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  • PAP

    Kim gettin more face time on tv then her baby daddy rapper Juelz!

  • mia

    Love how contradictory Kimbella and Yancy are in this yet Chrissy is the bad guy in everything. SMH

  • prettynana43

    I cried with Em when I watched her sitting n her new place wit a bottle of wine n her pic of her beautiful children,,,,Em is a good girl,n FAB will get his shit 2gether n marry her! KIM wasnt shit to him but an easy FUCK! SO mami dont even dwell on that. Somaya “HIII SOMAYAAA”””,,,,,,Olivia was very ugly acting when Somaya reached out n tried to clear the air with her,,,THAT AINT NOTHIN BUT THAT CHRISSY RUBBING OFF ON HER!!!SMH!,,,,,,N as far as CHRISSY N JIMMY,,,SMH,,,SHE GOT MENOPAUSE WITH HER OLD HATING ASS, N JIMMY SO MOODY, HE GOT MANOPAUSE!!!!LOL,,,AND JIMMY STOP ROCKIN FROM SIDE 2SIDE EVERYTIME U TALK!!!LMAOOO<<LOOKIN LIKE STEVIE WONDER NIGGA!LMAOOOOO! AND YANDY,,,,,,MY BITCH YANDYYYYYY!!!! FUCK THE SMALL TALK,,,GET YO BREAD MAMA!!!! THATS RIGHT!!! CUZ ITS ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS BABY!!!!!! LUV YA PUUUUUUUD! #KEEP SHINING N STAY BLESSED!

  • Russ

    Chrissy need to shut the f*ck up in my Luda 1.21 Gigwatts voice. She needs to go get her own & stop trying to run everyone. She’s going to run Jim’s career to the ground. He ain’t be making no dope songs like he used too. SHAME. She’s a true hater.

  • Dat Ninja DB

    Chrissy got a thugs passion, I love it and Somaya better shape up she starting to look boarder line Latino Wendy Williams…I still can’t figure out what level Olivia is talking about she on SMH

  • prettynana43

    OH @YANDY I LUV ur turquoise LOUIS VUITTON BAG!!! THAT #NIICE!!! Did u have that color customed? Because I was n the LOUIE BOUTIQUE on 5TH AVE and It wasnt n stock!!! THE COLOR IS CRAAAAY!!!! #ILuvIt!!!

  • Tais

    Why won’t Yandy or whatever her name is simply offer an apology to Chrissy, she knows she’s wrong for giving her that book and dancing to that song that is completely disrespecting Crissy like Hellooo get yourself together. Is not your place to sit there and try to “fix” things that have nothing to do with you. Is not about the beat is about the lyrics of the song that is fckn disrespectful specially when you consider Crissy your “friend”! When it comes to Yandy, Olivia n Kimbella they can all just disappear as far as I care. I used to like Olivia but she’s a two faced and ignorant.

  • the great zeee

    This is the first time im looking at this program. none of these women are classy. Bunch of chicken heads.

  • DeeVa

    Yandy thinks she’s slick. She got with Jim’s mom to dog on Chrissy, invited Kimbella to Em’s independence party JUST to be messy (trust, she knows Chrissy and she KNEW better). THEN, she almost demanded that Chrissy apologize for Kimbella when SHE (Yandy) was the one who put Kim in that position. THEN, she gave Chrissy the ‘daughter-in-law’ book? AND *DANCING* TO A SONG SHE KNOWS IS ABOUT CHRISSY? Oh, Yandy knows what she’s doing.

    And if I was Jim, before I let her screw me outta ANOTHER $25K, I’d fire her and get a new manager.

  • Beyoncca

    I love Chrissy. Yandy should mind her business, bacause had Jim wanted to date her, mama BONES, oops I mean Jones probably wouldn’t welcome her with open arms. Yandy has made it her mission to be as combative as she can with Chrissy. I can tell when someone has ulterior motives, and Yandy does. Yandy said to Chrissy ” I don’t think of Jim as just a check, what does it matter if I talk like that in front of them broads” (broads as in: Emily,Olivia, and Somaya} Chrissy immediately stopped Yandy before she dug a deeper hole for herself. Chrissy told Yandy ” your not going to play me infront of them broads. I aint never heard you talk like this in all the years I’ve known you”. I believe Yandy’s playing to the cameras. When Jim got in that a** Yandy’s voice started to break up and tears formed in her eyes. Apparently keeping Jim Jones as a client is more important then she wants to admit. Yandy claims she’s all about the mighty dollar, well then why wouldn’t she answer the phone when it’s about making money. Yandy wants to be a part of the Love&Hip Hop franchise so bad that it comes off as “THIRSTY”. Yandy’s a very desprite, even more phony attention seeker.

