LL Cool J, Common, Lupe Fiasco “The Message” At Grammy Concert

In honor of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five being inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame, this evening’s host LL, Lupe and Common joined the Hip-Hop pioneers on stage for a performance of “The Message”.

Kanye leads the pack with 7 nods. Full nominees

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  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    wanted to hate on this, but i kinda liked it so f*k u

  • Hudes

    These guys put on a FUCKING SHOW!!!


  • I did a presentation where I showed the music video to The Message just yesterday. Perfect Timing if you ask me.

    Man Fuck the Grammy’s for not nominating My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy for Album of the Year.

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  • Hudes

    Ps. I want to tittie fuck nicki damn
    Pps they changed it from undercover fag to
    Undercover man.

    Can’t say fag huh LL? Nah I get it it’s the fucking Grammys. Lol

  • Musiq Stylz

    This was such a GREAT performance! Great job LL, Common & Lupe!

  • ^
    That part struck a nerve with me when I was watching the video yesterday. Guess you gotta call gays fags when you’re dressed like one in the music video. *kanye shrug*

  • Hudes

    Hahaha that video is from 1980 bro but yeah they look weird in it

  • Donn



  • Architect

    Hahaha I love that in a post 9/11 era they let Lupe spit the uncensored hijack a plane line! Especially it being Lupe’s anti-government rebellious ass.

  • Yo dead ass they gave him all those nominations cause they didnt give him Album Of The Year.


    The GOAT will hold the torch forever

    Ladies Love Cool J….

  • Dat Ninja DB

    Now thats how its supposed to go down baby,thats hip hop Mc’s do what they do,the Dj do what he do and it all comes together as one. you don’t here shit like this in hip hop songs no more. To much info and the man wants ya ass to stay uninformed

  • com

    this shyt better than all the new shitty music thats out

  • Cali760

    White people are like “What the fuck?!?!?!”

  • Hip hop stays winning

  • Real Deal

    Great performance. There was a few legendary people on that stage. Lupe could be one of them if he gets back to his roots and quit with the pop stuff

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    My beautiful dark twisted fantasy for Album of the year! Fuck grammys.

  • Curtis75Black

    This was hot for Hip Hop !! A Live Hip Hop Show !! When was the last time that happened on TV !! Mel, LL Common and Lupe did the damn thing.

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  • theJFKshow

    Lol @ Nicki Minaj not knowing the words to the chorus.

  • performance was LIVE

  • Fam

    MBDTF not nominated for AOTY? All of that high praise on the album for nothing? Fuck the Grammy’s.

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