Lil Boosie Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges

Roll the credits…

Torrance Hatch, aka Lil Boosie, pleaded guilty this morning to charges he smuggled contraband into two different prisons he was held in while awaiting trial on murder charges. Hatch was sentenced to eight years hard labor for the charges, with credit for time served.


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  • He’s NEVER getting out…



  • Johnny Rotten

    Fallin’ = one of the best hip hop songs of all time

  • PAP

    smh I hope he sold all those stupid crazy lookin chain n put the money in a college fund for his kids

  • NoNotToday

    What a fucking tool.


  • Ben

    Dumb shit.

  • Brutally Honest

    I wonder what his mother has to say now ………. All those who was hating on Lola Monroe , saying she should’ve also stayed with Boosie should also add their two cents in; even doe it doesn’t holds weight at this point . Instead of having “Free Boosie”, it should be “Boosie Shoulda Know Better”

  • BigLG

    so theyre gonna kill him now right?

  • ^

    Dude, u don’t get death for drug trafficking.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Sucks to be him. Anyways cant wait for the NBA season to start. Go Lakers !

  • Carl

    Good Bye. I’m tired of your black foolishness!

  • making jokes like that b. dot really? roll the credits? dont be an asshole dude imagine how he feels

  • DMV

    LMAO!!!! Fallin’.

  • @ theBroKing

    He’s in prison, probably for the rest of his life. He’s not gonna be on RapRadar any time soon. Cry for the scumbag.

  • truthfully speaking

    lmao @ fallin=one of Hov most underrated songs ever


    free mac DIESAL

  • NoNotToday

    @theBroKing are you serious. he deserves to be clowned daily. RapRadar should give Boosie his own sidebar widget with realtime updates on his bitchassedness.

  • Black Shady

    @theBroKing ; nooooo doesnt have to “imagine how it feels”. Why would he? im sure hes not stupid enough to do all this bullshit boosie been doing. have fun in jail…

  • Boosie be lookin real rough…i guess he’s been taking it in the ass…lol….i’ll rather be fake and tell stories like rick ross than be real and stay locked up like boosie

  • if i see boosie on my TL one mo time ima… ooooooooh idk tht nigga go hard but damn yall actn like he the one tht be fillin up yo car shidd

  • Kemosabi

    Saying you’d rather be fake speaks volumes about you. Contraband happens all the time it’s jailhouse hospitality. I know RR don’t like that by I’m gonn keep writing it until you post my comment. He ain’t coming out, the fuck is there to lose?

  • You

    ^Saying you’d rather be in prison means you’ve never been in.

  • Tracy

    consequences of bad decisions

  • whatw

    you down with the pigs, you guys are the lost souls of america, FREE BOOSIE! occupyamerica

  • Kemosabi

    I never said i’d rather be in prison but i’d rather be anything then a fake take that however you want.

  • Mike Jones

    Shesshhhhh. They slam dunked Boosie.


    BOOSIE IS NOT SENTENCED TO 8 YEARS HE GO BACK 2 TRIAL ON April 30th 2012 & He Only Got 19 Months Left

  • LookinClean

    it says time already served so deduct however much time he’s already served from the sentence. I thought Boosie was facing other charges though?

  • Chan

    thats rough especially the fact that he had fame, money, kids, etc. now he has to sit in prison. 8 years. man fuck the judicial system for real. thats is an excessive amount of time. FUCK.!


    8 years man that.s like for kilos and kilos of cocaine right.
    A brother get/s cought for 1 kilo of white in autsralia and he get/s back 5 years
    just saw him on the block last month he was healthy but he did 5

    8 years for fucking pills codeine you by in drug stores that are legal to purchase

    boosie = only one option escape from prison my brother any means necessary

    and then come back and help escape the ones who help you get out.

    huey p newton is the best

  • saez

    Booze looking like he bout to bottom out.


    ^^^ lol he’s about to “bottom” alright!! For 8 mo’ years.


    BOOSIEBOO IS NOT SENTENCED TO 8 YEARS!! HE GOES BACK 2 TRIAL ON April 30th 2012 & He Only Got 19 Months Left!!!!!!!!

  • Musikal

    Good sound by jay-z.

  • Smoove

    @theBroKing fuk that nigga feelings. If he bout that life be bout that life wasnt worried bout feelings bringing in that dope

  • nigra

    What an asshat

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  • the void

    boosie is one of my favorites. its sad. that comment from was unnecessary.

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