  • the void

    chrissy is crazy just like jims mom. she always trying to act tough. shes the only one the show that doesnt have some sort of career. max b aired her out a long time ago.

  • Lox

    I can’t stand Chrissy’s bossy ass! Who are u again… ??? Yandy u are about your bizness… i love it! Jim grow some balls and tell ur gurl 2 stay in her lane! Not only is she not your wife… she doesn’t even have a ring!!!!! Em stop faking like u have balls bcuz u don’t!! Don’t let Chrissy make u mean and nasty like her! She may have Jim on the surface, but that Trik is lonely as hell, and remember “misery loves company”! Olivia I use to like u, but u are starting 2 make that left turn on the same street that Nasty Chrissy is on! Olive, when someone hands u an Olive Branch, be classy enuff to accept, bcuz u have no reason not 2! Yeah, Somaya hurt yo feelings when she called u out and told u she would phuk u up, but if it was that bad, u should have addressed it then, but u didn’t… u just walked away! Get ova it, and give her another chance! ! I’m so glad the show added Yandy and Kim :-), they have swag, class and brains… They are getting theirs, and Chrissy aint doing shyt! Chrissy is a hater, and has no bizness except to mind Jim’s! It is an ugly look Chrissy, and I’m so glad that Yandy isn’t falling for your BS! She aint your average chick like the other “clucks” you boss around… Can’t wait for Ep #4! Where is Momma Jones?

  • carmendurr

    I love chrissy she’s one of my favs. I think yancy needs to stop and think before she acts sometimes…ii mean u know the girl beefin with dudes mom how do you think thats okay to just be two stepping to her diss track. Olivia needs to get off this invisible high horse. I use to like her but her ego is just too much she’s saying how shes on another level than somiyah last time i checked unless the show is not airing some important details somiyah found her an invester and if im not mistaken has invested a mil in her so far and she’s working with known producers. Olivia your own manager is telling you ma your not that hot in a subtle way of course. I can sing hell half the chicks on the block can sing but are you marketable, not really and dec, got old real quick im sorry ma, dont knock another chicks hustle when your not doing so well yourself. Kimbella is just ah mess and emily was funny as hell for that comment. the only difference is emily didnt do it in front of all her friends. Chrissy is a ride or die. if she feel like her man or her friends or herself is being disrespected then she stands up for herself. she’s not a doormat so she has to be bitter bitch? get real. I’d like to have a trooper like that standing in my corner

  • gmarie

    thIs chIc krIsty Is goIng to run jImmy In the grown. she Is a poke bIg mouth lIttle gIrl. jImmy need to man up and step cause he goIng down when….she dIsrespect hIs mother! hIs manager! hIs money! Get some buIsness about your self lIttle gIrl!

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  • tieeara

    I don’t care what nobody says I love crissy she’s about her and her man n that’s how it should be until they have kids far as yandi n momma Jones they wack n jealous get ya mind right why everybody worry in bout cirs n Jimmie foh now Olivia I would be damned if would forgivensomiya so soon how soon we forget all day shyt she did to Livia goin on the net try a play her n all day foh now for Emily move on ain’t no Fab in day hurt shyt u don’t need it. Now for the one n only Kim u nasty no good disrespectful bitch how u gon come at that girl like that u ought to be shamed to even put yaself out there know in u got a man…lol….stupid unthinknhe want to hear what u did three years later I wish I would knowing I got a man ppl need to understand stuff ain’t nobody bout to be ur friend after all that now I can forgive u but don’t force me too damn hoes is crazy

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  • Sheyl

    Yandy is a jealous ugly bitch… Olivia is a unemotional two-faced hurt bitch… Emila and samia are cool… Mama jones is in a league of her own… Jim and Chrissy are fucking badd as muthafuckas i love chrissy. She’s a real bitch that most sorry bitches can’t identify with cause they aint shit… If i failed to mention u your a nothing bitch… Juelz bitch is wack…….. That crack head Erica is a jump off…,.bitch go suck one!!!!!