Lance Elam R Kelly , Tyrese and more on Datpiff —> http://www.datpiff.com/FIREWORK-DJS-Sex-Before-Breakfast-3-mixtape.282627.html

  • Collar Cali

    Tyler aint even gold f**k outta here… he dont even get radio play… when he put out a real single & hit Billboard top 10 then holla back…lol.. Tyler does his thing, but he played himself coming at B.O.B. & Bruno Mars…. it was embarrassing… Bruno won a Grammy with out an album & went Platinum in like 20 countries…. B.O.B. has like 5 or 6 Billboard top 20 and some platinum and multi-platinum singles and a gold album without real promotion. I mean even the joint with B.O.B. & Wayne was even #1 on iTunes within days of it’s release and went straight to #7 on the Billboard 100. Tyler has a big name in the indie game…& he’s talented, but he’s not a threat… Frank Ocean do more damage then him….

  • Amazing mixtape. I’m so glad B.o.B gave us some new music


    that bun b track is hardest on there and mos def

  • fuck outta hea

    shit is wack

  • ripper

    Fag music

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