• Black Shady

    It’s too late to hate!!!! Its the death of the weirdossssssssssss
    listened to it on fb 10mins ago. 50 bout to make a comeback

  • Fif..

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  • TOO HARD!!! most of yall wont like this.


    this shit put a smile on my face, its da return of da general of rapp


    music never puts a smile on my face, but this dat old ass grimy hip hop, i cant wait to hear da other 9

  • IDontGAF

    Really who still listen to curtis ? I imagine ugly dusty niggas still stuck in 2002 rockin a xxxxl white tee and some gunit sneakers.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    I Can’t Stand 50 But This Is Pretty Aight.
    Has a Retro Sega Feel To It.

  • HSM
  • pap3rchazer

    Smfh cmon fif, you definitely tryin too hard. He was def on point with the SK tracks but this shit right here??? Idk man, jist atop with the conception songs/albums n just make music! if the rest of the Big 10 tracks sound like this, I’m done with you as a fan….just take the back seat n let my man Banks get some shine

  • Sounds like the kinda shit Jayceons hoppin on. Its aiiight.

  • IDontGAF

    Thats why I wear leopard print jeggings with some vans and listen to lil b and soulja boy

  • #ReebokDead

    not feelin this


    2nd verse is jusssss disgustinggggg, dis 50 is better den da old 50, nigga is a monster and hes feeding a whole country

  • Socrates

    Fireeeeee!!!!!! Get ready for da takeover pussy niggas!!!!

  • Yup !

    THIS SHIT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Kill

    I can’t tell if 50 fell off, or if music just left him behind.


  • drew

    Im a big 50 fan but this is trash. Sounds to much like B4ISD.. I dont get it I cant bump this in my car or smoke to it. He is out of touch and just raps about his AK and crap (is fine if he has a bang beat) Im not a ross fan but at least his beats are hot and you can bump. 50 needs to get over his ego and go back to dre and storch beats.

  • BK James

    I’m diggin’ his slightly-switched up flow and the banging beat, but not so much the lyrics. He had some hot lines, don’t get me wrong, but there’s only so many times I can hear 50 go on about his guns and what he gonna do wit ’em…I played that shit out round ’04. Still, this shit is pretty decent.



    u dont understand he was raised by the voultures .. ya aint really to feel this.. this for the voultures nigga.. yall get yours later.. this for the niggas rite here.. this for the dogs.. .. this for me.. yall get yours later..

  • fuck outta hea

    i fuck with the kid

  • Remi

    wow. thats hard.

    50 using biggie’s words for his hook? dope.

    music can leave 50 behind, but 50 still doing what he’s about. right now, this might not be the “in thing” to do, that is gangsta rap, but in 10, 20 years time when hip hop shifts (its all about trends), this will be more fondly remembered than someone shifting and changing styles to fit in.

    as if you can’t fucking bop your head to this shit. dope.

  • Mischief

    @drew Stop crying.

  • Remi

    btw. since when did 50’s lyrics get so much better? technical aspect hasn’t been at this level since power of the dollar. overall quality isn’t close, but lyrical aspect is.

  • Darius

    looooooooooooooove it yeah!!!!!!!!!!

  • DAMNNNNN my man back….ironic cuz i was talkn to my homies 2 days ago about how anything after GTODT sucked (with the exception of war angels) and proceeded to bump the GRODT soundtrack album, the massacre, and GRODT…brought back memories of a rapper we would never hear on that caliber again…Well this shit pops up and BLOWS MY FUCKING MIND…hate all ya’ll want folks, fiddy’s back!

  • I am 50 all day but this is not it at all. The extra toughness in his voice doesn’t work. He’s not saying anything new. The whack shit about it is man fuck it it’s just whack I’m done. I truly want he to win

  • your songs are fake. so are you

    def A fan of fif because he A real nigga.!! But lets face it you a rich bussiness man!! You not busting no gun you got people on the payroll for that—- HEs listening to many of ya’ll narrow minded cats that want hard and want old ass drug and gun tales But hard dosent have to be about busting a gun that you aint popin I think love hate love was hard and that shit was fire he talked shit but the way he sounded was more believable or songs like so disreseptfull.. fif big homie you gotta dig deeper with your lyrics homie like on some many men shit or even your verse on hate or love it that shit was hard deep and real Your fans wanna feel like they know you agian big homie… and the music to be fire at the same time.

