J.Cole Cole World Goes Gold

Now would be a good time to clap for him. After debuting at number one, J.Cole’s debut Cole Word: The Sideline Story has now been certified Gold. Congratulations to him and the entire Dreamville team. We see you, Ib! Do your iPod a favor and cop it here.

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  • Dreamville.

  • Drew Who


  • mrcapela


  • Da Business

    That’s what’s up, clap for ’em…

    AOTY in my book.

  • Kemosabi

    One of the best this year Cole World

  • The Real Truth

    Best Solo Hip Hop Album this year……….. Hip Hop Album……not R&B but Hip Hop…..much respect…. now waiting on Common’s album

  • LKBZ

    Game needs to go Gold or should’ve ’cause he damn well deserves it! Oh well, congratulations to Cole.. his album was dope though RED >>>

  • Well deserved

  • Yo, Game does deserve to go gold. Not more than Cole though, it’s about the same.

    Both had dope albums, though.

  • rodipipes

    Am really happy for j cole. One of my best albums of d year alongside Game’s RED album.

  • The Real Truth

    I like Game’s album, but he had to many guest appearances…. personally 2 or 3 is cool for a album, but I buy a album to hear the artist, save all the extra guest appearances for mix-tapes….. Cole did that album with only 2 guest appearance verses and 2 hooks….. that’s unheard of these days… and then produced most of it…. he did it in the vain of Kanye’s Graduation

  • @tshiamofs

    I copped it. Top album. I think he will definitely get better with his sophomore. And Jigga wont drop him. ROC4LIFE

  • In Your Fucking Face

    Proud Of This Nigga. You Did The Shit Son

  • Word

    GOLD WORLD! Nigga worked hard for that shit, stayed true to himself, put out a great hip hop album, STILL debuted at #1 and went Gold, what more could you ask for? The haters gonna say oh it took him a few months while Drake did it in one week but the fact is, niggas didnt expect Cole to even sniff Gold. Ppl thought he wouldnt even touch 50k first week. Its all about exceeding expectations and he did just that.

    One of the AOTY in Hip Hop no doubt but its my favorite album hands down. Take Care, WTT, Ambition, and BME round that out.

  • Word

    And RED album. I forgot about that album but that was one of the best too.

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    U guys be trippin calling this the album of the year LMFAO

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  • IDontGAF

    But drizzy went gold first week. The struggle is real out here.

  • Grammy Nomination & Debut album goes gold all in the same week! That 2 year wait was well worth it! Cole Blooded

  • Chosen One 11

    Congrats to Cole

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    Great Album! Congrats. Rise & Shine, Gods Gift, and Lost Ones classic joints.

  • Sunny Bono

    This album saved hip-hop, of course not numbers wise but he got people who thought hip hop was dead rethink that.

  • Kunta Kente

    J. Cole did something this year that rappers haven’t done in a while, he actully rapped.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    [email protected] Kente. Congrats to the homie J. Cole. Real hip hop no gimmicks over here.


    yeah congrats to cole, writin his own lyrics, rappin and producing. and this young dude got missy elliot on the track.

    anddd this dude produced hiipower for kendrick.

    cole earned all that success

  • Carolina Girl

    Well deserved. The 910 and the whole NC holdin you down Cole. Sampson and Cumberland Counties got you!! Keep puttin for everybody that thought they couldn’t make it.

  • Donn


  • I agree with @Word,because I thought JCole would Flop Harder than Vlade Divac,but he surprised me.His album has not surpassed 500k yet.I think they round albums off to the nearest 10th.Its funny how him and Drake pretend to be cool when JCole disses him on “Who Dat”and most people missed it.

  • Kunta Kente

    @Blackanastasia nobody missed it on the 3rd verse, and J. Cole already admited that he takes most of his subliminal shots at Wayne. Why you bringing up that old ass song. Drake took a shot a Cole on Headlines “And Thats Who You Thinking Bout to Come And Make A killing?”. Friendly competition.

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  • Shooga

    My boy Cole did it, Clap For Him… Clap bitch!! Cole World. Ha!

  • Pete


  • M.T

    Best hip hop album of the year. The album is still on repeat. Where are all the ppl that said it wouldn’t be gold? Cole won.

  • Cali

    J. Cole is garbage.
    Take Care went Gold in it’s first week.

  • Nahh

    Get off Coles dick. The album is NOT HIS BEST WORK. Friday night lights was better.much better.

  • baby p

    cole world>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>take care

  • @tshiamofs

    @Nahh FNL being better than Cole World has nothing to do with Cole World going gold u dumb ass..

  • Brooklyn

    J. Cole saved Hip Hop.

  • Brooklyn

    J. Cole saved Hip Hop. The Sideline Story was brilliant.

  • Congrats to Cole

  • JuneBUG

    I can’t wait for his sophmore album Cole World: Varsity Blues. Coming in June.

  • Vince

    Hard work pays off. Album of the year. Congrats to J Cole!

  • Tip

    Whats so great about that album.

  • Catch22


  • NC All Day


  • Black Shady

    COLE WON!!!!!

  • Young Nigga

    Congrats! COLE WORLD: VARSITY BLUES will be even better.

  • Domingo

    Gud shit. Congrats Cole on your first plaque.

  • Cole World nigga. Congrats.

  • tre

    Well deserved. Congrats to J.Cole, I copped.

  • Musikal

    The dude deserve it. Cole World boI!

  • Collar Cali

    Very Well deserved! Congrats Cole!

  • im one of the 500,000

  • Drake

    Congrats my nigga well deserved ima get u on my third album 🙂

  • Fat Matt

    proud of him

  • Slim Jim

    Great Debut. watch I bet Cole World: Varsity Blues> Take Care>WTT> M.B.D.T.F

  • Carter

    Gold world! Congrats cole, hard work pays off!

  • hopper

    wow, that’s fast! great job!

  • not

    solid album, solid sales, congrats my nigga

  • Fuck YMCMB

    Great album

  • Dru

    I have a feeling that Cole World: Varsity Blues is going to be a masterpiece.

  • do right & kill everything

    my dick hard..
    thanks cole world

  • 123

    There’s no cd called
    Varsity blues where do you come up with that?
    His 2nd LP is still unnamed.

  • The Guy

    Clown World

  • Dreamville

    @123 He announce that title at a concert back in October at House Of Blues in Chicago.

  • JHP

    Congratulations to Cole on his success, In 2 years he went from being a mixtape artist only that I was one of the only people out of my school to even know about him, let alone bump his music, to having a #1 debut rap album, go gold, and get nominated for a grammy. Everyone around my town stays singing “Work Out” now, it took a little while, but that singles took off actually, it’s a good thing Cole put it out after all. Can’t wait to see what the rest of his career has in store for him

  • Truthbetold

    @Dreamville no he didnt? i was at that concert and i didnt hear him say that it was gonna be called varsity blues?

  • domheyToThe

    gold world no silver

  • Dreamville

    @truthbetold Then you must of been faded cuz me and the rest sold out crowed heared that nigga say it. IDK if theirs a youtube clip of that shit but its was when he was talking about when he was in College.

  • Truthbetold

    yea this a youtube clip of the whole concert but he didn’t say it there….hmm idk

  • Cartell

    I heard that title along time ago. I don’t think that is confirmed but I heard him say he was leaning towards that title. I hope he keeps it because it fits where he at in his career now.

  • JermaineCole

    Gold World

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