Rocsi Says Webbie Was Sexually Harassing

While on a boat with NBC’s Peter Bailey, 106 & Park host Rocsi Diaz says (5:00 mark) that Webbie was harassing her during his appearance on the show last month. We find that hard to believe. Despite Webster’s behavior, she says that she’s still a fan of his music. In that case, Savage Life 3 in stores now.

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  • Yup

    he will have a diss song/video out by the end of the day. shit, not like he got anything better to do than respond to 106 & park hosts. LOL get ya IQ level up webbie. you make a steaming piece of stool look appealing when you talk.

  • Black Shady

    who the fuck is webbie anyway? just another garbage artist from the south…
    hes gettin too much press


    confused. her story seems believable, but whats about? He was prolly uncomfortable as fuck, hes @ work and some chick all over him. Still think Terrance is the one who was mad, he was all mean grillin while rocsi was all smiles. Sorry Rocsi, but you know you wanted it.

  • John

    webbie aint a mainstream entertainer he just a hood nigga

  • Oj Da Cornball

    yeah, she respects herself, but host, and presents the same misogynistic music, culture that exploit or musically sexually harass women.

    I don’t get people like her in this society. It’s so ironic about her view on society, but then accepts views, music and part of a culture that looks upon a women a sex object, that is sexual harassment alone to me.

    but what my opinion matters? she a chic, feminist, in position and of a double standard society. Chic needs Christ. His standard works better.

  • coco loco

    she led him on. fuck that slut.

  • PAP

    she fucked MIMS n Saigon tho. I say if you fuck more than 1 nigga in the industry, you’re slut….same goes to Juelz baby mama! lmao

  • D mane

    Sexually harassing hmmmm she went white girl on em with that one. Especially as she can be seen embracing him

  • Word

    Cosign @Oj Da Cornball

    Plus, based on Rocsi’s resume, im PRETTY sure Webbie wasnt just fucking around with her without any advances from Rocsi also.

  • Ben

    Rosci a dumb bitch. Christian girl my ass. I smell a hood rat.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Did Rosci and Lisa Raye have some type of “beef” over Lisa Raye’s husband.

  • @ZoomZoomDad-Otis Yeah Lisa Raye said she caught them and she slapped her up lol

  • Webbie told Rocsi to “Gimme Dat Pussy” [Webbie voice]

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected]”she caught them and she slapped her up”…I remember Lisa Raye being on Big Boy radio he was trying to get her to talk about the Rocsi situation. I think she said she couldn’t cause she had a gag order not to talk about it.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis


  • Malcolm X

    Why is Rocsi on Black Entertainment Television?

  • Malcolm X

    We want Free back with that fat ass.

  • room2roam

    black men need to have some respect. i swaer its straight up bc of weak lame azz n1ggas that the black community is in the shyt hole. gtfu. bc a chick sleeps with 2 dudes in the industry she’s a lut but n1ggas can nut in anything moving and its ok as if diseases skip over n1ggas.. willie lynch shyt. disrespecting this chick and calling her out her name bc she wasnt down with a dirty azz n1gga liek webbie?? you dudes have no idea what being a real man is and you never will bc most of you probably never had a father. shyt is so sad

  • Black Shady

    #WEWANTFREEBACK movement lol

  • DboyFlexxxin

    If you got “Sexually Harassed” that bad then go to the police, if not, then dont act so emotional (tone of voice, body language). Whoever said she promotes the same music that involves “harassing” is right, she is being hypocritical. At the same time i think she is trying to protect BETor terrence in some way because everyone points the finger at terrence and says it was his fault when she just said she got harrassed. Who knows, but Rocsi SHOULD know webbie a hood nigga, and hood niggas act different, right or worng, they do. Either way since we talken about savage Free Boosie

    @DboyDavid Burn one foo

  • prettynana43

    All I remember seeing is her hugging all on him smiling so big!! hee haa-ing n shit,ALL N WEBBIE’S FACE!!!! Rocsi please! u were sneaking around fukkin LisaRaye’s HUSBAND n that bitch whipped that asss!!! LOL, lets talk bout that!!!LOL


    #WEWANTFREEBACK *BUMPING* Webbie – I Miss You “Featuring Letoya Luckett”

  • Donn

    A guy can fuck every bitch in the industry and its considered cool, a chick sleeps with one or two and she’s a slut.

    Welcome to Hip Hop

  • Mr. Hip Hop Industry Insider


    Before you idiots try to act like Webbie is innocent and would not have harassed her…

    Are you surprised that someone representing himself as a “Savage” is rude to women???

    I am in the Hip-Hop music industry.

    I am friends with the OGs who started Webbie’s career.

    You want to know the real Gossip here??? He has done this before!!!

    Have you noticed that Webbie has not had a video on MTV for Years???!!!

    Because, Webbie was banned from MTV also!!!

    A few years ago he also sexually harassed MTV’s female executive who was in charge of video programming. And after he harassed her, he was banned from MTV.

    Webbie is messing up his own career because he treats women in the industry like a Hoe.

    Webbie would still have videos on MTV and BET if he didn’t try to fuck the females who run the shows.

    You cannot treat a female business woman like a bopper/hoe.

    Or, I guess you can… But if you do, then don’t complain when they don’t support your career.

    I mean, how would he like it if some thuggish rapper was treating his mother or sister or daughter like a hoe? Or maybe he doesn’t care about them either?

    The bottom line is that you should treat all people with respect. Male or female.

    When you disrespect people, they will dis you back…

    So if you want to watch Webbie videos, you will have to search for them on the internet.

    Because Webbie has already blackballed himself from MTV and BET.

    I guess Webbie’s “little head” is in charge of his career? Instead of his “big head?”


    And that is the real behind-the-scenes gossip!!!


    Mr. Hip Hop Industry Insider

  • Yezzir

    Lol gtfoh lol Webbie is a straight bop too if u look at it so if u gonna point at her shit point at that boy too lol dumb bitch ass smh lol Charge that to the game or should i say i dnt listen to know pussy made bitch boys lol plain garbage.

  • RoeLuv

    ???? Where is this thread going? Webbie is punk

  • Shante F.


    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^#WEWANTFREEBACK *BUMPING* Webbie

  • RealHipHopBack

    Rocsi know damn well that aint true

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic

    LOL nice cover up???

  • Kemosabi

    You must all not have mothers or sisters or daughters or wives. The fuck is wrong with this society? Have y’all seen his recent interviews? He gets the benefit of the doubt? Smh

  • Terrance

  • Homie

    I was following her sexual harrassment statements till she almost fell and mentioned that wet t-shirt contest….then i was like “Lemme see them tittays!!”

  • Kemosabi

    ^lol that’s real homie

  • dadankness

    Here ya go @Rapradar.. Some background journalism done on this whore Rocsi Dont have any idea if its credible.. But its a whore so who really cares?


    She weird man
    what webbie wanted to brush here toe nails and that/s arresment

    she white girl means she ain’t real black she one of those white bitche snob as hell just like a white girl…she should be banned from ever be-in on anything other then lame 106 and park

    and grate video this makes here look stupid instead of stand up bet

  • Percise Beatz

    Mane that know she will give that pussy up for a pair of Red Bottoms or sumthin. That nigga was probably trying to trick off.He just did that shit at the wrong time.