• Boston George Cape Verd

    Jet Life….could have been rich on young money but living comfortable, making good music on his own

  • Hudes

    Its a decent LP. Beats are nice but no varelty in lyrics. Every song has the line “if it ain’t about cash I’m not hearing” or some variation of that statement.

    Where’s the range
    Potential is there though , word.

  • kareem

    curren$y talkin all that “bad bitches roll my weed up for me”….he was NOT lying at all. i see you spitta

  • GI JOE

    OK, wait a minute. Im trying to figure out why Cheri Dennis or Denis..whatever is posted up with Spitta? She Jet Life now? Either way, I ‘d fuck that hoe. Fool.

  • Brutally Honest

    @GI Joe: you beat me to the punch bruh, yeah that’s Cheri with the blue hair-do . She got a release from Bad Boy . I think she was still signed to the distributor Atlantic , once Bad Boy’s deal was up and puff moved the company to Interscope. Spitta is definitely building his label up in the low, the compilation album to unexpected but needed. Jet Life’s loyal fans and listeners are taking notice

  • Jet Life, good album to get people more familiar with the rest of the camp. Now to wait until the next Spitta project…

  • trademark

    why trademark and roddy on every song. i aint mad just saying youd think spitta would be on every song on his wayne young money shit jet life is his shit

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