Nas Sells Painting For 14K

Nas got his Jackson Pollock on last night at Spotify’s “Art Loves Music” event in Miami. No word as to who purchased the painting, but for $14,000, it better come with a receipt.

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  • Kunta Kente

    Well he can’t sell records no more.

  • B.Dot

    *Otis Scream*

  • Black Shady

    *DEAD* @ Kunta……thread over!


    ^^ hatin ass crab

  • Black Shady

    @stinkmeaner ; probably talkin bout kunta…

    but on the real bout Nas selling paintings LOL..i was gonna say C’MON SON!! but if all money goes to charity…why not? good move.

  • Mr. Hood Critic

    @Kunta I agree, he needs that child support and alimony money !

  • BlackAnastasia

    You ain’t sending shit to Charity.You don’t have Money like that nigga.Melissa bodySlammed your Ass you needed the Niger help because you couldn’t afford to pay Melissa Mortgage.You haven’t been the same since.

  • Esco Let’s Go!!

  • Whowantwhat

    It’s crazy how the Internet makes these geeks believe they know shit when they’re just talking out they ass

  • BlackAnastasia

    Kelis not Melissa!

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  • Musiq Stylz

    It amazes me the amount of hate Nas receives on this blog and others. He must really piss a lot of people off with his greatness! Every last single one of Nas’ nine (9) solo albums have went multiplatinum/platinum or gold. The Firm has also received platinum plaque & QB Finest has received a gold plaque all together Nas has 11 certified albums.

  • Oh Really

    Nas has been divorced for 2 years and the haters still talking about this man don’t have money to pay alimony & child support. The Internet definitely makes it possible for an “average Joe” to talk shit about a man who has achieved success and is a millionaire in real life. Congrats Nas on selling your painting for 14k and keep achieving success while your haters talk shit about the things they have never accomplished themselves.

  • Peace To The Gods And Earths

    RapRadar folks are the biggest Nas haters in the whole blogosphere but they sure love some Hovi.

  • B.Dot

    kinda hard to say when Nas is like my second favorite rapper

  • well that money better go to charity otherwise Kelis will be all up in that

  • Word

    Damn, yall niggas cant take jokes? Nobody said Nas is wack. Nas is one of the greatest MCs alive but nobody is above a couple jokes here and there


    lmao B. Dot Going To Hell For That Otis Scream lol …..Nas Is The best rapper Alive Period

  • Money Team

    That great! The painting looks ass tho…

  • Kunta Kente

    Nas is one of my top 5 of all-time. I’m just saying he ain’t got money like. I’m sure he gud for life but he can’t go stunt. Its only the truth that Nas don’t sell records its not taking away from his talent but need to expand to a buisness man he at that age I don’t want him to be like Busta Rhymes.

  • Hudes

    Nas tours all year round fool for at least 50g’s a show. Minimum. Why you cats act like your in the business.

    Nobody above Nas

  • Hudes

    Best style best flow best voice best lyrics
    Fuck cash he’s got enough that destiny and knight will be more than fine

    “cash everywhere in my bank in the sofa, in the walls in the cars in my Wallet, in my pocket on the floor, in the ceiling in the safe bitch I got it”

  • Brutally Honest

    UHHHHHHHMMMMMM …….. Sorry Nas !!!! , but splashing little smears of paint on a white canvas is not art . It’s foolishness, you know how many unknown artists/painters I’ve came across who literally put their heart & soul into their projects

  • Goose

    ^ You know how many paintings ive seen that look like a 5 year old did it that sell for hundreds of thousands?

  • J. Cole Can Wear Skinny Jeans Cuz He That Nigga

    @Hudes I notice you didn’t say best beats and thats why Nas don’t have hits.

  • Hudes

    In your opinion. I rather blast “get down” over black folk in Paris any day lol

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  • Chris

    Dudes mad cause Nas’ can scribble on a canvas and pull 14K lol

    “It doesn’t make sense….I know but its provocative”

  • Holy

    Nas can still sell more records than 90 % of rappers.

  • L

    Why do people have this illusion of how much cash you have dictates social status? Nas contributed to charity and people get at him about “he don’t have cash to stunt.” Fucking idiots. The guy made a name for himself displaying his talents and should be able to command that kind of money for a horrible painting. The rich jerkoff who bought it is the one you should be criticizing; even though he’ll write it off on his taxes. Nas is the goat imo. If I could do the same to make this whole place better I most certainly would. We should be supporting this shit, not criticizing.

  • Nas is a god, mortals shuld luk upon 4 knowledge n salvation. D G.O.A.T. Period !!!