  • your songs are fake. so are you

    50 keep it more than most but fif its a bad look trying to hard to be hard homie!! we know you really was in the street but you aint nomore.. your a bussiness man time to be more creative big homie time to put ego aside and hit up kayne or someshit somebody thats a creative genuis and get hype get in the booth on like a fire kayne beat and speak whats truly coming from your heart not what you think people wanna hear and this dude will take back the crown now doubt,,,

  • drew

    @Mischief im not crying! I just think he has gave out so much free music that is the same. I dont mind if he talks about his guns as long as its a banger (this is not) I need something to bump in the ride, ipod, or just at home. The producers he is working with is not his style (sound) I dont want the “old 50” but he keeps going back to the same stuff. If he goes back then go back to hot bets that will bang ur head. ( I dont mind his club bangers either) If 50 wants to take over the game again he is going to need what EM did and find a sound that fits him… Look at relapse no one was digen it didnt relate (em went and did recovery) that was hot people felt it and the sound was there. 50 just needs the sound. Lets be honest all his big bang hits were with dre. All this low budget crap wont sell. If he is a true business man and wants to take over the game he will go back to dre/scott storch.. he can lay the same verse and the sound will be 100X better. Heck I would like to see what he sounds like on Im a boss remix that was hot beat.

  • drew

    Maybe the beat is good and its his flow? Im not sure what it is (sound wise) maybe he is trying to hard on his flow that makes it sound off

  • drew

    this is the sound (of new 50) that I can digg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7Vcodkvo3E street king #8

  • Your lyrics are tired

    were’s that song with a araabmuzick beat they were talking about fif is in dire need of that kind of production right now or a kayne beat it seems like banks knows what needs to be done more than his boss!! he needs a 16 track cd with with the best producers and some creative lyrics and concepts and try to stay true to his hard ness to and the shit will be a hit..

  • Hey Guys,

    Just FYI, Biggie wasn’t a Brooklyn drug lord either, like Notorious depicted him.

    But no one argues his “credibility.”

    Enjoy the music or don’t, but let’s not pretend that rappers have been telling the truth all these years.

  • Oj Da Cornball

    please chill with the essaying on debating 50’s sales, flow, Stripper named raper Rosay, GRODT and all that crap. enough.
    Just listen or don’t listen.

  • Tru Talk

    All the haters Stop Cryin’ lol… Get em Fif! this the only real gangsta shit out so ima bump this

  • John

    This shit hard

    Only Drake Lil Wayne Officer Ricky Fans aren’t gonna like this TO HARD FOR EM

  • Tru Talk

    “U know attempted murder was the case that they gave me, 9 bullet wounds now a nigga half crazy”.. Get em 50 #SK

  • Y U MAD

    I am now feeling bad for this nigga.. so now i will leave value added criticism. He tried, but he just needs to learn to merge on the beat, just having fun on the beat like he did with wangsta and and in da club… this sounds too forced. Peace

  • the finishline

    I agree this sounds forced. He needs to get great production and just have fun like right before he blew up, but i’ll just enjoy GRODT, The Massacre and the two G-Unit albums cause I think Fif is done! Death of the last street rapper damn


    you dumb fucks dont realize that all music aint for all people.. this for the niggas .. this one for me.. ya enjoy the other shit .. this for niggas like me we rock to this..ya play that other shit b.. fif got something for ya too.. he gonna drop it.. but this one for me.. this for the voltures

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    all this needed was a Banks 16 at the end

  • Michelle

    50’s DOA

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    shits dope

  • PrincePolo

    damn , i really liked this shit . beat was sick . But fifty needs to make some shit about stoping world hunger , that type of shit . way more people will listen to him then

  • HAMmer

    beat was definitely SICK , 50 was aight too, not really into his stuff but this reminds me of something he would’ve done back in 2003 , which is not a bad thing, but like the comment above said he needs to make some honest music every once in a while he would grab a bigger audience

  • This shit gangster.This beat is some Dogg Pound shit.I like it
    New Loch LiL Wayne and Drake She Will freestyle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvjwtcT4RHk

  • LKBZ

    whack.. whack… WHACK!
    Nigga fell off… In other words: GGG-Unottt

    Game >>>>> 50
    & ^this ain’t changing no matter what fiddy drops/does

  • – >>> & ^this ain

  • RealHipHopBack


  • R

    Kill says: >>>
    I can

  • The pyaah

    Shoutout to 50 for hiring people to post positive feedback on here. This forced sounding shit is trash.

