B.o.B Confirms Album With T.I. & Title

During B.o.B’s visit to Hot 97 yesterday, he confirmed with Angie Martinez that his collaborative album with TIP is underway and it will be branded: The Man & The Martian. We come in peace.


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  • Anon DCPL

    what an amazing title


    It’s getting lame w all this martian crap being thrown around by all these rappers.

    martian this, martian that.

  • BK James

    I’m down with that, the best B.o.B. songs are the ones with T.I. to begin with, so this is bound to be better than a B.o.B.solo release. Might even be damn good, T.I.’s been on his game since getting out of jail.


  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Anon DCPL…I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Fuck Ya Life

    Lame ass title but the music might be good.

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  • CaliSteppin

    Who gives a fuck about an album title. A good album title doesn’t guarantee a good album and vice versa. This album has a good chance of being a banger cuz all the songs these have made together have been sick

  • Chan

    First off, Lil Wayne created the Martian/alien/im not a human being referrences. Everyone else is just copying him, which is really fucking lame. Second of all T,I, is 100X better than B.O.B. Just because he’s your artist doesn’t mean you need to make an album with him. Thats like a Jay-Z/ J.Cole album. Terrible idea. Scrap this idea before you invest too much time and money because it will fail. Im a huge T.I. fan by the way. I just do not like B.O.B.’s music.

  • B.Boggz

    Can’t wait. Ill take more T.I. music any way I can get it. Plus B.O.B. is dope too.

  • Waldo

    Was more hype about a TIP/Jeezy collab album, but a TIP/Bob album will still be amazing

  • changis

    Lil wayne did not create the whole martian alien thing!! That has been around for long time even outkast has done that whole idea and they were probably not the first

  • Dumbass hipsters think lil wayne made that Martian shit up lol

  • drakesucks

    tip should make an album with q-tip lol

  • drakesucks

    wayne aint invented SHIT!!! he just copies everything that has ever been thrown around…just look at his carter I + carter II album covers…jay-z dickriding!!!

  • devante

    T.I. & Q-Tip: T.I.P Of The Q-Tip

  • Jaymalls

    Nobody hoping or checking for a T.I. B.O.B album… SRY!

  • G

    Yeah I think Outkast were the ATLiens way before Wayne was on the martian shit