• Holy shit!! Can’t fucking wait!!!

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  • Hatin 101

    Short ass nigga Tech N9ne

  • RN (( Real Nigga ))

    b.o.b got the “i sniffed a little bit too much coke in the last blast” face.

  • V.v.V

    Good look for Hopsin, dude can spit.

  • Thank God I’m Fresh

    bob is dressed like a scholar not a psycho

  • Hippocampus

    Nice! Looking forward to it

  • hiphopfan

    finally hopsin gets a post on rapradar, but its only cause of tech n9ne.



  • Hopsin’s crazy as hell, I bet he’s lovin’ this shit. Click my name to check out my blog if you are looking for another source for new music. Thanks.

  • Coroner

    You should give us more posts about Hopsin!
    I mean “rappers” like V Nasty can get here why don’t you inform us about this dope kid!?

  • Hopsin is one of the best right now, but since he dissed Odd Future, some people are “offended” by him and dont support him…. GET OVER IT, DUDE IS CRAZY WITH THE FLOW!

  • hopsis beats tyler

    fuck yes hopsin

  • White dawg

    U have to pay to be featured on rapradar. PAYOLA. ITS all advertising revenue

  • White dawg

    For example. Gucci “played himself”. Yet his vaginasty track gets featured. Hip hop hypocrisy on ice with a click and controversy

  • Word

    Hopsin seems like an okay rapper and person but…whats with the fuckin contacts? Thats the shit that creeps me out and makes me write him off as a OFWGKTA clone. Thing is, similar but not all the way. His beats are a little better and he doesnt seem as hostile as those guys (though hes just as fucking weird)

  • BlazinSkull209

    WOW i think real hip hop is about to take over RapRadar. Nice to see Hopsin “the illminded ill spitter” to be noticed on RapRadar he ain’t the next Eminem he’s the future of real hip hop

    P.S. @Word Hopsin has been doing the whole contacts eyes thing for a very long time, Odd Future coppied his style and second of all don’t judge Hopsin for being creepy just cuz the playa wears them creepy contacts atleast he’s the real deal when it comes to rapping 🙂

  • Mike

    That kid Hopsin is a problem.

  • Hatin 101

    @Word he’s been doin the contacts thing WAY longer than Tyler. He has a video from 2007 with those contacts.

  • t

    i all ready kinda thought hopsin kinda sounded like a early slim shady
    and now hes got the jason mask… whats next

  • tysjuy

    Hopsin is all i gotta say

  • Booz

    Hopsin this hopsin that cant you fags hop off the fags dick?

  • @t everyone in the video is gonna have a Jason mask, or some sort of mask, because they’re “Psychos”… these arent the only photos lol Tech N9ne has a mask too, i haven’t seen many other B.o.B pictures of this though so i dont know what he’s gonna do… Hopsin has the mask ONLY BECAUSE the director told him to wear it.

    @Booz FUCK YOU

  • sir

    tech is the greatest ever.
    glad to see hopsin getting some shine finally as well.

  • Kid

    Hopsin Hopsin Hopsin!!! Lmao

    Niggas dope, he needs to be on here more. No dick ride, no dick ride lmao

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