  • King

    smh 50 don’t u realize u can’t rap anymore what do u got left xcept for some band wagon hoe’s like for example “@Black Shady” nigga please sit the fuck down

  • Luke

    50 comin hard, cant wait for the BIG 10


    damnnnn so many haters, how can u hate dis ? the sampling is crazy the word play is onpoint, and its jus da FIRST SONG, jus like he said hate it or love it the underdog is on top, and its da first song for da reason, its not jus busting he has a messsage in dis song, HE TELLIN U HATERS TO STOP U BITCH ASS WHINING, but na yall rather listen to lil gayne im twisted like doorknobs fuk outta here weezie is thrash, if tupac and biggie were still alive they wuld of jumped dat nigga backstage

  • PrincePolo

    King . stfu bitch . you make your mind up by whats playing on the radio


    “call my grandma mommy cus mommy already dead, and daddy been missing since i been a lil kid, now who dare goes dere playing games wit da orphan, they kno my pedigree test me ima off dem” – dats true lyrcism right dere

  • bk82

    Dope !

  • Ghetto Techno

    The enforcers back.

  • Get Real

    The beat could’ve been better but I fux w/ this record. Sounds like Fif is working his way back into form.

  • ridalen

    i keep listening hoping he’ll make something half decent….never happens smh
    all the money in the world wont make him hot again….he gonna have to let go of that ego of what he used to be and start fresh…cuz this aint working.

  • dmc

    not hatin, it just doesnt sound good.

  • brollya

    get em 50

  • Fah Q

    This shyt nice, fuck all hataz. Atleast he wasn’t a damn cop, for all u naysayers stating he’s a rich business man talkin bout aks. Wayne making out with grown azz men and that’s acceptable to yall? GTFOH get em fif!!!!

  • Mr. 3-Times

    Nice Try… now say: Bye Bye

  • uptown

    this shit hard as fuck been on repeat all day cant wait for the other 9……when yall going to stop crying…everybody is not supposed to sound the same wayne got his sound ross got his, this is that g-unit sound hate it or love it, listen to banks music too its all a grimey NY underground sound these niggas are from the streets, thats why drake and kanye beats sounds like flowers and clouds and shit, I personally enjoy the diversity, i like that hard shit from time to time and i like the party music just the same…..i get tired of hip-hop fans niggas complain to much

  • j/y h/h

    He needs to forget about trying to be the “old 50” because that’s not what people want. Look at Eminem. When he did Relapse, that was vintage Eminem, but nobody was feeling it. Then he came back with Recovery and everybody dug it. It was fresh and original. That’s what 50 needs: something fresh and original. Better production and more thought into his lyrics.

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  • bussa

    @GTboy actually hes right there is a reason fifty is in the slump hes in. you may not like game but he did almost end his career 50 lost respect after that. He goes at people at random and its always around album time. He underestimated game and now we have shit music like this

  • GetEM



  • GetEM


  • GetEM


  • qbeezy

    why has this dude shown no growth musically??? still talking guns?? seriously save all the tough talk man you a billionaire lmao at this wack shit!!

