• uhuh

    Fuck the grammy voters

  • eh


  • hate camels

    right ..that´s the reason.Kanye West is too good..overrated motherfucker!bitching as always ..

  • I’d take notice of this but Jill Scott didn’t get nominated so in my eyes Grammy’s are some fucked up, higher power, rich get richer poor get poorer shit.

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  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    Kanye makes good music no doubt. But as far as one of the best rappers out right now, nahhhh

  • Chicago

    Mac diesel

    He’s one of the premier rappers out there.

  • damone

    For the haters above name a album better than those 2. Go a head I wait…….

  • Word

    Yeah he did drop two dope ass albums. Cant front. Imean, MBDTF was a bit overrated though in my opinion but it was good. WTT was good too.

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  • thecool
  • Kunta Kente

    Did niggas actully listen to M.B.D.T.F? I mean niggas just don’t make music like that. That shit is a piece of art. Niggas be gasing up a Wayne, Ross, or Wale album why when your gonna the same shit. Kanye come with crative shit everytime, we are lucky to have a genius like him in are generation.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Kanye is my dude and all but dude stay bitchin.

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  • Winning a Grammy has more to do with Connection and being signed to a Major than actual Talent.A independent artist will never win or even get nominated for a Grammy.To break a artist new or old the best way to do it is have the Publishing Illuminatti rig the voting to get there artist to win or get nominated.You notice,once a artist wins a Grammy there records sales Sore the following week.This shit is all Chicanery.

  • LKBZ

    MBDTF = Masterpiece

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  • His album was the best of that year…the people know this, its politics as usual

  • Bangers N Mash

    Guys a joke anyway. Simple ass rapper, with beats you all eat up.

    Guy is more about his image than hiphop.

  • Thatshit.

    Kanye up to his old fuckery again. Nigga must like fishsticks.
    Ain’t no woman whinier than Kanye. PMS like a bitch.

  • Jaymalls

    MBDTF > Lil Wayne’s Discography
    And Ye produced/co-produced everything on there. The fucking album has a 94 metric rating… Nobody even gets in the 80’s now-a-days!

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    lmao nigga cocky as hell…. love this shit


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  • M.T

    MBDTF def got snubbed. It was a great album but alot of great albums and artist get overlooked at the grammys so it ain’t that serious. As good as MBDTF is, it is not a masterpiece.

  • Ben

    That album was overrated. Wtt is too.

  • sc_R

    nigga put fergie rihanna elton john alicia keys kid cudi all on one fuckin song. first off nobody else could do that in any genre. how quick they forget. nobody puts work into making an album like kanye in music period. dude got lex luger pete rock rza and qtip producing on same album (WTT). overrated because yall was expecting niggas to make a new genre of music in one album or some shit

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  • I miss the days of Kanye spazzing on niggas. “Oh hell no!!! This video cost a million dollars fam!! If I don’t win the award show loses… credibility.”

  • donnie_d_day

    thats the first thingi noticed beautiful fantasy not on there is some bull ass shit that thing got perfect reviews from every publication even more so then any of the albums on there now for album of the year not even gonna bother watching them this year the grammys are crazy eminems i need a doctor wtf? worst song ever but just because they need eminem at their show to make ppl watch they put it on

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  • Sp

    you can say what u want about his whining but if I put as much work into an album as he did with MBDTF, I would be extremely pissed I cudnt even get a nomination for Album of the Year. Especially over Bruno Mars and Rhianna. Thats some bullshit. and Foo Fighters can suck balls. Washed up faggots

  • Nice

    DJ MANO !!!!

  • Booz

    Yea right Ye’s music is for fags

  • WOW

    wut he means is he blames himself for dropping 2 piece of shit albums that werent even close to his first few.

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  • A$AP

    Just like pretty much every other Kanye statement, that might have been the most douchy thing I’ve ever heard. But he did deserve a nomination; I didn’t listen to Lady Gaga or Rihanna’s albums, but I’m assuming MBDTF was better, and I did hear Bruno Mars’s album, so I KNOW Ye’s was better than that one. But overall, Adele definitely had the album of the year; 21 was just amazing.

  • jams

    kanye had a album this year. lol

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    Kanye is infimus for throwing tantrums when shit doesn’t go his way, but I thought this album would of gotten the AOTY nomination. Itgot great reviews from many music critics, creditable critics at that. And FYI, you don’t need “connections” to win a grammy, I.E. Lauren Hill….

  • Chosen One 11

    Talking bout baby money….

  • the void

    so i guess this means hes isnt part of he Illuminati.

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  • Dj Macchia

    Fuck you HATERS, kanye west is on another level so you all can put your hate on your pockets and fly away