New Music: Tinie Tempah x Big Sean “Lucky Cunt”

From the UK all the way to the D, Tinie Tempah and Sean Don shout-out all you pussies on their new cut. This beat is pretty sick. Off Tinie Tempah’s upcoming EP, Happy Birthday.


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  • krash

    Sean needs to quit that “boi” shit

  • fuk waka

    the only dope rapper from UK who got what it takes…

  • BK James

    Yeah the beat bangs but medium Sean’s verse was one of his weakest ever.

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  • to killerhiphop

    hurry up with the lyrics!! u slow these days!!


    niggers, i fucking hate these ignorant niggers

  • Drake

    J. Cole one was way sicker my niggas Take Care Cole World OVOXO Dreamvile

  • ???

    Did that mofo just say “it’s B-I-G man” ??? GTFOH betta slow your roll mofo only 1 B.I.G. and I don’t giva fuck leave that moniker A-fuckin-lone. Nikkas nowadays gettin bold

    “Fuckin with B.I.G. it aint safe!”

  • Sin

    man ima always give that nigga love. I remember he was on 102.7 every friday rappin his heart out. that was in like 06-07. Plus he ALWAYS got some DETROIT shit on. BUT this nigga gets no love for callin detroit “D-TOWN” fuck outta here lil nigga. you supposed to be from southwest and u never say THA D

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  • Tantheterrible

    Alll there is, is hate on here! So i guess i’ll be the only mother fucker to say this song is a smasher.