  • Raceme

    Aaaaaaawwww man STFU you Haten ass niggaz, smfh hear we go again. You wack ass fans need to make up ur mind, wen he’s not doin gutta shit that sounds gangsta y’all complain and say its bubble gum rap and you want the old 50 well da nigga ain’t comin back it’s Ferrari f 50 bitch niggaz get used to it that was then and this is now. This track sound way better then all dis other radio hip pop music coming from dat faggit Wayne, emotional ass drake, high ass wiz witch I fucks wit but still y’all motherfuckers need to wake da fuck up THIS IS THE SHIT IT HAS A NEW SOUND TO IT AND THE LYRICS ARE STR8 FIRE…….SMH DON’T LISTEN TO EM 50 you deff on point. Hip hop needs a different sound cus everyone is goin pop or rappinn alike and dat shit is wack 50 offers a different type of music dat you soft ass niggaz ain’t used to well go listen to sum other shit but I bet it ain’t better den nun 50 cent has put out this year. He has all kinds of different sounds from WHEN IT ALL GOES DOWN to GET GULLY 6 OUT OF 6, from ALL HIS LOVE to BOOMERANG, from SMS GET THE MESSAGE to DIAL 911, from GET THE DOUGH to PAPER I GET, from YOU LIKE ME BETTER RICH to ALL TURNED UP, from HAPPY NEW YEAR to OLD 2003 FERRARI, from WHEN I COME BACK to ALL OF THE SK TRACKS he offers a different sound every time now eat a dick and go watch Wayne kiss baby or Rick Ross fuck a call girl. ITS THE BIG 10 PUSSY FAGGIT ASS NIGGAZ

  • SMH.. Worst song Ive heard this year……………….

  • the contrarian


    1. bring back the slow flow, southern drawl that he had on grodt.

    2. start singing his hooks again – of his more recent material, run up on me, what up gangsta pt2, and tia told me all had more melodic beats and singing on the hooks and they ranged from dope to awesome.

    3. show some vulnerability – bully rap is out. it was never really in. it was only semi-cool in 2002 because he was the brash underdog. many men, hate it or love it, and they burn me are some of his best songs. do that more often.

    4. bring back the tattoos and rabbit teeth – 50 lost all his swag when he went and got veneers. his whole presentation is boring now. hire a different stylist and photographer. stop acting in movies immediately.

  • #StraightDope

    This is my joint. More a this please.

  • Mushapata

    Quit rapping already.

  • lowendtheory

    garbage. dude needs to hang it up. the general of hip hop? get the fuck out of here. washed up nig.

  • Fif

  • Negrito

    I got to admit that he doesnt.rhyme like he use to and the music isn’t the same either. this kind of music sounds good on the soundtrack for one of those low budget movies he makes.

    he use to have fun makin music, now it’s whatever

  • fat nigga

    Fif killed it!u can hate if u want go listen to drake!

  • Lux Aeterna

    Just as a lot rap fans don’t listen to Drake/Justin Bieber, a lot of rnb fans don’t listen to 50. 50’s to hard.

  • chilleymost

    it would be easier to digest,,,if he deaded all the killer talk,,,,,we dont believe you,,,,,,all though most rappers sell dreams and lie like a motherfucker,,,one of the elements in hip-hop/rap that heads over look,,, is when you speak,,,, you supposed to speak the truth,,,,,meaning your word should be your bond and or being born,,,bringing the truth to light,,,,,maybe he’s mad at someone or something,,that he wanna kill something,,,,idk,,,,but as far as content goes,,,,,,i think he should come better,,,,all that bread,,all that traveling,all the bithces,,,,,some heads will never see that,,,put it in the music,,,let the hood see the world through your eyes,,,,,,,dont waste your talent ,,,talking about killing shit,,,,cause for real you letting nigga know how you feel,about gun play,,,,is corny,,,,the softest nigga will bust his gun and its usually the scariest nigga that speaks on heat the most,,,,,,,,name a killer that raps about killing,,,,,IM JUST SAYIN ,,,,DA FUCK!!!!!!!

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  • Hard

    hit me for beats on twitter @onemanbeats

  • room2roam

    started laughing as soon as i heard the beat. started rotflmao after the 1st verse. didnt he make this back in 02-03? no growth, same wack flow, same bs gangsta shyt when truth be told 50 hasnt been in the streets since since bow wow was a baby. stick to dry comedy and business. you’re successful in those areas

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  • hartman88

    what do you people want, some great wordplay and hard lyrics, its just music, 50 is a rap icon, he has the best album out since pac passed, y cant yous just show luv for the homie? hes real not some industry gimmick. fukin haters

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