• Sincere

    That’s right pay homage to the King. RIP Big.

  • wickwickwack

    while other big names tries to get away from hip hop …this zombie pays hommage and is thankful

    thumbs up !

  • HowUAct?

    Thats what’s up!

  • Sam I Am

    lmaoo thats whats up, real talk.

    its just hilarious that the people at Louis Vuitton said the exact opposite about Ross a while back

  • Dead Cheddar

    ^The difference between a trendsetter and a bandwagon jumper

  • Sam I Am

    ^^^^ true story son.

    Did you hear that Maybach (the car company) is more than likely shutting down for business? Whats Maybach Music Group gonna do then, consistently repping a failed business model?

    See folks, this is why its good to be yourself. RIP to the late great BIG. Sure there’s some embellishment here and there, but not the WHOLE thing

  • Brutally Honest

    She looks like a dude in the face, done to those face-lift injections she was getting …… But that’s good she should Biggie love though

  • Brutally Honest

    Dang, me typing so fast; give my comment a “lot” of grammatical errors, here is what I was trying to say ” Don-Atella , looks like a dude in the face, must be from all the face-lift injections she partook in. She’s was always a nice looking lady without it. But that’s good she showed Biggie some love though”


    yeah, its nice to hear big got to travel the world and enjoy that lifestyle even during his short time alive.

  • LOL


  • Luck

    She looks like Pamela Anderson’s corpse

  • Deathly

    Semi-related, I swear to God I just saw some shit on CNN about a tranny fake-doctor that was running around injecting cement and fix-a-flat into people. You know what? Maybe it really is the end of the world.

  • rasta

    GTFOH y

  • 2pac

    Now it’s all about Versace you copied my style! Pay homage to the true King.

  • Stop being retarded and let Biggie do his thing… In 94/95 was Pac talking about Versace?! Hell no

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